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  1. Sounds great, certainly something I'll look into. Thanks for the write up. 👍
  2. Very nice, where did you buy it from please?
  3. "You get what you pay for" and any GBBR worth it's salt are a prime example of that saying.
  4. I'll just whisper... "MWS"
  5. This one actually is my brother, he makes Myers Masks... Always makes me laugh that the original mask from the first movie is made from a Kirk mask from Star Trek....
  6. They're pretty neat. Maybe in the future but not right now. 👍 (lol, although I'm just saying and I see you said OP...Doh!)
  7. Just unscrew the inner ring plate with the two holes drilled in it either side of the firing pin (inside the top half) and it all comes apart...
  8. Indeed, that particular one I have left as is. And I do like to PURGE (airsoft style) every once in a while... lol I pulled about 4 white mask and one polycarbonate which looks like a Bank Robber.
  9. To be fair, I use Deans too. It's an easier plug to disconnect and solder. Plus it means a high chance of using a mates battery should the need arise at a game from the unforseen. 👍
  10. I like DIY stuff, I've made nubs n stuff. I'll have a look for some photos and add them in later. Currently messing about with plastics at the mo. It's a long way from finished but I started making a mask. lol Going to do a lot more to it; paint, venting, harness, ballistic eyeballs etc. This is just a quick vac formed shape from a life cast.
  11. 👍 And yet people do... lol
  12. XT 60/90 over Deans = you can't short an XT, you can short a Deans. Highly unlikely to happen but if you stand on a deans you can crush the two pins to cause a short, an XT can't due to the housing. I think it's just Betamax Vs VHS... in airsoft Deans won (VHS). But XT does have that specific plus mentioned above (like Betamax was actually the better quality tape but lost anyway). You can use RIT dye to change the colour of either connectors. 👍
  13. A game a few months ago; other team had to retrieve the dummy on a stretcher from our end of the map. A few of my mates booby trapped it with a pea grenade... They pulled the pin when they lifted it up... (hidden blue chord was what pulled the pin). Video courtesy of a Marshal. 692f15ab-8e71-42c5-8e82-16410d6dc77b.mp4
  14. Immortal

    THE TM MWS thread

    I used to get that on my GHK; the BB follower would get caught on the part that had the feed lips leaving 2 bbs bouncing around. A quick file job inside to round off the edge allowed it to feed correctly (just saying incase it happens again with new BBs, ya never know... plus what others have said )
  15. Never had a Dynatex but I've got a TRMR and they're very good. Both have a good rep. Quite heavy and I'd recommend a multi base if you do get one. Very simple device and easy to service. IIRC you can get a timed and an impact version of the dynatex but only impact for the TRMR. I don't often get a good opportunity to throw one so rarely take it out with me. BUT when I have it's done what it should and long term a lot cheaper than MK5 or similar. When I'm happy to throw money away I opt for pea grenades, they're a lot more fun and easy to lob with accuracy. (Always tempted to fill one with additional confetti for a laugh... should work?!)
  16. I do a bit of both and a percentage depends on the rif of the day. If I have a Sniper style role I'll sometimes 'go hunting' or 'lay in wait for a target', sometimes I'll stay with my squad and back them up. One team mate often acts like a spotter when there's a target he can't hit or if it would be more effective to just pick them off from a far. Other times with an assault style role I flow with my squad. And depending if they have a medic rule I'll often go on a suicide run to tag people back in regardless if they're in my squad or just on the same team. As for objectives; it depends what they are. I'm not a great runner so I detest being handed a flag but I'll still do it for the team. I much prefer to role with the squad and exterminate the opposition to make way for true runners to go for the objective. I also like to support players going for objectives and cover their retreat. It's a lot about opportunity and being in the right place at the right time too. Flip a coin on that one...
  17. There's newer 3D printing tech that doesn't leave any lines. Instead of a hot pen laying down the layers it uses an HighDef screen and the light makes the layers in a liquid plastic reservoir whilst it makes hundreds of dips to form the object; end results are seamless. Far higher quality end product. My brother has one.
  18. Thanls for the info. (Not sure if you meant to but the link in your post goes to Zed Adventures - Battle Lakes? should be https://legionairsoftevents.com/)
  19. A low after a game only lasts as long as it takes to type in the word "Pornhub"....
  20. Go solo; it's fine and either playing or chatting on here will lead to like minded friends. And if not then playing solo is still fine. When the whistle blows and a game starts most 'friends' often scarper like rats anyway... I play with a large group but only a handful of us generally maintain a collective in game, the rest may be seen at regens or in the safe zone. Either way it's all good. And if they're a good bunch of players attending then I've had plenty of in game chats and laughs with people I've never seen again.
  21. Yeah it's a little on the pricey side. lol The ol' airsoft price increase trick. I saw your thread and remembered seeing it the other day when browsing their site. 👍 I'm sure there must be a cheaper option out there.
  22. Great book. Nice idea you came up with 👍
  23. https://www.switairsoft.com/product-page/oringinal-wood-stock-for-lct-g3
  24. I liked the movie but compared to the book it was empty. The book is far far better than the film (as most are) and contains multiple stories that are accounts from survivors from the beginning of the outbreak through to its end. And the book tells of a WWZ that took many years to fight rather than what appeared to be a matter of days in the film. Didn't know there was a game so I'll have a ganders, cheers. 👍
  25. These are really cool. That second one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the photos. 👍 I like them so much my brother going to cast my face this weekend so I can try and make something similar.
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