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  1. These ones look about the least clunky that I've seen... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hunting-AccessoriesTactical-AR-Folding-Stock-Adapter-For-M16-M4-SR25-Series-GBB-AEG-For-Airsoft-HT2/32827305255.html
  2. If you're dead set on tracers but want to be compact without opening the gun, look at tracer mags. Unfortunately they're expensive, not very bright and unless you spunk all your rounds in auto then the first few shots you fire won't glow (they fade pretty quickly once they leave the mag itself.
  3. Yes, that's correct. If you're looking for something similar in length to what you already have, try this one: https://www.weapon762.com/rifle-outer-barrels/1157-5ku-145-inch-m4-aeg-outer-standard-barrel.html
  4. Seems my costing may be a bit out of date - sorry. Best bet is to have a look on AliExpress or ebay, plenty of chinese manufacturers making them.
  5. The CM16 Mod 0 handguard is about 1/4" shorter than a rifle length one. If moving the gas block is proving to be an issue, you could change the outer barrel completely for not a lot of cash (CYMA M4A1 barrels are only around £12 online) which would then free you up to use whatever handguard you like!
  6. If you're running a Molle belt, why not just put a double M4 pouch on that? Or a pair of kangaroo pouches so you can fit your pistol mags on too?
  7. The thread for attaching a rail is under the delta nut (the bit you pull back to release the current handguard). You'll need a pin spanner or an armourers wrench to get it off.
  8. SOrry, missed the bit where you mentioned that you'd seen that store! As I say though, not many people in the UK are looking to do Swedish Desert impressions. Shame because it looks cool.
  9. Having said that, an extra 30 seconds on google turned up these: https://armygross.se/en/clothing/m90-clothing/a-nordic-army-m90k-byxa-desert/
  10. When you originally posted you asked for genuine BDU's. Most people (myself included) probably assumed that you were looking for the more popular colours and couldn't seem to see why you were struggling. Swedish desert camo isn't something you see very often on airsofters so you'll be limited in choice as to where you'll be able to get hold of them. If you wanted standard M90 then Flecktarn stocks genuine surplus https://www.flecktarn.co.uk/swcct1na.html
  11. I think the major part of your issue is that you've picked a fairly obscure camo...
  12. Like I say though, it's a completely different skillset. I agree that CQB needs a more aggressive approach and woodland can reward a more tactical style but I would say that the speedsoft side is a different thing entirely again. A good speedsoft player wouldn't do very well at Longmoor just the same as someone that only ever plays in the woods will struggle at The Mall. Yes, the kit is different but an M4 (say what you like about them) will work in all those scenarios outside of specialist roles (and to be honest a well set up AEG isn't going to be at that much of a range disadvantage out in the woods). The thing is, if you drop down from the upper levels of the people that deliberately specialise in one form of play (speedsoft/sniper etc) then in terms of being good rather than exceptional, it is no more difficult to play CQB than it is woodland, you just need to employ a different approach. In MY experience people think that one or the other is more demanding than the other purely based on how much time they've spent doing one over the others. People that play a lot of CQB think they're better airsofters than the woodland lot and vice versa. They're both (usually) wrong because all they've done is improve one skillset at the cost of the other thus THEY find the one they don't usually do to be more challenging - the fat knackers that wander about like a tit in a trance at The Mall think woodland is better because that's what they can cope with and the kiddies that tear arse about on a woodland field complaining about nobody taking their hits from their uber leet high cycle MP7 while getting sniped from the other side of the field think that that CQB is better because they have three parts of f*ck all situational awareness beyond 3 metres. It's entirely possible to do well enough to enjoy yourself (which at the end of the day is all that ACTUALLY counts) by being slow in CQB or running about like a loon in woodland BUT it's no more difficult to do either.
  13. If that's the case then you aren't using the right tool for the job. Same as trying to run a VSR in a kill house. That's why I said "done properly".
  14. CQB and woodland games are a different skillset if done "properly". One isn't more difficult than the other, it's just different.
  15. I just remembered how I did it on mine! I used a pair of long nosed pliers between the cheek pad and the pin to force it down lower! You should be able to get it on that way.