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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 2 hours

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    I'm having a clearout of German Flecktarn and Danish M96 gear that I no longer use (or in some cases have never got round to using...). Prices include PayPal fees, but postage is additional. Collection from Dundee or Perth possible. I'm willing to do a deal on multiple bits - PM me for details. I can also build webbing sets to your specification based on what I have. Postage will be signed for or recorded. Contact me for a quote. Additional photos available on request. 1. Danish M96 Webbing Yoke - New or only slightly used. - £15 3. Flecktarn Helikon smock with hood in size Medium (about a 40" - 42" chest I think). Modified by the original owner (a former soldier in the Bundeswehr) with additional pockets. Missing a button on a front pocket - I've field repaired it with a keyring. Easily repaired by someone in the know. - £45 5. Used Bundeswehr LKS webbing yokes. £5 each - choice of 2. - 1 sold. 6. Used Bundeswehr LKS webbing belts. £5 each - Choice of 3, varying lengths. PM me for sizes. - 1 sold. 7. Very rare , slightly used LKS Flecktarn webbing pad set. Hip pad for the LKS system belt, plus shoulder pads. £45 the set. 8.Used Bundeswehr field cap. Labeled as 58cm, but more like 56cm-57cm - £3 9. Used Bundeswehr LKS system spade pouch. - £4 each - 1 of 2 sold. 10. Used Bundeswehr LKS system Walther P8 holster. May fit other pistols. £5 11. Used Bundeswehr LKS haversack. Choice of 3 - £5 each. 12. Used Bundeswehr LKS system canteen pouch. £6 13. New (without tags) Bundeswehr LKS system G36 single mag pouches. Hard to get these days. £18 each. 14. Nearly new Bundeswehr LKS ambidextrous P8 holster. Choice of 2 - £20 each. 15. Lightly used Bundeswehr LKS system P8 mag pouches. Also fit WE Glock 17 mags. Choice of 3 (2 hard shell, 1 soft). £12 each. 17. New LKS system G3 magazine pouches. £5 each. 18. Triple hand grenade pouch for LKS webbing system. Good used condition. £25 19. Flecktarn LKS system radio/mobile phone pouch. I used it to carry my Dynatex grenade. £8



  2. I have a Cybergun FAMAS Evo that I've decided to upgrade. I've replaced the nozzle and piston for uprated ones that match the spec of the stock ones. (Nozzle is the correct length and piston has the correct number of teeth). Since upgrading it, the nozzle returns to the wrong position after each shot (as if it partially retracted), meaning it double feeds BBs into the hop. I've disassembled it and checked the position of all the gears, but no luck... I believe the sector gear should have the pin at the one o'clock position during reassembly, so this is what I've been doing. Does anybody have any ideas/suggestions? I believe the gearbox is a clone of the TM FAMAS gearbox, but with a MOSFET.
  3. My rig for today's game day at Viper Strike Airsoft in Dundee. US Army UCP and my newly modified Cybergun Famas Evo. Photos by the lovely and super-talented @Arwen.
  4. +1 on this. I'm running exactly the same setup and it's absolutely golden.

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    For sale is this rather nice MultiCam helmet cover. It fits the MICH 2000 and ACH combat helmets (may fit others, but I don't have them to test). A very nicely made item, with real attention to detail. A small hole at the front, dead centre (it lines up with a hole drilled in the helmet, so I assume for a night vision mount. There's also a pocket on the back to either add a counterweight for night-vision or for an IR Strobe unit. Bought with a genuine US Army issue ACH combat helmet, so I assume it was used by a US soldier at some point. £20 collected or £25 posted - will also consider swaps for US Army UCP gear.


    Dundee - GB


    • For sale
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    Only the black radio case now available, £10. Designed to take a small walkie talkie. 1 Whip antenna also for sale £8. Postage and PayPal fees at buyer's cost.



  7. Time Left: 6 days and 2 hours

    • For sale
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    PRICE DROPPED AGAIN TO £325. For sale is my WE G39C GBB. Selling to fund a new AEG, so this really needs to go! The package includes: 1 x WE G39C GBB 6 x 30rd Magazines Original plastic nozzle with NPAS fitted Upgrade stainless nozzle with NPAS (currently in the gun) 2 x NPAS adjustment key 1 x Universal Joint NPAS adjustment key I even still have the original box! Currently shooting at approx 320fps, but this is adjustable using the NPAS. Used only once, it simply isn't for me - I prefer my AEGs. The whole package cost me over £550, but I will part with it for £325. Collection preferred, but postage possible at £25 in the mainland UK.


    Dundee, Scotland

  8. Time Left: 6 days and 2 hours

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    Brand new unissued HMAK M96 trousers. Size 19 Long. Bought in error, slightly too tight for me. 18 inches across the top, so approx 36" waist. 34 inch inseam. 48 inches from waistband to bottom of leg. Could really do with shifting these, so price now reduced. Postage possible at buyer's cost, or collection from Dundee or Perth £25 ONO


    Dundee, Scotland

  9. Well, yes... The reason for my question is that the gearbox on the Fa-mas that I'm upgrading takes a mix of V3 and V7 parts. I'm not sure which one to get... The gears are V7, but I'm not sure what the difference is between the two latches.
  10. Can anybody tell me (or preferably show me) what the difference between a V3 and V7 anti reversal latch is? Thanks in advance! 😁
  11. Absolutely this. It would be a really simple way to launder money. The mind boggles...
  12. That's pretty much the reason why I bought it for her. Because it means I can wander round in a Hawaiian shirt with plastic dinosaurs calling myself Wash. 😁
  13. Welcome along to the mad house! 😁 I started playing Airsoft in 1999, I can tell you that is was practically middle-aged by 2012. Back when I started you could pretty much have a FAMAS, an AK or a G3. Other RIFs were available but IIRC they were very expensive. Those were the days...
  14. My new toy just arrived... A Cybergun FAMAS Evo, which I plan to completely gut and upgrade. My first AEG back in the very early 2000s was a TM Famas, so I'm a bit nostalgic when it comes to these. I was toying on getting a TM instead, but the CG model doesn't have the stupid V.1 gearbox parts that the TM does. Instead it uses a combination of V.3 and V.7 parts, making upgrading it much easier. Initial thoughts: It has a lovely feel to it. Much more sturdy, no creaks (unlike the TM I had all those years ago...) and surprisingly weighty for a polymer body. Once the work gets underway, I'll post up an upgrade thread for anyone that's interested.
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