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  1. Looks amazing, is that a custom built GBB?

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a TOP Ultimate Ejection EBB AEG. As an AEG, this is one of the very few shellejectors, that we can have in fullauto here in Germany, as it can easily be downgraded to 0,5 Joule (gasdriven guns are not accepted as fullauto is forbidden for anything over 0,5 Joule and the power of gasdriven guns depends too much on the gas type and temperature). I know, that these were sold in the UK and Ireland back then, so maybe someone has one of these still lying around and would part with it. A TOP M16A1 would be absolutely kickass, but these were the rarest variant of those EBBs, so a more common version like the normal M4, or a URX or Stoner Rifle version would be fine, too. It could even have a malfunction, but must appear salvageable I'd pay good money for one of these. The gun would have to be shipped to CZ (where it would be downgraded to 0,5 Joule). Cheers!


    - DE

  3. Usually, I really don't like paintjobs in general, but yours really works well Magpie, good job! Just posting a few pics in various forums Asahi M40A1 (I reckon most of you here know about the history of these) with a Kitagawa Seizosho Unertl USMC 10x clone on top and a Harris bipod: Very nice clone of the USMC scope:
  4. Just taking a few pics of everything in the collection to catagolize it, so I'll join with that AK GHK AKMs with steel outer, steel trigger unit parts, recoil kit, steel hopup unit, steel LCT PBS-1, Ra-Tech wood grip, a bunch of GHK mags and 2 ProWin mags (which must be the most stupid design for a 3rd-party mag-rebuild ever, you cannot fill them with gas without a fairly long adapter piece for the gas bottle )
  5. Very nice WWII gear pics here! Hope it's ok to just post gun-pics aswell, as I don't play or reenact, just collect I'll start with one of the very few non-airsoft modelguns in the collection: Shoei FG42 late version. If you ever get the opportunity to get your hands on one of these, take it! They re superbly built and incredibly nice collector's pieces. Had 2 of them for a while, the one without scope is sold by now. The one with scope has a very rare real ZF4 with even rarer, highly professionally reproduced Krieghoff mount rings made of steel.
  6. Socom Gear Barrett M82A1 V1 semi-AEG - a LOT of steel on this monster, just the barrel and the muzzle break are made out of aluminum, the rest is steel. VERY heavy and came with upgraded gearbox and 650mm Madbull inner barrel from the factory. Always wanted to go for the Socom Gear M107 GBB instead, but somehow never got my hands on one. Now I'm thinking of parting with this M82 due to a few expensive new other guns, so if you're interested and willing to spend a lot of money, let me know This screams for an HPA conversion by the way ;)
  7. Some WWII stuff Tanaka Arisaka Type44 Cavalry G&G M1903 converted to USMC Sniper version using a realsteel C-stock, Unertl reproduction scope and several realsteel metal parts:
  8. Few pics of a KHC Maverick M88 (this was commented twice, once in the thread, once via pm, after I posted fotos of the collection - never expected this to be the gun that gets the most attention 😅) A real fun gun! Plastic as far as the eye can see, but surprisingly rigid and sturdy. First airsoft shotgun sporting several barrels, this shotgun fires 4 BBs through 4 barrels at once (and was released 5 years prior to the TM SPAS12 ;)) Has a BB reservoir, you simply pour BBs through an opening in the carryhandle, rack the foregrip and fire away.
  9. Hi everyone, thanks a lot guys! Can't deny it's always nice to hear positive comments regarding the collection Of course I know, that there are loads of collectors out there with far more guns and an even broader variety of rare stuff. Didn't know this video by Negative, that's an absolutely awesome collection! Especially as he owns extremely rare guns from the classic era, as mentioned, I love guns from back then. So that's amazing and yes, he definately has a bigger collection PS: To be fair, though, he doesn't have to cope with german bureaucracy and our
  10. As some of you asked for fotos of my collection, I took a few pics 🙂 We restored a house a few years ago and I got the rare opportunity to turn a room into my personal little "museum". The only downside: The showcases are full already... 😅 As mentioned in the new members thread, I'm a collector for quite some time now and I'm interested in anything that's odd / old / rare / shellejecting / japanese / gasdriven in general and recently got a knack for a bit more steel here and there. Unfortunately, the showcases in the middle still lack lighting 😑 Disclaimer: Ev
  11. Thanks for the welcome everyone :) Is there a thread for pics of gun storage, where I should post something like a few collection-fotos? Or just put it in the gun pictures thread? Cheers!
  12. @Darkmikey22 that WE looks extremely authentic, well done! As it seems to be fitting right now, here's a few pics of my Tanaka HiPower compared to a WE (it was a Browning-licensed WE with kinda strange, white markings). Wrote a short "comparison-review", up to now only in german, though -.- Still, pics might be interesting for some Have many more pics, if wanted.
  13. Hi everyone, registered a few weeks ago and somehow forgot to post a little "hello" here. Not a player, pure collector, with an emphasis on old / classic / rare / odd / japanese / shellejecting (or a combination thereof) airsoftguns. Been collecting for over 15 years now, and I can tell you, it's a tough job and a stupid decision to collect things like these here in Germany with our strange gun laws -.- Will probably rummage around the classifieds mostly and maybe post a few fotos of out-of-the-ordinary airsoftguns Cheers! Pydracor
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