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    Hi guys 1x Black Tokyo Marui Glock 17 magazine for sale Good used condition - Looking for £15 plus postage. Thanks.


  2. Make/brand: TM NGRS Magazines Black Any accessories included: Pictures: Hi guys I have 5 TM NGRS Magazins that work with the bolt-lock function. They're not used anymore and would like to sell. How much should I price these at, either per magazine or for all 5? Thanks
  3. Hey chaps. Ive got a Virtus magazine drop/dump pouch but can’t for the life of me figure out how to molle it on? anyone got one of these and had some luck? Thanks
  4. Hi I'm selling some older Airsoft rifles I have in order to raise funds. The shop/store that I'm selling to is https://airsoftimports.co.uk Do they need a UKARA or is their defence that they buy and sell Airsoft guns enough and keep me covered? Thanks, Babz
  5. Apologies. My last thread was in the New joiner section so was worried it didn't get a lot of views/traction compared to this general section. Ah I wasn't aware of this. So I can rock up to Legion in Longmoor as an individual and basically 'team-up' with other people there in squads etc? I've seen some amazing you tubers like MattTheMusketeer, Random Trashy etc who look like they're in teams, so thought it was quite general, but are you saying it's more the norm for people to attend these Milsim events as individuals and then get placed in teams when they're there? If that's the case, how do tactics, radio setups etc work? Yeah I can imagine seeing Walts rock up and ruin the event, I'm definitely going into the mindset of this being purely for fun/sport/staying fit, but with that, I do want the added sense of realism where tactics, good comms and drills come into play, as that's one of the things I miss
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to join an Airsoft team, preferably one that does MilSim/BattleSim type events? I'm based in London but prepared to travel around and can pay petrol money for those longer journeys. Other than these forums, is there anywhere else I should be looking to join a team? And does anyone know of any MilSim events in and around the London area? I've seen Stirling Airsoft but I think they're up north in Catterick/Yorkshire which I don't mind going to if I'm based in a team? Happy to travel locally first. Thanks, Babz
  7. Hi all I'm a newbie to Airsoft but have some previous military experience from a few years back. Nothing spectacular like UKSF, literally the other end of the scale as a reservist for a few years so know my way around weapons, drills etc I'm looking to skirmish but also really want to get into BattleSim/MilSim type games perhaps once or twice a month. Any idea of any teams in the London/Surrey area that are looking for members, or sites that take on new members (or allow you to rock up). I'm going to be getting a car again soon (don't really need one in London as commute to work) so I can get to Airsoft games, however would be amazing if there were others in London that I could tag along with and pay petrol to start off with? Would also make it easier getting to know people/teams. I really like the MilSim West concept they have in the States and was hoping we'd have something like that here in the UK? Thanks, Babz
  8. Yeah as weird it as it sounds, although I may not miss the tabbing as much, I do miss the night-ex/camping element, the full day immersion rather than like rocking up to a site for a few hours. I'm not saying I'll always do Milsims, probably one every few months as due to work commitments I can't always be away for 48 hours, however when I do, I do want it to be realistic as possible. However resonating with what you've said, I'm taking MilSim to be the YouTube videos that I've seen of like MilSim west and the like? Does that sort of stuff only happen in the U.S?
  9. Thanks for your reply. I know the PLCE system quite well as I was issued it many years ago, however I thought things would've moved on by now and expected more Gucci kit to be out there, but it seems PLCE is the way to go. I've bought a PLCE Bergan in Multicam alongside a normal day sack which can attach the rocket pouches for extra gear. It's a short back Bergen, however I'll be running it alongside a Warrior plate carrier, but as you've mentioned, I guess I'll be using it mainly to transport gear from car to FOB and can then take my day sack out with hydration and other bits and bobs in the back. With milsims, do the FOBs have creature comforts like running water and toilets, or are they just outposts/shed/billet type buildings? I am starting off with normal Skirmishes but really want to get into games with the full immersive experience.
  10. Thanks. I've gone for a PLCE Bergen which are fairly cheap and comfortable. In regards to MilSims, are there many that take place in the UK? I'm in London/Surrey but can travel round?
  11. Thanks, how many litres do people normally go for for a 48 hour mil-sim? I'm assuming they bring one bergen which is on the larger side, and then a smaller day pack?
  12. Hi guys New to Airsofting. I've got a Plate Carrier, AEG, uniform, boots and a smaller backpack, however, do Airsofters here often get Bergens? I want to get into MilSims which last 24-48 hours, but do people bring everything in one Bergen which they're expected to carry around throughout the ex for 24/48 hours, or, do they leave the bergen back at base (which has sleeping bag etc) and go out with a smaller pack like a CamelBak assault pack etc (20-30L or so)? Thanks
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