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  1. Don't bother trying to adjust the front sight post, it's fixed. Adjust the far easier to operate rear sight instead.
  2. Yeah, that is a bit of a sh*t design "feature". They do a "modular cover" that velcros on as an add on but that just makes it even more bulky!
  3. Peltor actually make a neckband for these type of headsets. Basically a sprung wire band that goes behind your head (often with a little cloth strap over the top of your head). If you got a set of their cheap ear defenders set up like this you could swap it onto the Earmors and then you have the best of both worlds. Will fit comfortably under a helmet but stay on when you take the lid off! eg http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/ear-defenders/4496528/ End up with something along these lines: https://srstactical.com/peltor-comtac-iii-ach-tactical-headsets-neckband.html
  4. Without any sort of indication of testing to a known standard I'd say they are at best sketchy. They look like they're just "tactical style" sunglasses.
  5. I've not tried it but looking at the product site the headband looks fairly thick. Not sure it would be comfortable under a helmet even if you did move the liner pads about to accomodate it. My work hardhat has peltors attached to it in a similar fashion as the helmet jobbers and it is really convenient!
  6. I would agree but the headband on the comms intended to be worn under a helmet are usually much more low profile than the one on the Earmor set.
  7. Yes. It's a clone of an old VFC design, built like a tank.
  8. It could be CNC'd from a block of diamond, if it doesn't work in that gun it may as well be a lump of cheese.
  9. I think you've answered your own question there! Get another standard unit.
  10. I'd say get the headband version and a set of FMA Peltor helmet adaptors, then you can do both. You might have to mod the headband cover to allow you to put the wire in and out easily but shouldn't be too hard.
  11. May make a difference to the sound on your GBB, won't make any difference at all on your SCAR. If you're after aesthetics for the SCAR see if you can get an AAC type.
  12. I'm guessing this is for your GBB Vector? In which case, yes it might work. For that money there's no harm in getting one and giving it a go!
  13. I think I've spotted the problem. It's not a variable strength magnifier. The magnification is fixed at x3, the focus ring around the eyepiece is for adjusting the focal length to suit your eye position. By winding it all the way off you're just defocusing it not adjusting the magnification!
  14. This is mine by the way. In focus and nice. Cheap ass eotech clone too! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jm3xfjirAy0E_M8axYrk2YfMJw4zRZHfTg
  15. You and me both. I'm sure there's a right distance for it. Maybe try taking it off the rail and just hold it at different distances until you get it in the right place for YOU. Do you wear glasses/contacts at all?