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  1. I'm back i guess

    1. PT247


      I'm saying hi I guess

  2. people who shout at kids to move up but are too busy taking to the marshal about vaping to actually participate in the game.
  3. Not sure how it's islamophobic. It's what happened. I would argue islamophobic would be "MUSLIM PAKI IMMIGRANT SHOOTS TEACHER IN THE NAME OF ISLAM WHICH IS A DISGUSTING RELIGION"
  4. When you want to shoot up a school but nobody calls their hits.
  5. You are around 4 hours away. Also, I'd be willing to trade for your ICS CXP16
  6. Mods remove please
  7. Now I can see why your wife isn't a fan.
  8. Done
  9. I might be able to help out. Selling my ICS m4 for £100 battery and charger included. No need for UKARA.
  10. At a lot of sites they do get their own day. Doesn't just apply to under 16's though.
  11. This. I've seen people going off on 12 year olds because they're doing their own thing.
  12. Make: ICS Gun/Model: M4 Accessories: Battery and Charger Condition: Used but works fine FPS: 250 - 300 (Depends on BB's) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/A Price/Payment: £100 Other Details: Had this gun for a while. Was my first gun and is in good condition. Used. Still in working condition. Great beginner gun or project gun. Please PM me if you're interested. Only accepting real money and in person at Holmbush airsoft site. Pictures:
  13. Can someone lock this thread?
  14. His original posts: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/27430-whats-your-thought-on-this/ http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/28872-just-got-a-new-uniform-love-it/
  15. When you want to be a rapper but you're secretly a nazi. http://imgur.com/LCl2hY5