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    E&L Gen2 AKS-74U, Specna C-02, Wanker Arms C-08, King Arms PDW, Striker AS02, TM G17, AAP01, SSX23.
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    Various, mostly wear God's Plaid and A-Tacs FG/iX
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  1. I fucking love when your gun is fucking spot on at home (even after fucking extensive testing), but then on the field it does whatever the fuck it wants.


    Fuck off, really..

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    2. Shamal


      Catcrap is amazing. I don't fog up any more


      umm I think I will go with Rogerborgs suggestions.

      thanks anyway. 🥴

    3. Impulse


      Just google it. Catcrap antifog. It changed my perspective on antifog.

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      If your gun works at home perfectly

      but screws up on site


      make your own CQB site in your house

      never have an issue with your gun again


      might have buy a new TV, mirrors, lights etc...

      but your gun will thank you for it

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