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  1. Something to bear in mind is the record of the unit that the uniform is of. A little research goes a long way. Personally I'd say that if you're doing a proper ww2 sim game and there's a while axis Vs allies scenario then go for it as you'll be amongst like minded people, at a standard skirmish then you are almost guaranteed to offend someone.
  2. That. Look at the underside of the charger and see what current it is rated to. Pick the fuse appropriate to that.
  3. Hate to say it but I think you're SOL with that. Save it for cqb games and get a better one.
  4. Unless the reticle is so dim you can't see it, I find a bright sight is far more off putting than a slightly dim one. Especially in CQB environments.
  5. Just for reference, this is what the game character appears to be wearing http://www.army-technology.com/contractors/personal/verseidag-ballistic-protection/verseidag-ballistic-protection1.html and as far as I am aware nobody makes an "airsoft" version of this. You're going to be pretty much stuck with something like an OTV/IOTV or the old MilTec riot police vest.
  6. OTVs are designed to go over body armour if I remember correctly. The IOTV is designed to take ESAPI plates http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-IOTV-Molle-Armor-Vest-Cover-Replica-5-Color-Airsoft-Game-/161388546934
  7. Work out what you want to mount on the rails and see if you can get key mod versions of them. If so they can then mount directly to the handguard instead of having to add rails.
  8. Have you taken the lens cap off?
  9. You WILL melt in that lot! You could look at a full OTV rig, that'll come with the shoulder bells and the neck protector https://www.aliexpress.com/popular/otv-body-armor.html
  10. I live in fear that when I die my wife will sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it.
  11. Sorbothane on it's own is not very tough (we've had this convo on here before), best bet is to face it up with something more resilient. Personally I use the Airlab sorbo pads https://airlab.parts/collections/gearbox-parts/products/sorbothane-pad-70d-hardness which come with a protective cap as standard. If you bond the outside of the sorbothane with something that prevents it from "squishing" under impact then you're preventing it doing one of the main things it's there to do (protect your gearbox from impact damage).
  12. Technically, yes. Practically, I wouldn't bother.
  13. Again, UK Tactical. Look at the Warrior 901 rigs on there. Or any good old British airborne belt and yoke stuff, loads of that about in surplus stores.
  14. Unfortunately once you move away from M4/AK variants then the airsoft bolt ons tend to dry up and you're left with mostly real steel parts which are accordingly priced. If you can get your hands on an M4 lug torch clamp it might just be worth trying it out to see if it fits anyway! Looking at the Strike Back shots that clamp looks a bit bodged on as it is!
  15. Famas am bestest gnu! But seriously, if you like them, go for it. Worth bearing in mind that most if not all bullpups can be a bit fiddly if you ever have to to do anything to them internally. The G&G FN2000 is a lovely gun but by Christ it's a heavy beast! If you go for the hunter version with the built in scope it's even worse!