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  1. I've gone by myself so far (mind you I only went twice so far) but loved it, you make battle buddy's soon enough. one time I just met up with other guys with rentals (and bonded over how we didn;t like the rental guns) and the other time I joined a bunch of friends ("Hi guys, I've got no friends yet, can I join you?" and they said sure and we had a blast) welcome to the hobby!
  2. 1. How did you get into Airsoft? I've worked at a paintball and airsoft field for almost 2 years, I was hired to do the paintball but joined the airsoft every now and then, absolutley loved it. 2 .what would your callsign be? either "Mr. Fabulous" or "Maximus" (after the horse from Disney's Tangled) 3. What would your primary and secondary gun be (optional third)? I'm currently saving up for my first gun which'll be an M4, nice and generic, after that I might go looking into customizing a gun into a DMR 4. What Battle dress Uniform (BDU) and gear would you use? currently I've used some olive drab coloured stuff from different countries, just stuff I scrounched up, looking into getting an Alpenflage jacket (already got the trousers) and maybe start saving up for the Finnish M05 camo system 5. If you could use rubber melee weapons, what would it be? Spade! 6. What’s your favourite and least favourite game mode? I don't really have a favourite, but if I had to choose between attacking or defending I'd probably go for attacking. least favourite is battle royale 7. What’s your best, funniest and worst memory of Airsoft? best: playing with some friends who have their own airsoft team and claimed they're really good at CQB and generally were just bragging (also making fun of me as I was a greenhorn with a rental, all in good fun tho although they were a little bit smug about it), we had a mission to collect an order sheet at a CQB bit (town) on this field, in the town there was a scrap car in the middle of a square witht he order sheet plain in sight, we collected it and I took up position in one of the buildings just in case, the 4 "expert" chose to stand in the middle of the square, pondering over the order sheet and ignoring me when I said we should maybe take cover ("hang on, lemme read this first") it will come as no surprise that those 4 were, in quick succession, hit by enemies. I managed to sneak away before they knew I was there, run around, shoot them in the back and take the order sheet to the respawn point they were most likely going to (this field has 3 respawn points per team). when I found them they smirked at me and asked me if I got shot too, and that we should hurry up and go try again, I just dead calm produced the order sheet from my pocket and handed it to them ("got ya fam!") (I have more stories with them, taking out enemies from behind after they didn;t want to follow me around the building because they knew what they were doing, I ended the day with more kills than the 4 of them combined, it was great to wipe those smug smiles off their faces) same day, I managed to get lost from the squad of smugness and was defending a small point with some other players, eventually I was left by myself for about 5 min because the rest had been taken out, when reinforcements slowly started backing me up I gave them directions as to where they should take positions, which direction, what to expect etc. etc. untill I had about 8 guys with me. When we managed to hold the objective and the timer had run out, all of them came to me (rental players, experienced players and everywhere in between) and just looked at me, asking me what the plan was, I had my own squad, who followed my directions and played really well, for the remainder of the game, that felt Alpha AF (also the moment I definately fell in love wiht Airsoft, can't wait to have my own squad again) funniest: there were 4 of us in this foxhole thingy, one of us with an LMG, this player form the other team jumped in from behind us, probably expecting us to be on his team, we just all turned around, pointed or guns at him and, almost in unison, shouted "NO!", didn;t even have to fire, he just raised his hand ("yeah, fair enough") and walked away. worst: people playing unfair, period. 8. What is your favourite patches (maximum 4)? I've got a battle-damaged pikachu patch which I always have on me when I play, and a fair seelction of other patches, no favourites tho. I do want to aqcuire some patches witht exts like "you're not an operator, you're an airsofter" or "long-ass text with the word 'operater' in it to make me seem more bad-ass than I actually am". just anything to take the piss out of people who take airsoft to seriously (you're not an "operater" or whatever, you're an grown-up child with a bb-gun!) 9. If there was a gun you wanted or not yet built, what would it be? I have no gun yet, so I'll take any. but I'd love to have an airsoft G28 (my go-to weapon in Ghost Recon Wildlands), just a shame it's so expensive 10. What do you see as a step forward, for the game, in the future? longer, accurate, range for guns. I have no trouble with being hit (yet), I've done paintball and that hurts way more, as far as I'm concerned the FPS could go up a bit, granted it is safe enough to do so (as long as goggles don't shatter and skin issn't actually pierced, I'm good)
  3. Damn, and I thought I was original with the carrier case I'm designing/planning
  4. I'll take your word for it, I never was sure so I held off with buying an airsoft gun until I moved to the UK, just in case
  5. From what I gather, if you already own the guns you should have no problems bringing them with you (and using them at skirms) because UKARA is mostly about buying airsoft guns (you still have to make sure you can bring them on the plan properly tho). I haven't seen anyone attending a gameday and bringing his own gear being asked if he had a UKARA number.
