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  1. Thanks for all the answers so far. Gives quite bit of options to be honest. I was expecting the UBACS to be rather thin as a single piece of top for this time of year.
  2. Hi all. For my clothing I currently posses the CS95 Trousers, Field Jacket and the DDPM UBACS which I used in the summer. However I am unsure what I should wear if was to attend a indoor game at this time of year. I am mostly concerned about the top whether I should throw some fleece/warmer underneath and wear the jacket or get something new that will fill out the role of both. I am looking for something that will keep me acceptably warm for the game and be comfy and I do not have to worry about getting it dirty/worn etc. Many thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice so far. Instead of trying to explain the exact state of the wires I will just drop in pictures.
  4. Whilst tinkering with my gun (G&G CM16) to install a RIS and setup a PEQ box I have managed to damage the wires to the point where they are cut open. I've been trying to find replacement but I am having a bit of rough time. Could I get some links to some good replacement cables?
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    I am after a M16A1 metal lower receiver as I have already got the upper one from G&P. It does not have to be G&P or even a M16A1 but I want a one that will fit nicely as having a stock G&G plastic lower one there is a significant gap between both.


  6. Majestyk

    Element Magpul Set

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    All parts are copies made by Element. They are black and in really good condition. Fitted on the gun but never used in field or anywhere else. All prices include postage or £40 inc. postage for the whole setAvailable:CTR Carbine Stock - £257" Carbine-Length MOE Hand Guard - £15MVG MOE Grip - £10


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