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  1. Dammit! I meant @Jedi_Master Nice SCAR btw @M_P
  2. @M_P Join us.......
  3. Some gucci kit there but do you not find it heavy with all that gear on there? Dump pouch would be too far round for my personal tastes but maybe I just have short arms!
  4. http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/Dan-Wesson-CO2-Revolver-Low-Power-Version-6-Inch-Silver_A10DGJ.aspx#.WXh6iYjyuMo The new Low Power version has adjustable hop.
  5. As @Sacarathe said, you NEED hop up. No argument. As far as length goes, the longer the barrel the more unwieldy it will be to draw so yes, get the shorter one if you can (although there is very little more impressive than someone waving an 8" 715 about). Definitely worth using the power down shells though as a lot of sites can be quite tetchy about CO2. The problem is that if you fit a new bulb after you have it chrono'd you could end up firing hot. Also worth looking at the moon clips and drums that take them (I don't think that any of the Dan Wesson ones come with moon clip drums as standard yet).
  6. https://www.glonation.com/glow-in-the-dark-products/neutral-glow-paint.html
  7. http://www.glowtec.co.uk/paint-usage.htm
  8. TAN SCAR FTW!!!!!!!
  9. No I don't (see his post quoting mine) Also, SCAR am bestest gnu. Any fule kno that.
  10. Pretty much, yes. I like SCARs so I'd have to say get one of those (I'd love one if I could afford it) although I seem to remember reading somewhere that the recoil isn't as pronounced on the SCAR because of the folding stock.
  11. MK16 is a SCAR.... They're all good. Get the one that you like the look of. If you get the SCAR-H just be aware of the size of the mags when you look at ammo pouches.
  12. Look down the business end of your rifle. Can you see the end of the inner barrel? If so then yes, a longer barrel will stick out. If you're going to cover it with a suppressor then you may as well get one that runs the length of that too.
  13. Nobody makes a "full metal" Tavor. The real rifle has a polymer body.
  14. Any chance of a picture of the rifle box? I have a G&G SCAR-L and it has no FN trades as they were never licenced. Scratch that, I've had a better look around and it would appear there is more than one version. Apologies.