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  1. Or, if you happen to already have one of those terribly overpriced (and shit quality) genuine GoPro head bands, you could simply zip tie the front piece into a ball cap like I've done.
  2. Skara

    How are there so many M4s?

    My arp is scary according to my teammates due to how loud it sounds. Then they realize I reach far beyond their guns while still shooting at .98J and the get terrified. Same with my M4s and the striker (although they're not loud at all). Btw M4s are so common because of the ergonomics and the endless possibilities the platform offers. Also think about all the Armed Forces that use them or even produce their own variants.
  3. Cheaters gonna cheat, even if you hurt them.

    Blasted a dude in the face with the striker from around 15 metres (gun shoots 0.99J with .20s and I was using 30s, add a bit of joule creep), saw tooth fragments coming out of his mouth, he shrugged it off and kept playing.

    Next time I'm gonna load .40s and see if he still doesn't call it when I go through his whole throat.

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    2. Immortal


      I'm not saying you did or didn't but having shatterered a canine tooth myself it's not something you can shrug off easily. I had to pull the tooth fragment out which was hanging from a nerve and it was no easy task. I have a high pain threshold and I can say it was not something I could ignore no matter how fast I ripped it out.

    3. Steveocee


      Why would you head/face shot at that range? Aim for centre mass, if it doesn't get called and by a miracle you aren't seen then shoot again. That's extremely dangerous, also a lesson on why you SHOULD wear lower face pro.

    4. Skara


      Centre of mass WAS his face, that was all I could see as he was peaking from behind a tree..

      He also couldn't spot me as I fired through a tiny opening in a barricade. There were at least 2 more guys keeping him pinned..

  4. Skara

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Why such a slow gear ratio AND a slow motor?
  5. Skara

    Hop up arms not long enough?

    What do you mean by angling the barrel? I also found the same problem with a Retro Arms CNC'd hop chamber and a Modify flat bucking + nub. It's me being either completely retarded or extremely unlucky with my purchases 😕
  6. Skara

    Hop up arms not long enough?

    Already trimmed. It does the same with the standard tubular nub that comes with G&G greens. Fully dialed in yet it only applies barely enough hop to lift .25s.. I will update this post tomorrow with a couple of sketches so you guy get an idea (cba to take down the hop again)
  7. Skara

    Hop up arms not long enough?

    The nubs are prommy bridge type ones, these http://www.tacticalcustom.com/it/gommini-hop-up/2993-prometheus-pressore-flat-hop-up-tensioner-bridge-type-0005322.html Flat with a small trench in the middle, 2 in the pack, one blue (softer) and one black (harder). I heard the blue buckings were shit, but I wanted to try them out anyway..
  8. Heya, Just bought a prommy blue bucking and a couple of flat nubs for my arp, and I noticed that the hop arm doesn't push down enough to have any sort of effect 😕 (using the stock G&G rotary chamber).. is there anything I'm missing?
  9. That moment when you have some spare Euros to waste on airsoft stuff, but your local shops don't have anything interesting :(

  10. Skara

    Getting the hump .

    And this, honestly, is why we're sinking faster than the fucking titanic. Not in the mood to write a wall of text to explain right now.. I'll just leave it here: we're giving more credit to a bunch of code lines rather than real flesh and a soul. As for the "£700 SWAT loadout" meme. It's ok to show your kit and you should be happy about it, but the purpose of that thread wasn't exactly clear. Did he want to boast having dumped money on it? Was that a help request instead? Nobody knows and probably never will unless the dude comes here to explain. But he should accept critics as they are what makes you improve. Skara out.
  11. Skara

    Getting the hump .

    Lol this thread I remember when I started my chairsofting career (as in posting stuff on forums) I got shat on on the italian forum for having posted a couple of terribad loadouts (literally worse than the £700 swat kit, trust me, you don't want to know anything about them), it was in 2010, I hardly played any skirmish and I was eager to show what sort of cheap crap I ran. guess what, now I'm still here harassing you guys, and at this point I think Brexit is just your way to tell me "fuck off ya wanker we don't want anything to do with you" Kids per se aren't the problem. Kids that have been raised in a bubble are. Also the whole politically correct bullshit we're fed 24/7 (no, I'm not turning it into a political rant of any sort, just that we can't be harsh to someone anymore without getting pulled to court for verbal offences) /rant Btw I'm almost 28 (15th of July) so I'm not THAT old either, my parents didn't raise me in a bubble and I'm somewhat still alive with an almost fully functional brain.
  12. Skara

    Lipo fail

    I guess it depends on how quickly you discharge them. If it's a slow process they only swell up. On the other hand, if it's fast enough...
  13. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    There we go. If I'm right the German law restricts full auto capable airsoft guns to 0.5 Joules, so in order to achieve higher muzzle energy they're forced to lock their rifs to semi only. The easiest way is to cut a tiny square off the selector plate to prevent it from disengaging the cutoff. Replace the selector plate and you're golden
  14. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    Price is somewhat irrelevant, maybe he just wanted to get rid of the whole thing. Ask him about the gun history (where he got it, if it's been serviced or not, any info he has)
  15. Skara

    Gc16 predator won't fire full auto

    Absolutely not, G&G ETUs are not programmable (unlike the Ares EFCS or a Titan) You can switch between full auto and 3 round burst by holding the trigger in semi for around 10 seconds, but that's it. And it should have cycled 3 times instead of one. The previous owner may have cut the selector plate to lock it in semi. But as Nariea stated, the gun hasn't been touched (unless, of course, the seller lied to our Danish friend).