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  1. Have a look at the Specna Arms range, they do several short M4 type guns for a lot less than G&P. There is no long version of the VSBR by the way (SBR stands for Short Barreled Rifle).
  2. Depends. The TM M14 hop up unit is very good and the gun itself is decent and makes a good base to upgrade. Whether or not the M14 YOU'VE been offered is any good or not depends on if it's been maintained well or in any way f*cked about.
  3. Legal or not, all it would do is piss them off and make it more likely you'd get a shoeing.
  4. ALternatively of course if you have access to a 3D printer, you can download the files from the people that helped make them https://www.planetreplicas.com/dreddlawgiver
  5. That kit looks awful. Not all the ones in the film were rubber props by the way from the DVD feature: "The Lawgiver was a suppressor-equipped Glock 17 pistol (some converted to fire fully automatically) in a metal shell with an LCD screen built into the left-hand side."
  6. bawzprops are the go to in the UK for this kind of stuff, https://www.bawzprops.co.uk/ FYI I have an old springer Glock I can donate if you buy a kit to build your own Lawgiver.
  7. Sounds a bit dubious. I'd mention it to the local lod and see if they've had any other incidents.
  8. As a formerly fat knacker (18.5st and a 42" waist) I feel your pain! The issue you'll have is that putting a wide belt around your waist, it's likely to get pushed down by your belly or at the very least be uncomfortable. You may also find that loading it up too much means it's likely to start falling down if you don't hold it up with a low profile yoke under your vest/chest rig. If you can go with just a duty belt then it's more likely to stay put! If you go with the molle belt option, be aware of the shape of it. The Condor and WAS options are both contoured to sit above your hips (where your waist is supposed to be - allegedly) which can make the fit awkward for us more...husky types! If you go with the HSGI, get the slim version and remember that you'll still need a belt to run through it.
  9. My initial reaction is that it's a problem with the way you're reassembling the barrel into the hop unit.
  10. Fng

    YAY! More old blokes! Welcome. Pull up a chair and ask all your noob questions.
  11. Without wishing to be indelicate, how big is your waist? Either way, the MOLLE will come past your hips and that is fine for mounting your pistol. Failing that, as I posted above, if you're only looking at mounting a holster and a dump pouch, just mount them straight onto a duty belt. https://www.uktactical.com/p-9488-warrior-tactical-duty-belt-tan.aspx
  12. Condor battle belt still needs an actual belt through it to work. I have one and it's OK. But to be honest I don't use it much these days. I just have the pistol holster and dump pouch attached direct to a duty belt. Unless you're supplementing the carry capacity of your chest rig/vest with it or are planning on just running a belt rig then it's overkill really. If I was buying again I'd be looking at a WAS Gunfighter Belt https://www.uktactical.com/p-11533-gunfighter-belt-coyote-tan.aspx
  13. OK, so when you say you want more range, how far do you expect it to shoot? Realistically?
  14. The ONLY goggles I've used personally that are in any way resistant to fogging are the ESS Profile Turbofans. They still fog a bit in the top corners if it's a particularly damp or warm day though (caveat; I sweat like a paedophile in MotherCare). The big thing you can do with ANY goggles though is keep them clean. Condensation seems to form quicker on dirt in my experience. You can try the various anti fog solutions (Cat Crap seems to be the most recommended) but MistX always worked for me on the motorbike!
  15. The installed hop UNIT is fine. You could try a better hop RUBBER though. If you're shooting at around 350FPS then something like a purple Prometheus rubber works well. After that you could look at flat hopping.