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  1. Just read about the latest restrictions, I guess that's no airsoft for a month then? Bummer, should've booked a space this weekend, but don't really want to play in the rain.
  2. only reason I bought a clone was ebcause I couldn't find the original anywhere, did 2 events with it and hated it. handle fell off before the first game, made a new one, but the amount of grinding noise and plastic dust was quite off-putting. this one actually feels solid and not cheaply made. we have a saying in Dutch that goes "goedkoop is duurkoop" and it basically means that buying cheap stuff is more expensive in the long run
  3. Just got my Tippman/Odin M4/M16 speedloader in the mail. quickly tested it out on some mags and it works so much better than the el-cheapo Nuprol one I had before. 2,5 times the price, but at least I can have faith this will keep working, and working well, for some time to come
  4. I've been buying Molle compatible pouches for a whike, mostly for my backpacks as I need different configurations every now and then. Thankfully some of those also come in handy in my current loadout. I currently have a simple chestrig which mostly revolves around 4 magpouches (which I did buy specifically for airsoft, never used on my backpack weirdly enough) but every time I play I alter something afterwards which makes it fit my playstyle a bit better (from moving my magpouches one column to the right to adding pouches, or removing them). I've recently bought a comba
  5. Speaking about reviewers, did you guys hear about the youtuber who did an "honest review" where he was absolutely positive about Nov's SSP-18, and then it turned out that he directly works for Nov?
  6. The RIF and scope I already had. But I bought the Mlok to RIS rail, the foregrip, flash-hider witch quick detach suppressor, kneepads and belt. The problem is that the flashhider slides over your barrel for about an inch, guess who didn't notice, and also guess whose barrel is slightly to big in diameter for the flash-hider to fit, and thirdly: guess who has access to a lathe at work so doesn't really mind this at all. Lastly I bought a Nuprol bipod last gameday (not pictured) which now lives at the front of my RIF
  7. Had a good day at Skirmish Wycombe with @Barny and @snuff. fun games, all though it does feel like the teams were a bit uneven. I definately still love my RIF, got quite a good amount of kills with it, even at longer distance. There were some account of non-hit taking, but nothing I could get to bummed about. During the last game a fight almost broke out between two players about taking, or not taking, hits. one guy dropped his RIF and started taking his vets off. Luckily I was standing closeby, shouted at them and got between them before they got any clos
  8. The only reason I made a Facebook account again is solely to check on airsoft sites as that is where they post the pictures taken on gamedays and it's easier to ask questions. Other than that I don't miss it one bit. Instagram was already starting tondrive me crazy so I turned that account into a work-only account and did a big purge of people I follow. (And then ofcoirse I made a 2nd account for airsoft only, which so far I only kinda regretted twice 😅) The big problem with Facebook is that everyone is on Facebook, which means that if you don't, it's more difficult to
  9. Cranking handle on my speedloader changed its mind about being a cranking handle for a speedloader. So I made a new one on the lathe out of some spare brass stock. Annoyingly I did find some pre-made metric screws, but I couldn't find the metric tap and die set. So I made both a new screw as well as the handle using BA thread. Added some superglue on the thread for good measure.
  10. Might hit up Skirmish again this Sunday. Anyone want to join?

    @Barny @GAMBLE @Badger @EDcase

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    2. snuff


      Its processing as I type this.First game atack and defend view about 30 mins,Dutch and you can be seen ....I'll post up asap...😁

    3. Smiling-Dutchman


      Hadn't even noticed you were recording, I'm looking forward to seeing it now

    4. snuff


      Damn it took hours to upload to be told at 99% that it's too big and I need to verify my account??Re uploading currently..

  11. Loads of pics from Skirmish last weekend of you!

    1. Smiling-Dutchman


      yes I just saw them, I especially love that photo with you pointing at something.

  12. I like playing with others. Every game day you see two teams of, mostly, solo players. Later in the day, when you get to know each other, you see a lot more people actually playing together and I like that much more. I'd love to be part of a larger group going to games together often, that way you really learn to play together and you have much better teamwork going on.
  13. I had a good day at Skirmish Wycombe last Saturday. My 3rd game with my own RIF, still in love with it. I don't really have any memorable anecdotes. Just had a good day skirming. Got some compliments at the end of the day tho, saying that I'm a good player so that was fun to hear ✌🏻
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