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  1. General wear, especially near the fin (the end that hits the sector gear) or cracks where the plate meets the nozzle.
  2. Check the tappet plate, they seem to be bad on Amoebas, had to replace mine in both the 013 and the 009 with Modify ones.
  3. I'm referring to the ARP 9 mags, since sawyer expressed his disgust for the drum something I'd like to see here is a bb cap rule for tournaments (but due to how they're done here, it's gonna be super hard if not impossible). p.s. I had some stuff going on irl, you know, finding a job and all that. I'll try to be more present anyway
  4. I'm taking the bait right here. Have you actually tried the stick high caps? Total garbage, they can't even feed the stock gun without constantly winding them. G&G midcaps are abysmal, €30 for a 60bb mag is fookin robbery. CA x9 midcaps are almost impossible to find (120bb yet cheaper than G&Gs). So your choice is between spending money on trash highcaps, trash midcaps, some rare midcaps from another brand or a nice little drum mag that keeps you going forever and ever xD
  5. Funding terrorism? I guess you're in trouble 😂
  6. Go for the SRS if you want a springer. AS02 if you want a HPA build. Forget the 01, too much hassle to make it work properly and you'll end up with a more expensive, gimped version of the 02.
  7. The "deal" is that a dude once posted a thread named "the £700 SWAT loadout" and got roasted to the next level. I guess someone still has PTSD from it 😂
  8. I thought I was done buying pouches. Right: Templars Gear small cargo in genuine multicam to keep my phone, car keys and cigarettes Left: Emerson electronics pouch still in genuine Gucci cam, just because I liked the design.
  9. 2.56 AM.

    4 hours of sleep.

    4 hours drive to do and 8 hours of tournament.


    Kill me please.

  10. Alright, cheers. Unfortunately I can't use that gun on tomorrow's tournament, no biggie though as my main is still below the limit, I'll be taking that instead edit: I didn't think it would give me THAT much of a boost, I thought it would give me 3/4 m/s tops.
  11. Is it possible that a simple hop bucking swap gave me a 12 m/s boost? Went from the standard Ares clear green one to a Prometheus purple and my gun went from 90 m/s to 102..
  12. Packing my gear for tomorrow's long range tournament.

    Roughly a 25km hike through various objectives, including recon, assassinations and stealthy stuff to do.

    Now, what rig do I pack? 😕

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    2. Skara


      It is gonna be fun.

      Weather forecast says it's already heavily raining up there, and it's gonna rain all day tomorrow xD

      I wonder if I should prepare my scuba gear as well..


      I just don't know what chest rig to take with me, considering I will bring my 2300bb drum + one spare lonex flash mag (which will stay empty in my pack), a multitool, compass, short 10cm ruler, pens, pencils, some gardening shears aaand a lot of butt paper..


      So it's either my Mini Mav or my TMR

    3. Skara



      I'm soaking wet. Even after a spare change of clothes.

      Hasn't stopped raining once, the trail was difficult to begin with, the rain just turned it into a mud and slippery rocks madness.

      I had to give up at three quarters of the event because I was getting terrible leg cramps, the rest of my team carried on for the last 2 objectives.

      But it was damn fun, this kind of events allows for objective recon rather than doing stuff basically blind. We spent about an hour observing and sneaking up on one of the objectives, and when the HQ gave us a green light we "closed" it in less than 3 minutes, eliminating the whole defense in a matter of seconds and completing all the tasks.


      Results aren't out yet but I'm pretty confident we got another first place.


      Gear wise, the kit I chose turned out to be way too heavy for the terrain, especially my gun, which turned into a slab of granite with that drum.


      Next tournament will see a belt + pack kit with the arp9, hopefully the weather won't be as shit as it was today, further eliminating the bulk and weight of waterproofs.


      On top of that I probably need a new pair of boots, my current Crispi ones are getting a tad destroyed and they don't grip that much anymore, along with Gore-Tex slowly giving up on life.

    4. Skara


      We ended up in 1st place.

      We now need another 1st to have access to the national finals.

      No stress btw 😂

  13. If you want something to read I posted a review of the rig on the forums a while back
  14. Skara


    Yeah, they ship extremely fast (my last order, my Helikon TMR, took less than 24 hours to be delivered at my doorstep, but I live in Italy so it doesn't really take that much :P) they also have a great stock of both genuine and repro gear. Totally recommend them
  15. Nice TMR and Emperion patch you got there Are you using a particular insert for the mp7 mags?
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