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  1. apexpredator

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    The wallet has taken a battering this month but hopefully, this lot should keep me happy for a little while at least! Booked into Kingdom of Airsoft to have it all installed with an EdGi barrel and R-Hop 😁
  2. apexpredator

    Recommended sites in Scotland

    Thanks @Guyver1 will be sure to check it out in the near future. Bought my gun from the guys at LWA so only right that i try out their game day!
  3. apexpredator

    Recommended sites in Scotland

    I think I'll give this a go on the 3rd. Not too far away and like you, I've heard good things. I wasn't sure if this was still going. Looking at their website, I'd need Marty McFly and the Doc to make their next game! I like the look of the site, will add it to the list, cheers.
  4. apexpredator

    Uncompany HK

    I managed to find one at Airsoft Global - similar lack of web development but great customer service, but that's another post! Haven't had any issues with the slide so far and fit the TM without any mods. Should i expect it to suddenly fail on me?
  5. Looking for some recommendations for sites in Scotland. I've been playing exclusively at The Depot for the past few months, don't get me wrong, I love it there but keen to get some outdoor games under my belt. I'm based in Glasgow but willing to travel across the central belt. In your opinions, what are the best sites in Scotland and why? Cheers, AP
  6. apexpredator

    Uncompany HK

    Just wanted to share my experience with this retailer from HK. I was looking for a PGC slide set for my TM18C and this was one of the few retailers who had one in stock, so I placed the order and paid with PayPal. 3 days later, I hadn't received any update or notification that the item had been shipped so followed up with an email. Fobbed me off with excuses about the item shipping from Taiwan but it would be sent shortly, fair enough. Another 3 days passes and when I finally get a response, item is out of stock (still listed as in stock on their website today) and I should request a refund from PayPal. Raised the dispute with PayPal and they didn't respond to PayPal's requests for additional information (to be able to process it before the 21 days) so had to wait nearly a month to get my money back because they couldn't be bothered to respond to them. Eventually got my money back but such a pain in the arse. I know these guys have rare parts but they have lost a customer here.
  7. apexpredator

    Gun picture thread

    @Lozart Cheers! In for a penny and all that! Should keep me entertained for a while.....
  8. apexpredator

    Gun picture thread

    I'm just starting out (got my UKARA number yesterday 😊) but here is a picture of the current arsenal G&P SAI GRY SBR - Internals are standard for now but plan on a comprehensive upgrade (TITAN, 13:1, Blueprinted motor, EdGI barrel and R-Hop) Externally, swapped out the standard stock for a PTS EPS, PTS Fortis foregrip and Vortex CrossFire RDS with Magpul MBUS backups TM G18C - PGC slide and outer, 150% recoil spring and hammer set with X300 replica light TM M92F (Old Betty) - bought back in 2004 and still running like a dream!
  9. apexpredator

    Newbie in Glasgow

    Hi all, Finally decided to give Airsoft a crack after many years of dragging my heels! I actually bought my first airsoft gun (TM M92F) way back in 2007 and wanted to get into it proper when I was still young. 11 years, a wife and 2 kids later, I'm finally taking the plunge with a couple of mates. I've been reading through some of the forums threads and I'm glad I signed up to AFUK. This hobby can be very expensive and being able to ask you all about your experience and advice will save me a ton of money and nagging from the missus! My local site is The Depot and I'm booked in for my first game on the 18th and then April 1st (if your coming along, please take it easy on us!). Look forward to sharing experiences with you all and being part of the Airsoft community. ATB Ryan