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  1. Immortal

    Rifle fettling, testing zeroing etc

    One of the sites I frequent will let people use the place out of hours (for a small fee but I've never needed to) otherwise I settle for either at the start of a game day or at home. If it's at the start of a game day and my bread and butter site then I'll miss the first part of the game if need be or get there much earlier than the usual start. But that rarely happens as it doesn't take long to tune the hop or scope. If I find it's a little out after I'll just do it in a game even if it means backing off and shooting in the opposite direction.
  2. Immortal

    Real sword SVD

    I never said I couldn't afford it. Speak for yourself... And I know you never said you were talking about me either...lol
  3. Immortal

    Gun ranges or places to sight in your scope?

    Then zero on windless days. Airsoft can be fairly accurate but it's never going to be a tac driver (ball on ball in this case).
  4. Immortal

    Gun ranges or places to sight in your scope?

    Rifles/SMGs/LMGs: I setup as best I can at home then fine tune on site (straight and true but limited to 30m). Most site ranges are too short and no different to at home so I normally enter the game zone and pick a tree or something specific at the range I'm aiming for. At home I normally only do this in summer where the trees foliage hide what I'm upto and offer a little protection from any potential flyers but in winter it's quite barren so I prefer to just use the site from asafety POV. To anyone watching they will just see a real gun so I play it safe as much as possible. Pistols: Just at home 99% of the time. the range is more than enough to dial them in.
  5. 8 sold in the past hour! Someones also bought 30... wild. The mind boggles. And it's not even April.
  6. Immortal

    Piston damage

    Took me about two weeks to put my first gearbox back together and a lot of swearing. Sweating like a bomb defuser
  7. Immortal

    Real sword SVD

    Very nice. 😎 On my wish list.
  8. Immortal

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    Yeha the bdlay spellt leestingz trn ip Jems.
  9. Immortal

    AEG DMR advice

    My friend runs a CA SR25, I obtained it for him and it's actually one of the two rifs used in Captain Phillips near the end of the film (another friend has the other one I got at the same time). He's completely stripped the internals, rebuilt it and it fires great. Semi shot by default. They're AEGs. It took a lot of work, money and time but he got it there and it does the job. They're BIG rifs to run but run they do. A lot of the parts (if not all) internally were purchased from AK2M4 - except the OEM gearbox shell.
  10. Immortal

    How are there so many M4s?

    There's a big home defense market in the USA and they will cater for people of all shapes and sizes, capable or otherwise. Over there (plus various other countries where laws are sane) are also quite big on sport shooting; competition rifles etc. They're as changeable and as blingy as the airsoft market but they're running the real deal so there's a ton of money to be made. Anything that may give you an edge, work better for your frame etc is going to sell one way or another. Even if it's psychological. Saying that they're not all running AR-15 rifs but many parts are certainly cross-compatible as the models may be very similar or based from them. Evolution. 9mm variants are popular due to the cheaper ammo but the basic shape of the gun isn't far from the original base. Airsoft is always immitating these markets and the military. The main focus that is different is on the internals for Airsoft, the exterior is just imitation. And even then there's only so much tech to differentiate brands and models. Not much changes really... perhaps digital is the biggest evolution of recent years. Bespoke stuff isn't as popular in airsoft as the RIFs, parts and mags are either more expensive or harder to come by. Bespoke requires a lot of R&D, more than they may make back unless a decent contract is pushing them (non airsoft). If that bespoke option ceases production it's a real pain to keep it running. So back to a generic model most go, it's a safe bet and they work. That works for both the manufacturer, the whole chain all the way down to the end user. Same for the real steel world really. Hardly anybody wants a RIF that looks like a nerf or kids toy even though that's exactly what they are. Toys. So the big boys are the AR and AK. IMHO
  11. Immortal

    Real sword SVD

    Begadi has them listed at 799 euros for a new one on it's own... with no add-ons.
  12. Immortal

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    Oh yeah, PeliStorm cases. There's some good bargains on there. Surplus MOD ones with authentic Afghan sand still inside. Best case I've ever bought.
  13. Immortal

    How are there so many M4s?

    Been around a long time and civilians can also own them so there's a large market for personalising in both cases. Or for specific roles & uses etc. Capitalist Meccano variety & choice guns.... the opposite of Commy motherland everyone's the same thinks the same guns.
  14. Immortal

    Gun picture thread

    I don't often show photos but what the hell: My MWS (a work in progress...)
  15. Immortal

    What make and how much

    Appraisals is the section of the forums for asking valuations. As for details; it depends if it's a real one or clone... obviously a real one is worth a decent price if it works etc and a clone is fairly worthless comparatively. Other than that it's a small holographic sight or a copy of. 👍 Clones are from £20 brand new....
  16. Immortal

    Best ever eBay airsoft related buy?

    I'd say my best recent one was a COP® Shoulder Holster 9385 for H&K MP7. https://www.cop-shop.de/en/product/cop-shoulder-holster-9385-for-hk-mp7-2510 Retail on there for €239.99 I got it from a USA ebay seller for a whopping £22.57, I use it for my MP5K. 👍 Bargain.... (Sorry no link now as they're all gone and no longer listed) Another one was an EOTech 552 about 10+ years ago. Got it for £100-£120 (or thereabouts). I still use it.
  17. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Most my targets are moving franticly like blue arsed flies. Still ya never know, it may come in handy one day. 👍
  18. Immortal

    Milsim Group

    Ah, you have to sign up to view it. I'll give it some thought first. Thanks anyway.
  19. Immortal

    Is this a ghost gun????

    That RIFs asking for some Akimbo action... (reloading may be tricky)
  20. Immortal

    Milsim Group

    Do you have a link so I can have a look please?
  21. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    Thank you my friend, I couldn't have done it without you. 👍 Took me a while to fit it. Got the CA plate out easy enough. Slid it on the buffer and then realised the washer had slipped out of centre for the grip bolt to go through to the lower receiver where I had to open it up for the plate removal. Got it back in place, screwed it back up and then got a ball hex. Didn't have the right size. Doh! So I thought I'll just wind it little by little with a normal 90 deg one. Then wondered why the bolt wouldn't go in. lol I realised it was a different size so used the original TM one. Just so happened the ball hex I had fit the TM one. Job done. Awesome. Dead chuffed with it. It's brilliant! No more wobble. I don't think I'll need the larger spacer or at least not for now, feels just right as is. Cool beans. I always wanted a solid M16 style stock and I really like the Dragunov stock. This is a perfect hybrid of the two. Add in the box mag and I'm cooking with Gas... EDIT: Discovered a sneaky weaver rail is hidden under the rear of the stock. Not that I have any use for it.
  22. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    It's started (perhaps I should've stuck a mag in for the photo?! Ah well.... luv'it.)
  23. Immortal

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    A real steel CQR HERA stock from a true gentlemen. 👍
  24. Immortal

    assistance in choosing matching gear.

    Raybans, Beards & a Shemagh = the secret uniform.
  25. Immortal

    assistance in choosing matching gear.

    Chuck Norris used to have a range of stretchy jeans so you could do high kicks...