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  1. apexpredator

    Best inner barrels

    I have an EdGI barrel in my RIF and cannot fault it. The machining of the hop window and the finish on the barrel are superb. Expensive though.
  2. apexpredator

    PTS EPM Mags not feeding Prowin

    Hi Everyone, I've been pulling my hair out over this for weeks now so hoping someone on here might have experienced something similar or can suggest something that I haven't considered yet. The main issue is that the PTS EPM mags won't feed the installed Prowin hop up. If I put vertical force up on the magazine, they feed just fine but without doing that, I may get 1 shot in every 6-8 pulls of the trigger. Here is what I have explored/tried already: Hop up shimming - There are 3 o-rings over the barrel to help push the hop up chamber back against the GB and there is virtually no play either horizontally or vertically Velcro/Gaffe tape - I've applied velcro to the inside of the magwell to push the mag forward to help it engage with the hop up, this worked for a while but doesn't seem to provide enough "lift" to get the mags in the right position Hop up disassemble/reassemble - No visible damage to the bucking, no blockages, airseal seems fine There are a couple more things that I am looking to try to do in the near future: Swap out mag release - The gun has an APS Ambi mag release fitted at the moment, I will fit the original G&P piece to see if that hold the mags high enough to engage the hop up unit Shim the magazines - I've seen online that some people get round this issue by gluing a small piece of material to the mag catch window on their magazines Swap out hop up unit - I had heard stories about how these were hit and miss. I hadn't intended on going with the Prowin but whilst it was being worked on by the tech, the previous unit (prommy) wasn't performing well so I was offered the Prowin out of one of the techs other guns. The gun has an R Hop fitted so I'd like to try and avoid swapping out the hop up as much as possible, otherwise I need to cut a new nub and risk fu*king the R Hop up There is a second issue, but unsure whether they are related at this point. When the mags are feeding and I put a fresh mag in, the first 8-10 shots are really low (180-200fps) and then suddenly climbs to the usual of 350-355. I've tried leaving the PTS EPM filled over night to take some bite out of the spring and tried filling half way but the problems still there. If anyone has any suggestions on where to go next, it would save me a lot of hassle and time! Cheers, AP
  3. apexpredator

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    New pistol came today, EMG SAI Blu, made by Armorer Works (WE). Shooting around 300-310 on GG, will pick up CO2 mags in the future and see how it fairs up.
  4. apexpredator

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    I sold it to myself as a compliment to the arsenal, rather than a replacement! 😁 I went with the EMG SAI Blu. Essentially a tarted up WE G17, made by Armorer Works. From what I have read, it uses the larger diameter loading nozzle design from AW (or NEW WE) and has a proprietary BBU. Apart from that, should be cross compatible. What really stoked my interest was the dual power capability, I had been toying with the idea of getting a CO2 pistol for a while so now I can scratch that itch and switch back to GG with a mag change.
  5. apexpredator

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    Hi guys, thanks for all the recommendations and trouble shooting tips. The issue so far as I can see is to do with the hop bucking. As Rocketdogbert suggested, the problem goes away after about 50% hop applied. I may have got some iso onto the rubber when cleaning the barrel. In my attempts to find a replacement, I may have inadvertently bought another pistol (this hobby will be the end of my marriage if she ever finds out!) thanks for for all the help again, these forums really are a great resource for newcomers like me.
  6. apexpredator

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    @rocketdogbert - BB's rolling out the barrel with the hop up all the way off,. Progressively turning the hop up wheel and it takes at least 50% of the travel before the BB will rest at the end of the barrel. Should i consider picking up another hop up bucking?
  7. apexpredator

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    Hi @rocketdogbert, No double feeding issues, just a single bb rolling out when the gun cycles. When I first load the magazine into the pistol and rack the slide to chamber a round, that particular bb comes rolling out the end of the barrel as well as each subsequent shot. And thanks for coming to the rescue (hopefully), the issue is driving me mad!
  8. apexpredator

    TM Glock 18 - Problems, please help

    Hi Everyone, Having some problems with my G18 that I hope you good folk can help me with. Gun was previously working fine and I recently stripped the gun down to clean it. Put it all back together and went to test fire. When I cocked the slide back to load the first round, the BB came rolling out the end of the barrel, I knew I had cleared the gun before taking it apart but thought nothing of it. Went to fire the first round and the side cycles back just fine but again the BB comes rolling out the end of the barrel. Here are some of the troubleshooting that I have done so far: Disassembled the gun and applied silicone oil to the blowback housing unit Took the hop up unit apart to check for blockages and put back together Tried several different mags Frustrating beyond belief but hoping someone on here has had a similar issue and identified the problem. Thanks
  9. apexpredator

