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  1. Does anyone know how to do this trick I've seen where you can get a BB out of a GBB pistol without firing?

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    2. TeddyBhoy


      If racking the slide isn't working it may be jammed ? Have you got a cleaning/unjamming rod?


    3. BigBlackGlock


      If it is a Glock then something like a cotton bud will be fine to poke it out

    4. TheFull9


      Some hop rubber just hold the BB too tight, it it doesn't drop after a few cycles it probably isn't going to. Something like a thick zip tie to poke in from the chamber end should dislodge the chambered projectile from most GBB RIFs. I'm planning to get hold of one of those little chamber flags for that sort of purpose.

  2. Strongly agree with RR01 here. Effective and trigger response (not fire rate) are key. BBs are cheap as hell but all the magazines you will need to carry and buy to feed your ammo eater will be cumbersome and expensive (plus the extra pouches you will require will add to your costs). Fire rate is massively overrated but incredibly cool.
  3. Wise choice not being a sniper trust me I'd look at G&G over ICS as G&G are 99% TM compatible whereas some ICS parts are more bespoke (inside AND outside). If you're really set on ICS don't get the folding stock, get a crane or fixed stock for battery space in the back. I would definitely consider the previously mentioned G&G Raiders (short or long idk where you play) or if you want to splash out perhaps look at their top tech range.
  4. Depends on the size of your main rifle, a pistol is much easier to peak corners with than any rifle but is only really NEEDED if you have a longer barrelled rifle. However pistols (assuming you're talking about a GBB) can be incredibly expensive for what they are, have a lower magazine capacity than a second (back up) AEG and the magazines and gas can make them expensive to run (plus their performance fluctuates based upon climate).
  5. Sight, foregrip and light? Not that bad at all. Provided it works well for you and you actually use all of those attachments (which I can easily see you doing) there is no problem. But I agree that foregrip/flashlight combo looks a little wierd for the gun, not in an over the top way but more I'd have a foregrip on the bottom and a flashlight on the side running off of a pressure pad on the foregrip. And yeah what is that wire???
  6. I'd consider Viper's (relatively) new line of Laser Cut PCs, they come in lots of different colours and their new Laser Cut system (Condor also have a Laser Cut range) looks quite futuristic indeed That could run you £40 or nearly £70 (depending on which model you get) and then you can spend the rest on pouches (essentials are magazine pouches, consider Viper again as they are within your budget, and a dump pouch for empty magazines, which Viper don't do but you can easily find one for £10). All the stuff I mentioned is available from http://www.military1st.co.uk/ (a decent site where you can buy pretty much everything you need to at least get you going). Viper isn't the BEST brand in the world but it's a great brand to try out different styles of gear cheaply.
  7. A 0.25 actually doesn't reduce your range compared to 0.20 as much as people assume. A 0.25 is heavier so keeps it's momentum meaning, although it comes out of your barrel at a lower fps, it won't lose its speed as quickly at a 0.20 (and some people claim that at x yards away the 0.25 is actually moving faster than the 0.20 bb but I don't know about that). So if range or speed is MASSIVELY putting you off I wouldn't worry too much. Also make sure your hop up (mainly bucking) can lift a heavier bb weight, because a softer bucking may begin to struggle at 0.25, your range will decrease if they're dropping straight out of your barrel. But on top of that, everyone else is right. They have more momentum so tend to have a straighter flight path and are less affected by cross winds.
  8. It's true that I doubt you have L85's at your school and more likelyhave the L98 (L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle) which has the major difference of an absene of the ability to toggle between full auto and single auto, that said my school has some L86 LSWs for which the older boys can train on and then use that on their camps in section attacks and so on... Edit: FULLY auto and SEMI auto, sowwy
  9. Saw this a while ago but really do like the look of it, still not on the market yet but who would get it if it comes out??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHr1AN0RKYY Looks nice if you ask me...
  10. The golden rule for batteries is just don't buy them from an airsoft shop.
  11. The thing is, it is one of the most ergonomic weapons out there and is tiny for CQB but is not as upgradable or customisable as a standard M4 or AK and (I do not own one) the internals are meant to be mid end but nothing special and as said, if it does break on you a lot of the parts will be near impossible to source in order to fix the weapon. That said the look and externals of the gun and second to none.
  12. I am building a gun with a 300mm inner barrel, excluding the flash hider length, for my M4, how long should my outer barrel be?
  13. Are the Glock 18 and the Glock 17 the same dimension (excluding the selector plate), I own a Glock 18 and want a hard shell holster for it but all I can find are Glock 17 holsters, they look the same size and the real Glock 17 I fired in America was the exact same size as I remember. So basically if I buy a Glock 17 hard holster will the Glock 18 fit???
  14. MOSFET, I know little to nothing about the gun in question but I know an 11.1v LiPO battery should without a doubt be coupled with a MOSFET
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