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  1. Cool story bro, tell us another.
  2. Once I'm in the safe zone my eyes are NEVER uncovered, far too many morons play Airsoft and think they're too smart for the rules to apply to them. I wouldn't trust most airsofters to tie their shoelaces correctly, let alone trust that their drills are sufficiently robust that I can have my eyes uncovered around them and Airsoft guns.
  3. There is absolutely no legal differentiation between private and commercial sales as far as RIFs go.
  4. 100%
  5. 1.0?! The scope on the M4 was LOOOOOOOONG gone by 1.0. That's like beta 6!
  6. From all that though, getting your lenses warm is solid advice. Lenses that are warmer than the air temperature inside the goggles/glasses will NEVER fog.
  7. Chinese knock off eyepro = blindness waiting to happen!
  8. Absolutely 100% guarantee that is identical to the Nuprol one, they don't manufacture ANYTHING.
  9. No special restrictions, some carriers refuse to send Airsoft guns but an Airsoft shop will obviously not have that problem.
  10. There is no requirement for UKARA to ship to Germany, that law applies only for sales within the UK.
  11. Daytonagun make a HPA M249 with reciprocal working parts. Heavy though! *the FN MAG is definitely a Medium Machine Gun, rather than an LMG.
  12. I have one, plenty for me.
  13. This is a side effect of the design of the VSR hop arm applying inconsistent pressure to the bucking. Rotating the inner barrel won't fix it, you need to change the hop unit / arm.
  14. Apologies for taking so long to get back to you on this one, the wash out rate for aircrew has very little to do with the militarisation phase of training and everything to do with flying training, lots of people think they can do it, not many people actually can do it! The water survival course lasts about a week, mostly theory with a little bit of time in the pool and then an hour or so floating round in a dinghy before a helicopter comes and rescues you... not physically demanding at all! Though the 'dunker' is a horrendous experience regardless of how fit you are! Mind if I ask why you want to be a P8 pilot? I can't think of a more boring job, flying round at high altitude, often in circles, never getting to see anything! If you really want to play with the P8, go WSO rather than Pilot.
  15. Somr pretty well equipped airsofters at your local then! Those helmets are a grand a piece!