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    Went through about 2300 on Sunday, but that was more down to feeding issues than anything else. CQB games will rarely get through 1000 and woodlands maybe 1500 in a day.
  10. apexpredator

    Airsoft Argument

    Although I understand Player 1's perceptive, game rules were clearly explained and understood by both parties. I've never been a fan of "bang rules" so as others have already said, a single well placed shot removed any contention from the argument. If they object to be shot at from 10ft or under, they should take a moment to consider another hobby.
  11. apexpredator

    Recommended sites in Scotland

    As promised, following my trip to Section 8 yesterday, I thought I would share my experience with new/old players who are considering heading up to this site: Access Directions to the site are easy to follow so no issues there, just be wary that the "road" leading up from Dura Road is extremely rough. If you have a low slung car or stiff suspension, be prepared for a rough ride! Parking is limited to the dirt road just outside the site and it is a short walk up to the safe zone. Facilities Everything you could want is onsite. There are a couple of test ranges to fine tune hop up and assess effective range, as well as an onsite food stall with good quality hot food, drinks, crisps etc. There is also an onsite technician if you need help with anything as well as being able to purchase BB's (Draft Club) and rental equipment. I brought my own kit on the day but the rental packages looked pretty good with Sniper rifle options complete with Ghillie suits, should you wish to unleash your inner Novritsch (Wwwwhats up guyyyss). Site First things first, this site is bloody massive, which is either a blessing or a curse depending on your equipment, fitness levels etc. Make sure that you wear sturdy, good quality footwear as the ground can be really challenging in places with plenty of opportunity for you to turn an ankle or worse. The majority of the site is thick woodland with thick brush and some open, tall grassland areas. There are a few structures on the site but I think it would benefit from a few more - even if just to vary the game modes a little. Due to the size and nature of the site, I would say it is more geared towards snipers/DMR's but don't let that put you off, just be prepared to alter your tactics a little to get into closer engagement distances for AEG's. I was running a red dot on the day and will definitely consider using a magnified scope for my next visit to help with target acquisition and ageing eyesight. Games Game modes were the usual fare of capture the flag, defend the base, domination etc. As mentioned above, you can spend a lot of time walking back and forth from the games which is one of the cons of having such a large playing area, as it does eat into time spent in game. Plenty of marshals in game keeping people honest and turning the games around as quickly as they could and all were approachable and helpful for this first timer. If I could nit pick at anything, I think the game modes could do with a refresh, but they do accept game suggestions so will send them through and see what they say. Players I'd say there were between 80-90 players on Sunday and it's safe to say you could have double that on a gameday without a problem giving the size of the site. Good mixture of seasoned players and people just getting into Airsoft. If like us, this is your first time at Section 8, spend some time following the more seasoned players to gain a better understanding of the site, it will save you wondering around aimlessly. There were a couple of incidences of people not calling their hits but when does that not happen? In all fairness, it is difficult to confirm a hit when you are trying to push bb's through the thick foliage. If you are coming along as a group, radios would be recommended. Overall Overall it was another great day out and I'll be back to Section 8 for the next gameday. Despite the slight drawbacks of such a large site, it is worth a visit, even if it didn't fully live up to the hype for me. Hope the review is helpful to anyone considering heading along to Section 8 and if you have been playing somewhere else that you would like to review, feel free. It would be great to get them on this thread to help other players find the right sites for them.
  12. apexpredator

    Saying hi in Edinburgh

    I'm off to S8 on Sunday @Rogerborg, I'll get a review up on the Recommended sites in Scotland thread early next week. @Enid_Puceflange Welcome to the forums and Airsoft! Great choice on the Krytac, it should serve you well.
  13. apexpredator

    Opinions on TM 416 Delta

    Camoraid are usually pretty good stock wise, can't comment if they have the best price or not. I hear a few of the shipments get intercepted for "copyright infringement" so IMO best to get one whilst you can rather than wait for a slightly better price point.
  14. I played my 3 qualifying games at the Depot and the rental guns (AK47) are solid. Only time I had an issue was when they introduce an "upgrade" M4 rental pack which broke before the first game but they turned it around sharpish. If you don't have pyro I'd recommend picking some up from the shop, too many staircases and kill funnels to get through without them.
  15. apexpredator

    Recommended sites in Scotland

    FFS that's a kick in the nuts. Hope they manage to find a new site soon. I got the impression that the landowner was pretty difficult to get on with.