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  1. Time Left: 1 day and 2 hours

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    ASG MP9 wanted. Ideally with QD Suppressor, spare mags and CQB Bolt - but will consider offers without these accessories. All offers considered and cash waiting.


  2. I've seen a few threads regarding which courier or postal service to send RIFs with. I figured I'd share my experience in the hope that it'll be helpful for someone! Would be interested to hear any experiences that others have had also. Parcel Force 48: Would Recommend Used for sending a TM MK23 Socom. No hassle when I sent it (from my local post office). Although I've heard that they can be a bit funny about sending gas magazines because they're technically a pressurised container. I specified that it is a low powered air gun (as per the instructions on their website) and all was well. Delivered well within the 48hr time window and arrived undamaged. UPS: Would Recommend Used to send a WE G39C GBB and 6 gas mags. Booked online via their website and dropped off at my local UPS collection point (in a wee shop in the centre of Perth). Easy process to follow to book the delivery and print the label. Marked it as 'Airsoft Toy'. Delivered inside the 48hr estimate without any issues - brilliant tracking for both buyer and seller as well. I went with UPS because I've been sent a few AEGs from shops by their service, so it's clear that they won't mind sending RIFs. DHL: Would Not Recommend You may have seen my recent thread regarding this, so I'll keep it brief. DHL and UKMail merged a while back and it seemingly didn't go well for their IT systems. DHL lost a rare (out of production) AEG that was being sent to me a month or so ago. I've not sent a RIF with them, but from the recipient end it has left a really bad taste. That said, they're reasonably priced and will ship RIFs without question - so may be an option for some sellers.
  3. Time Left: 4 days and 13 hours

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    Wanted - M79 Grenade Launcher. Must be full wood and metal. All offers considered.


  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    PRICE DROPPED AGAIN TO £275. For sale is my WE G39C GBB. Selling to fund a new AEG, so this really needs to go! The package includes: 1 x WE G39C GBB 6 x 30rd Magazines Original plastic nozzle with NPAS fitted Upgrade stainless nozzle with NPAS (currently in the gun) 2 x NPAS adjustment key 1 x Universal Joint NPAS adjustment key I even still have the original box! Currently shooting at approx 320fps, but this is adjustable using the NPAS. Used only once, it simply isn't for me - I prefer my AEGs. The whole package cost me over £550, but I will part with it for £275. Collection preferred, but postage possible at £25 in the mainland UK. No more silly offers please, as a refusal often offends. This is priced very fairly and I'd rather keep it as an ornament than sell it for less than the current asking price.


    Dundee, Scotland

  5. Time Left: 5 days and 15 hours

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    Something a little different that you don't see every day. Body armour cover in size 106-116 (41" - 45") chest size - although realistically it does seem to be a little larger than that. No ceramic plates or kevlar soft armour included, but I've cut some old yoga-mat to shape and placed it inside for a little padding - this can be easily removed. - £10 Price includes Paypal charges, but postage is extra. Selling as I need to get some money together to fund my next loadout. Collection from Dundee or Perth, Scotland or postage at buyer's cost.


    Dundee, Scotland

  6. I agree with that - but it has a lot to do with their own Customer Services department (who requested it), as it's one of their methods of tracking lost items. The seller has been good as gold and is sending my replacement AEG out today.
  7. She might have the required clout to get to the bottom of this! I believe my use of the word "theft" and suggestion that I get the local police involved put the wind up them...
  8. Slow progress. DHL phoned today to say that the seller should now start the claims process. The depot were very reluctant to check the CCTV (seems suspicious to me), but when they eventually did they said that they couldn't see a parcel of that description going out. There's no exit scan from the depot, so all we have is the depot manager's word that there's no sign of it. He maintains that it went out on the trunk lorry to the distribution hub, but has no evidence to back this up.
  9. Thanks boss. I'm waiting for a call back from the Operations Manager of DHL UK - this should be interesting...
  10. Update: The depot say the parcel definitely isn't in their bays. Customer services are now getting access to their CCTV to see what happened to it. Watch this space!
  11. On that note... If anyone spots a brand new in box G&P M16A1 for sale somewhere around Essex (private sale) please let me know... I'm currently mulling over whether it's worth contacting the local police station to see if they've had any reports of theft from the depot.
  12. They were bought out by DHL (part of Deutsche Post) a couple of years ago. Anything you receive from DHL Parcel UK has likely got to you using old UKMail infrastructure.
  13. I'm hoping against hope that it is found tonight with half the label missing or something. At least then it'll get either returned to the shop or sent to me...
  14. Currently dealing with ongoing hassle with DHL/UKMail over an AEG that was sent to me that they've 'lost'. Most frustratingly it's not something that'll be easily replaced, as no one else in the UK currently has one for sale... The saga so far: Parcel was shipped on Friday last week for next-day Saturday Delivery. Text comes through from UKMail saying that it will be delivered on MONDAY. I contact seller, who checks their system and reprints the label - definitely marked SATURDAY. 2nd text from UKMail - my parcel will be delivered on TUESDAY. Seller contacts UKMail, who confirm that my delivery depot is closed on a Saturday and that next-day deliveries to my postcode aren't possible (only 48 hour). On Monday I get a text from UKMail - my shipment has been delayed, expect delivery on WEDNESDAY (today). Yesterday, I speak to depot manager at my local depot - he checks their system and is puzzled that it hasn't had a departure scan from collection depot in Basildon - figures it's still there, but will phone me if it arrives in the morning as expected. Today, I speak to depot manager at my local delivery depot. He says it hasn't turned up on the trunk lorry this morning (as I expected) Today, seller contacts UKMail - parcel still shows on their system as at the collection depot in Basildon. I contact UKMail who say that they'll search the Basildon depot tonight to see if it has been 'lost' there. I don't hold much hope of it ever turning up. Either they've genuinely lost it, or some thieving toerag has pinched it. Throughout this, the seller has been absolutely brilliant - can't fault them at all. UKMail/DHL however... 🙄
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