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  1. well thats down to the retailer at the end of the day. Up to them if they want to break any rules. And yes its up to me if i want to remove stickers. As above, please just answers for my original question if anyone has them. I know the rules/law and dont need those types of answers. Thanks
  2. ok no problem. thanks for your opinions.
  3. Why wouldn’t you use them? I may well wait the month. I’m just thinking out loud when I asked the question. If someone can offer the item I want and the only difference is that they don’t paint the guns then I don’t really see an issue.
  4. Hence the sticker question and not a how to get paint off question Might be only airsoft...
  5. I can’t remember the name of it now, I think it’s in Stevenage It’s the specna arms sa-s03 m40a5
  6. As above, I’m aware of retailers placing vinyl stickers on guns to sell them as 2 tone and normally it wouldn’t bother me either way, but I’m after a particular gun that if painted would ruin its original design. So I’m wondering if anyone knows any retailers that offer the vinyl service when buying? I’m still a month away from my UKARA and I’m desperate for this gun beforehand. I know of one retailer but they don’t sell the gun I’m after, but they are looking into getting one in for me. Please no “wait for the UKARA” or negative comments. Thanks all!
  7. So... today was awesome! Had a great time at wycombe. And i most definitely want to do it again! I also know what works well and not so well, and what other things i need to buy! Great first time! Lived up to expectations... Roll on day 2!
  8. Well I took your advice without actually reading your reply until now lol. I went to my local shop and he was great and let me try out a non recall full metal aeg m4. I’m guessing it’s a cheaper make, and it was cheaper in cost. He threw in quite a lot of stuff for free, and I picked up loads of gear to add to my load out. Tomorrow is d day and I’m still up at midnight prepping for the day ahead lol. So on that note I’m going to sleep. Wish me luck! I’ll try and show some GoPro footage tomorrow if I can 🤞🏻👍🏻
  9. I’ll be visiting a local airsoft store later today so I think I will try a few and see what they have on offer and at least try to help me decide.
  10. not a fan of the airline and carrying a tank around, with a pipe that might get caught on something (i do like the long supply of air it provides though!) So... how long do those little co2 canisters last in terms of bb's fired?
  11. i think i'll stick with your previous advice (and most of the opinions here) and go with the aeg. At least then i can practice and not worry about ammo for now... And i always have my gbb pistol if i want to make things interesting on the field...
  12. Yeah im looking at this one. Think it ticks all the boxes for an AEG for me https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/tokyo-marui-no-08-cqb-r-black-model?pv=7865
  13. Hmm, good price but i feel like i need some realism hence wanting the recoil. I dont mind upping the price...
  14. I think that pretty much hits the nail on the head now... Although i dont want to buy something cheap. Not that i dont mind paying less, i just want full metal, reliability, and flexible with parts/accessories fitment and availability. Im looking at the TM CQBR M4 but it is a little steep, and cant find it in stock... Any other suggestions?
  15. ok... chill pill time guys lol. Ive read through all the answers you have all helped me with and im grateful!. Yes im a noob, yes i dont really understand half the shit im talking about yet, and thats where the forum comes in. I hate to be "that new guy with all the questions" but i think this particular topic is a personal choice when it comes to loadouts, guns, clothes etc so searching the forum doesnt always give the accurate answer. Saying that, i appreciate the time you guys have taken to answer the questions. I feel as though i might just swing towards AEG. I already have my GBB pistol and can always swap it up mid game to make things interesting... So ive just got home and i'll start looking around for an M4 AEG. After a few games with the M4, i'll then look towards GBB if the AEG doesnt give me the thrill factor, OR, I just want both types of rifle and use either of them in different games/scenarios... How does that sound? Sensible?... I bloody hope so, im getting a headache... 😂
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