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  1. It's on the page. 350fps, single shot only: http://www.midlandsairsoftfair.co.uk/airsoft-games.html
  2. Didn't see much interest on the forum anyway, but just in case anyone was thinking of going - DON'T!! It's been cancelled...... I think they did a poor job of advertising it and getting word out tbh, so would have been a bit sh*t. Midlands Airsoft Fair the weekend after instead
  3. I'd have thought most toothpastes were abrasive and would scratch the lens! But I'm in total agreement about Cat Crap. I have removed the foam from mine and use Cat Crap on them. They steam up occaisionally when I stand still, but once I'm moving the airflow clears them completely.
  4. Have you tried different mags? Airsoft tolerances are pretty variable - a different brand of mags might fit perfectly.
  5. The Marui tracer unit is pretty small. It might just slide inside your current supressor if you pull out the foam etc..? If it's too small a few wraps of electrical tape to pad it out and stop it moving around?
  6. First off, I am in no way affiliated to Warfighters!! I've never actually played there.... CANCELLED
  7. Here you go: https://shop.jkarmy.com/fma-separate-strengthen-anti-fog-protective-mask.html At that price, you might want to get a couple and test one to destruction! Chinese stuff doesn't usually come with safety ratings!
  8. I have to say that for CQB, I do try and protect my ears - it blinkin' stings to get a couple of shots in them at short range. Last time I tried a set of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/China-Made-2-Pair-of-Airsoft-Black-Ear-Cover-Protection-/280719413833?hash=item415c2e5249:m:m8nDroF8MgmaDbVW0yGq6qQ You can thread the strap of your goggles through them and they get held in place quite well. Not sure how you'd wear them with glasses. I think Valken make mesh ones, or I've seen LevelCap on YouTube make his own by cutting the ear bits off one ofthe masks linked to by GeneralKimbo.
  9. The old white ICS pistons were pretty terrible, but the new black ones are fine. Sounds like you have newer guns, so I'd say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" piston wise. It won't effect fps anyway - that's down to the spring and airseal with the piston head/o-ring. If you are going to use a different one, then yes any V2 gearbox piston will do. The only thing to remember is that in airsoft, tolerances can vary. It will be worth checking the AOE because the new piston may be a slightly different length to an ICS one. Shimming it to prevent teeth being worn off is worth doing. I use these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-Machined-Piston-Head-AOE-Shims-Pack-of-50-/131386415548 I have swapped out the hop rubbers in my ICS guns. I like Guarder clear ones as a personal preference.
  10. It shouldn't. Yours has a standard lower receiver. I run mine on MAG Midcaps and Magpul E-Mags without any problems. The MAG ones wobble a bit, but feed well and a bit of electrical tape round the top stops it anyway
  11. I've always had a bit of an "accidents can happen" and "there's always idiots around" attitude even when in the safe zone. I wear goggles and full face during the game, but in the safe zone always swap to my ESS glasses (I used the wear them playing, until a richochet off my tooth made me move to full face!!). In the summer and outdoors I use the smoked lens, and if it's dull or indoor I use the clear. I wouldn't wear the full face, but feel a bit safer wearing the glasses.
  12. Terrible for all the people involved. I wear full face and goggles when playing, but I always wear ESS glasses when in the safe zone. Back in my paintball days, everyone coming back into the safezones had to have a barrel plug and/or barrel condom on their marker. When I started airsofting, I noticed that there isn't really an equivalent and dropping out the mag on the way in leaves a bb in the barrel. I think nearly everywhere I've played there are usually marshals on the way back in shouting to remove mags and fire a couple of shots to clear the gun. But I've always figured that with that many people wandering back in, someone would at some point make an honest mistake and that an accident could happen. Let's hope he makes a quick recovery!
  13. It might be worth a trip along to the Midlands Airsoft Fair next month near Rutland Water. It's held at a CQB site, there'll be plenty of retailers and people selling second hand kit to get you started. There are free games running throughout the day too. There'll be plenty of people from your area there http://www.midlandsairsoftfair.co.uk/ Good advice above I'd recommend finding a local site you like the look of, booking rental kit and turn up and play. See what kit everyone else wears/carries and decide what you like. Most people will be only too happy to tell you all about their kit and load out if you ask!
  14. Yes - I think the main attraction of shows like this is to see the latest/newest products, what's coming out etc.. I'm afraid that all the UK based airsoft shows seem to be the retailers selling the same stuff you can buy online, at the same prices. There's not really anything to draw you there apart from being able to handle/see something in real life before handing over the money. If they featured manufacturers with new products etc.. then they would have more appeal. Just look at Shot Show in the US. Many airsoft manufacturers use it to launch/preview their upcoming releases.
  15. Yeah - thanks for the report. I guess from the lack of replies, no one else went! There were a couple of shows last year that got terrible reviews and were not worth attending, so I guess it put people off. I was intending to go - it wasn't a million miles from me - but unfortunately some work came up and ruined that plan. I'd recommend looking at The Midlands Airsoft Fair at the Gaol in Rutland. That's run a couple of times a year and is dedicated to airsoft, rather than being tacked onto a larger show. There are a selection of retailers who go. There are also usually several private sellers - which is where you'll get the bargains.
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