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  1. SSX just arrived. First impressions: it's HUGE, I saw MK23s before but I didn't remember they were meant for cyclops .-. Just a quick question, are the magazine springs always so stiff to pull?
  2. Nice! I have a Ticket To The Moon hammock that I use for my bushcraft adventures I just need a nice DD 3x3 tarp to complement it Meanwhile I just picked up a Tasmanian Tiger laser cut belt in Coyote Brown for my new sniper loadout https://www.tasmaniantiger.info/en/product/tt-hyp-belt-30mm/
  3. On the website, under the "parts" category. You're welcome
  4. Just bought one, get ready to print me a suppressor @Samurai
  5. Just placed an order for the SSX 23, extra mag, DTD holster and paddle mount. Should be here by Monday/Tuesday now I just need a suppressor
  6. Exactly, I heard mk23 replica magazines have this problem, which is easily solved by slightly filing down the lips. Shame CS tells people to basically git gud instead of being welcoming and helping.
  7. received less than an hour ago. Tested 8 mags through it total with .32’s , .36’s , and .45’s. All BLS. Cleaned as well before firing. 10/10 novvy https://imgur.com/a/4c01JGM his response? I’m pulling the trigger incorrectly.. Tis what he said in the comments.
  8. Mhm, did he get a lemon?
  9. On the website you can see the recommended gas according to the temperature. 2.0 should be bog standard green gas, so I guess you're good to go!
  10. So, here's my shopping cart: Gun €135 Extra mag €25 DTD holster €40 DTD molle attachment for the holster €13 nop, out of stock DTD paddle thingy €8 Total is €208 2 mags are more than enough for my needs, the only thing i'd need is a suppressor, @Samurai's one looks great (it's tiny compared to the TM or Nov ones) and is really convenient at just €31 shipped (thanks Brexit for the exchange rate ) shall I go for it?
  11. I guess you don't need rof when you have quietness It's a shame it doesn't come with a suppressor by default and the can itself is rather expensive at €47 I may just buy the gun + spare mag and mill one of the spare cans I have to 16mm clockwise thread, just to save some money on the suppressor, and make my own slide rail to save another €16
  12. I may have gone crazy, but this thing actually looks interesting! I am considering buying one, price doesn't seem to be that high, given it comes with a few mods. Shall I drop the money on it?
  13. If it's an EFCS model then no, as the gearbox has a hole around the trigger to house the proprietary Ares trigger board.
  14. So, my birthday is coming on Monday and I'm thinking about a new purchase.

    So far the choices are:

    -Mancraft kit for the striker

    -HPA kit for my main m4 (Ares am 009)


    I was also considering a sidearm.


    Any suggestions?

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    2. Asomodai


      Why go with a sidearm when you can go for a primary side arm? KSC Auto 9. 

    3. StayOnTarget


      And so it begins 😁

    4. Druid799


      “Hi my name is Skara and I’m an addict , I’d like to spread the responsibility for it through out the community!” 🤦‍♂️


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