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  1. I usually have one or two 0,5L bottles on me, refill when possible. I also try not to carry just water but put some of those pills that basically turn it into a sportsdrink (can;t remember the name right now) as I know myself and I also need the salt and minerals, otherwise I'm likely to faint. I also will take some snacks/sweets with me on the field, just in case.
  2. Pfff, tell me about it, I'm struggling to find a scope protector or decent speedloader. Guess I'll just deal with what I have now
  3. Got my first RIF G&g TR16 MBR 556WH with 4 extra mags. Can't wait to try it on the field
  4. https://camouflage.fandom.com/wiki/Partizan Turns out it is an actual pattern. I had to google it as well tho. Cool camo tho, not alpenflage cool, but still cool. At least this works outside of autumn
  5. Well, I had a rental as well. Granted it was my 3rd time there so I didn't need the intro. But could be that I missed it as I did go into the shop at some point to get my UKARA sorted, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt
  6. One thing I just remembered is that I don't recall them doing an intro for rental players. But maybe I just missed that.
  7. Just so I'm sure will these batteries: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-11-1v-2600mah-20c-nunchuck-lipo-battery fit in this RIF: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-tr16-mbr-556wh?fv=8093 thanks
  8. Went here last Sunday (August 2nd) and they have done a lot of improvements on the buildings. The safety zone has been updated and looks "fresher" although now with less roofs over the tables so less dry space when it rains. Some of the buildings who had fallen down in the past have also been rebuild, most noticeable is their killhouse (the CQB zone) which I mentioned in my previous reply. It has been rebuild and looks very sturdy (and is a bitch to infiltrate 😅). Only downsides I saw was that all the paths had been overgrown, but that was to be expected for 5 months of inactivity. Just before starting the 3rd game I noticed a wasp nest and after some back and forth between marshalls and owner we were brought to another field and from what I heard they had someone over to deal with the nest the same day. (I did feel quite sorry for the two female marshalls who both got stung a couple of times as well as one player, thankfully another player had anti-waspsting spray with him and icepacks were provided to help with the swelling). In short: they used the lockdown downtime to do some improvements in both the field and safety zone. I have since last weekend become a site member, so you might see me playing here every now and then
  9. Welcome. NAE sounds like a fun festival, would probably have gone this year too if lockdown hadn't said no. 2021 it is. At least this gives me some time to get some friends from abroad to come join me there
  10. Site membership and therefore also one of them UKARA memberships. About time, tried to get this in march, but lockdown said no.
  11. Went airsofting by myself today and I got recognized and had friendly chats with people I played with last times. Obviously this won't happen the first time you go, but if you just chat to people some of them will remember you. We're a friendly bunch
  12. I'm going to my first game since lockdown, haven't found any battlebrothers in the UK yet (downside of moving to a difderent country) but I'm beyond caring. I'm gonna go there by myself with an open mind and make friends, even if it'll be just for that day. As long as you kinda know what you're doing (point your rifle at the enemy and don't forget to pull the trigger every now and then) you'll be fine. If you lived any closer to me I'd go with you in a heartbeat, a bit too much travel tho.
  13. Thinking of getting this one: https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/gg-tr16-mbr-556wh-full-metal-with-g2-etu/ so that would be nun-chuck style battery then? My mates tell me to go for titan batteries, does that make a big difference than any other ones?
  14. As I have my 3rd game coming up on sunday: How long does applying for a UKARA number take? (How long untill I can finally start buying my own RIF) How do you know what battery size/type to use for your replica? (I've seen "nunchuck" type, but also a battery that is basically a long and a short stick, or only just the one stick. I found a replica I'm thinking of buying, but nothing on the website does it say what battery to use)
  15. I do want to, at some point, get a JG star Dragon, if only the shell, and make High RoF rifle from it that's actually decent, just to mess with people. Had those rifles at a place I worked at, they might have some old broken ones I can take over for free.
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