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  1. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Not yet my friend, still browsing. 👍
  2. There's always non hit takers at every game I've played. You know it's not just you being optimistic with shots when friends and randoms say the same player is doing it through the day. I do find there's only enough hits they can ignore so this is about the only time I switch to full auto and get drilling. One guy in a skull mask at Apocalypse would blatantly be seen rubbing where he was hit and then carry on firing back. Again, eventually he would give up with heavy ammo drilling him for an extended burst. Sometimes it's the only way when Marshalls don't act. It does ruin the whole point of the game and I don't like wasting the ammo... but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes and a man's gotta know his limitations. I've paid to play just like he had. I'll not have my day ruined by Mr.Indestructable-better-than-everyone-else-can't-take-a-hit-nob-jockey-in-a-shit-mask. Even if I have to waste 50p to get him to call it. lol Call it mofo, it's not a sign of weakness. Never seen anyone banned or told to leave that I can recall. (Other sites I play will confront the perp in question when a complaint is made, this place did not hence I named it.)
  3. I don't really like the gold factor but for some reason I don't mind it on the goldmatch. Would be nice if they offered other finishes. Perhaps they could bring out an even better model; PlatinumMatch?
  4. I have the G&P XM177 E2 (I also have 4 x Classic Army XM177 E2, all used in a few films). One thing apart from the flash hider that's different is the bullet deflector is absent from this model. Only 500 units were issued in Nam to the Commando's. Still it's iconic. I sprayed my G&P (perhaps not to everyone's tastes), added a titan mosfet for 3 round burst and rebuilt the gearbox as it had some issues (it must have been a Friday after the pub build). It's solid, one of the most solid shells I've had with zero wobble anywhere at all. No rattles, nothing... all metal and lightweight. I also wear Tiger Stripe on occasions and if you do buy it try and buy all of it (hat, shirt & trousers) at the same time from the same supplier/brand as there are soooooo many versions and for me a mismatch is unbearable. I ended up with an MFH set. I went for a bush hat. I'll also run with an AK on occasions too. For a popular camo it's actually hard to get a set in the UK IME. Alice webbing is fairly cheap and I got mine off ebay.
  5. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Thanks for the tips and links @Crazy_Crystal & @Davegolf. I'll check them out too. 👍 I'll report back when I pick something. No doubt with some gun porn... It's just reminded me I have a Leapers BugBuster that may work... I'll have a think about that.
  6. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    I'll take a ganders at the Vortex range 👍 Thanks for the headsup.
  7. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Is that the one million dollars (£800'ish) jobby? Bit more than my pockets hold...
  8. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Can't decide on a scope/RDS/Holo for my MWS. I have got an ACOG which is nice but unfortunately the optics are set for 100m so anything closer is a little blurry. Plus my eyes aren't what they used to be so the fibre optic crosshair is a little fuzzy. Put reading specs on and it's sharp as a razor but no way am I looking like a grandpa playing a game with them on...lol Any recommendations, it's a fairly stock looking M4A1 with a Hera CQR stock. Looking for either a sweet adjustable ACOG or maybe something I haven't considered.... jusy nothing silly money though. 👍
  9. This Dreamer paid a tenner, I reckon I could have got it for £9.99 elsewehere...
  10. IF samoon still sell them I'd recommend a TNT TR Hop unit and barrel set. It's a good upgrade for the GHK AK. The stock hop works fine but is a weak spot being plastic and they can shatter with a misfeed. And it will at some point. (The TNT hop may require a little filing to fit properly...) I made on Saturday a new nub for mine to lift a slightly heavier weight BB. It's made from an HSS drill bit (donor material). Domed ontop for the rotary wheel to slide on easy and flat underneath on the bucking. Essentially it's just a longer harder nub. It lifts 0.32 dead straight with almost no hop applied... lol
  11. You'll be fine with green (or propane) gas for most of the year. You could try a bit of red in the cold & damp months... I've got a standard nozzle, a 1 joule nozzle and an adjustable nozzle. The standard one I have MAY be just the one classed as the low fps nizzle for this country as I've seen some reviews on the tube running a "standard nozzle" that runs way hotter than mine. The 1 joule nozzle is fine. The adjustable one is a pile of poop IME and is a bit ghetto consisting of a screw you either wind in or out to change the fps and it's quite inconsistent on FPS I have found. I am talking from having the smallest AK they do so I can't say what the bigger models perform like but as a guess - not that different.
  12. Clearcoat... comes in gloss and matt finishes. It won't last long on a pistol though. It may prolong the contact points of wear a little longer but not by much. It'll start to wear and flake, just ends up looking worse than normal wear IMHO. Cerakote finishes last an age as far as a finish goes but costs a lot too (compared to a rattle can job) and in the case of traditional firearms; many are blued. The latter is not something you really see in airsoft due to a lack of Steel. Perhaps consider some sort of soft lining for the holster as a compromise.
  13. Well he certainly knows how to sweet talk you into selling... lol Sounds like he's ranting at himself against his inner Cuckoo.
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