  6. Thanks! I've studied in the US for 4 months a couple of years ago, 2 years in the UK and always had a couole of friends in the Netherlands who were more comfrotable speaking English than Dutch so I've learned quite quickly. I'm currently thinking of just buying an M4 (probably gonna be a G&G one) and just starting from there, I've got most of the other stuff (webbing/pouches/clothes/boots) already, mostly ex-army stuff so I only need the RIF, jist gotta wait for that UKARA number, but then again, using a rental means I don't have to worry about it not working or whatever, that's their problem.
  7. Whatever makes you feel good bud. I would stick to that explanation as well But in all seriousness, how exactly are you thinking of using them? Would be interesting for a horror game, but seems to me bigger baby dolls could me more suitable since those are slightly larger(?)
  8. We had quite a lot of stuff like that at the paintball/airsoft field I worked at. Was great because we gave it out to use to anyone who wanted it and whenever it broke it didn't matter. Also quite a lot of stuff left by stag party's (or is it bachelor party's in England?) Also great when you can't find a flag for CTF, one time I used a dolls head, everybody loved it
  9. Thanks for the reply. I think I'll take you up on your offer at wycombe, bit closer to home for me. If time allows it I might go the 1st or 2nd week of february. (It's only Sundays there right?) I quite like the sound of the 3rd site you mentioned. I prefer longer games, even if it means bringing more mags. The field I went to a couple of times in The Netherlands basically did one continuous game throughout the day with a big mission and many smaller missions, I quite liked that because you don't spend much time outside of the game (save for the hour of lunch when the game is paused)
  10. Red alert looks cool, but it's a whole 6 minutes (!!) longer drive than absolute airsoft, so I'll have to think about it. no, looks like a cool site, especially the unlimited bb's in the rentals pack, although I might check out Skirmish Wycombe as well, slightly closer to my place. You might see me there eventually tho, I'm wanting to check out multiple sites anyway. thanks for the welcome
  11. Hi Guys, I'm new to the UK airsoft community (and new-ish to airsoft) so I thought I'd join here. I was looking into starting airsoft in The Netherlands, where I'm from, (different regulations than in the UK) but while I was getting all the paperwork I suddenly got a job offer I couldn't refuse in the UK, so here I am (INB4 Brexit). slightly annoyed by the UKARA rules of 3 games in 2 months before I can buy an RIF, but hey. Over the past 2 years I had a summer/weekend job at a paintball and airsoft field (roughly 50X50M fields) as a ref/instructor so I knew the game already. When my colleagues once took me to a big field I was hooked, that looked way more fun than the speedsoft (and speedball) I usually ref, only replica's I've ever played with are the JG star Dragon (yeah, those) as those were the only ones allowed at the field. I'd love to know if anyone has any tips for fields in my area (I went to Absolute airsoft a couple of weeks ago, but from what I gather a lot of people are conflicted about this field (myself included, for real: no chrono at the start of the day?) so if anyone knows any other fields please let me know. If anyone has any tips for brands to go for (or avoid) please let me know, I'm thinking of just going for the bog-standard M4 as a beginner rifle and then just start spending way too much money on it from there. Cheers (wait, can I say that as a foreigner?)
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