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  1. +1 for R&J! Awful movie, but some pretty sweet weaponry, The dagger was awesome but I preferred Tybalt's Rapier 9mm Series R
  2. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong, but as far as I understand it, you can move them by 6ft under the Depot rules. Again, much like the 2 min bleedout, too easy to abuse in game.
  3. How so? The only negative feedback I've ever heard about KoA is the turnaround time, and when you consider they get sent guns regularly from all over the world, easy to understand why it can take some time. I've sat with Sam for a full day whilst he worked on my SAI GRY, he is a top bloke and what he doesn't know about Airsoft tech isn't worth knowing AFAIC. KoA have also moved into a new, bigger shop to try and cope with the demand - must be doing something right.
  4. Is there a specific setting that you need help with like precocking mode etc? There are a ton of options with the Gate Titan - which version did you buy?
  5. My daily, Alpina D3 BiTurbo. Not very practical for airsoft sites!
  6. I’ve placed a few orders with Crown in the past, bot not recently. Communication could be better but the items I ordered arrived in reasonable time and were as described.
  7. Great review @AK47frizzle! I love(d) my SAI BLU - had pretty much the same setup as you (Gold outer barrel, ML Hop up, G&P Gold trigger, Guns Modify 150% spring) but it wasn't to last. Think it was March of this year when I was playing and had a massive cool down issue, so bad that the inside rail of the slide broke off and destroyed it. Will be looking to pickup another one though, because when it did work, it was a beast! Deadly accurate and very consistent on the FPS.
  8. Hi Rob, Would you consider splitting the items? I'd be interested in the 45 degree torch mount on its own. Cheers, AP
  9. Thanks for the suggestion @Mad Rag, heard good things about FWG from Sam at KoA. Will try to get up and visit in the near future, haven't had the chance to play as much as I'd like this year due to other commitments, hopefully back on the field in the next few weeks!
  10. Hao Industries Geissele rail came today, absolutely amazed at the quality of it. Fitment wise, took a fair amount of lube (wahey) and elbow grease due to the tight tolerances but eventually went on and fits perfectly flush with the receiver. The GK Airsoft KAC QD silencer was another recent purchase from PowAir6, had planned to fit an AceTech AT2000 inside the can, but it isn't quite wide enough. So back to the drawing board on that one. Thinking about getting the Predator and having it painted.
  11. You’re right, the colours don’t match, even from the factory. They went for a RAL8000 finish on these and it seems each component got a different “artist impression” Under certain light conditions (dark ones lol) it looks a little more uniformed.
  12. My new Umarex HK416 A5 AEG. External upgrades - Magpul RVG, HAO Industries SMR rail & Aim-O SRS reflex sight. Still waiting on the silencer to clear customs and will add the AceTech AT2000 to complete it. Internally, the gun is stock and shoots really well out of the box (330fps) with good accuracy at 20 meters. Hoping to field it before Christmas! Only downside I can think of is the battery space. With the fuse in the rear wiring and no space in the stock, you have very limited space in the buffer tube to get a LiPo in there.
  13. Well here is hoping Aim-o get theirs from the same factory!
  14. I'm still waiting on mine to arrive from ShootersCB! How are you finding it so far in terms of build quality, clarity etc? What brand of replica is it?
  15. Nothing needs to be done to it, I'm just an eternal tinckerer! Some people like to leave them alone and enjoy it as the factory intended and some others prefer to see how far they can push the platform with a KoA £1,100 longsword package. My G&P based M4 is upgrade to the nth degree and the upgrades cost me less than half of that longsword package with someone else doing the work for me. One day I'll get the TM but for now, I'll see how the VFC performs.
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