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  1. Aengus

    Customs delay?

    Faster paced, a lot more chilled than the depot and also a lot more sociable! There’s a few annoying choke points as with most sites is the only criticism I can give. +100 for slidey floors if you’re a young buck who’s happy to slide about everywhere such as @Rogerborg
  2. Aengus

    Customs delay?

    Moving away from the depot. Pain in the arse trying to get friends organised before stuff sells out an prefer the faster gameplay of the fortress with the smaller site and no medic rules . Any time I see a team mate with a nade I instantly go 5m backwards now @Rogerborg
  3. Aengus

    Customs delay?

    Like they don't feed well at first or the valves and things are weird 😂
  4. Aengus

    Customs delay?

    Are you finding they need broken in or not?
  5. Aengus

    Customs delay?

    Not mines but a couple of people I know who bought them recently the magazines themselves were oily. Most likely production lubricant as they're billet but who knows. Also shame you didn't fraudulently avoid the tax (got 4 in the sale and don't want to be stung haha)
  6. To be fair I have no idea how much that slide is worth as I can't find any in stock 👀.
  7. Aengus

    Customs delay?

    £1 more than I guessed . Did yours arrive "dirty" aka kind of oily?
  8. Aengus

    Customs delay?

    Now you have a lovely fee to look forward to!
  9. Aengus

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    The comparison of the attitude towards people complaining about speedsoft from even just the start of this year is unreal! Now there's more of a focus on education rather than having an argument. Anyways things are looking positive for speedsoft more and more sites are catering to it, there's shops wanting to stock more speedsoft related stock and there's even the beginnings of a grassroots tournament. The real aim for now is to get a space away from normal gameplay for competition and to grow the sport. My main hope is we can escape the military look of the guns soon as. Fingers crossed planet eclipse are the people to do it.
  10. Aengus

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    I'm guessing I'm the only one who hopes its a paintball gun that fires bbs 😂 Function > form
  11. There's realistic guns and gear in paintball why does everyone not play paintball?
  12. Nope. Anybody can rent. Anybody with a greater mental capacity than a potato can tick the box saying they're 18 and buy a two tone. Now time for my "edgy" opinion: If airsoft was less focused on milsim elements (such as realistic guns kit etc.) it would be far more popular. You can't exactly market pretend soldiers to a parent in this modern day can you?
  13. Aengus

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    The plate in between the pressure switches 👍
  14. Aengus

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Punch out the 2 pins on the back then take the plate out 👍
  15. Aengus

    Quality airsoft pistol

    TM M&P9 TM Hi-Capa (gold match if you're not planning on changing externals)
  16. Aengus

    Heavy weight tracer BBs

    The rule still applies and anyway tracer bbs outdoors?? Would of assumed s8 would need you to use bios!
  17. [Feedback migrated - 07/08/18]
  18. Aengus

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Few from the milsim op
  19. Aengus

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    what is it with you an electrical things
  20. Aengus

    "6mm Ammo" supplies any good?

    One of the sites in Scotland told me not to use blasters and to use them because blasters are "dangerous" 😂
  21. *Doesn’t react to double tap* *shoot a steady rhythm (not spam maybe 4 rps) until hand goes up* “Oi one would have been enough” ffs got to love airsoft lol

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      think he means the hypocrisy of not taking your hits then complaining about getting over-shot.


      my motto is i'm happy to give you just one, as long as thats all it takes.

    3. Duff


      Excuse me... Adolf knows what I'm talking about. 

    4. Aengus


      aha yeh. It's only those people that complain about being shot three times as well 😂

  22. Aengus

    Airsoft Argument

    "Getting physical". First off lol. Second off no. It's just stupid this is a game where we shoot each other with toy guns not simulate war. If I played at a site and there was a twat trying to disarm everyone either I or him would be leaving. I play the game to shoot people not wrestle in close quarters with sad middle aged men.
  23. Speed HPA trigger has a built in adjustment for over travel so you can never fully compress the switch if it's correctly adjusted. http://www.highpressureairsoft.co.uk/store/p70/Speed_Airsoft_Tuneable_Trigger.html
  24. Aengus

    Gun picture thread

    You'll enjoy it! Two 48/3000 last me a day and a half and I'm very trigger happy (semi only though). If you're going for a tank that big though it's worth investing in a carbon one as it'll start to get heavy.
  25. Aengus

    What is it about facebook?

    You just turn up and pay your £35. It’s all on the website. You only need to book if you’re hiring. Went today and it was a good site (worth the 3 and a half hour drive lol).