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  1. Surely the easy solution here is to just put the G&G nozzle back on? If a part reduces the performance of the gun it’s not an upgrade!
  2. What he said ^ basically, it’s a mediocre entry level gun that you’re saying has ‘high end features’ like a V2 gearbox, which indicates immediately to me you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You also stated quite clearly in the original post that it’s accurate, then later admitted that you have no means to actually test that accuracy. It’s ability to hit a man size target at 100’ as I’ve already stated is actually well below the minimum requirement I’d expect from a skirmishable gun, at 100’ I wouldn’t be happy with anything that couldn’t hit a bean can reliably. Maybe the Nuprol Pioneer can, maybe it can’t, you don’t know and neither do I, judged against the quality of everything else they sell though.... I’d be surprised. It’s great that you’re keen and you like your gun, but please don’t fall into the trap of spreading falsehoods because you’re keen. It doesn’t help anyone, much less the poor sap who comes to this thread and forms the idea that a Nuprol Pioneer is going to be able to compete against a ‘far more expensive gun’ when based on your assessment of its accuracy (man size target at 100’) it’ll struggle against cheaper guns like a G&G CM16 which will reliably hit man size targets at more than 150’.
  3. Accuracy is entirely defined by groupings, a G&G CM16 is more accurate for the same price. since it groups better, it’ll be able to hit targets at a greater distance more reliably. Simply stating that your gun can hit a person at 100ft is absolutely no indication of quality or performance as that’s the minimum standard I would expect from a £20 springer. If you’ve done no further testing above and beyond being able to hit a man size target at 30m (which let’s be honest, is not far, one and a half tennis courts!) then you’ve not done enough to say that it can perform anywhere near as well as a higher quality gun. A bulldog LPEG is exactly as accurate as the best tuned VSR10 at 5 metres, identical performance! A good analogy would be me saying that my Ford Fiesta performs just as well as a Mercedes Benz because it can do 70mph on the motorway.
  4. There’s loads of Mk7s in the surplus chain now, they’ve been in service nearly a decade.
  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if CYMA were the OEM.
  6. A body sized target at 100’ is basically garbage, that’s like a 20” grouping. A stock G&G CM16 will shoot a 6” grouping at that range and a better gun (TM, VFC, etc) will shoot more like a 3-4” grouping at 30m.
  7. ECBA; https://goo.gl/images/4Zmuq8 everyone hates Osprey. The only people I have ever heard say a good word about it are airsofters. It’s good at stopping bullets getting in (ish) but as a practical garment it’s really quite Stone Age. The quality of the covers is bloody awful too, TMC beats it in a lot of cases!
  8. If you wanna look really ally, ECBA and PLCE webbing is the way forward.
  9. Your problem is being solved very soon anyway, the site is closing. Either way, if you’re struggling with Mk5 there it’s down to the deafness/dishonesty of your opponents, not volume.
  10. Bahahahahaha. I know exactly what site that is, I’m not on any level surprised that they didn’t see you, most of the attendees are either missing a chromosome or so old their corneas are rusty.
  11. Double M4 pouch with a Velcro lid.
  12. That’d deaden the sound quite a lot. The exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Mk9 is completely unnecessary in most situations and can absolutely cause hearing damage even outdoors. Doesn’t bother me as I wear ear protection at all times when playing, but other people going deaf should be a worry!
  13. If it’s from a bit of WAS kit then the buckle will be ITW NEXUS 1”.
  14. http://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/surefire-ep3-sonic-ear-defenders-7000-p.asp
  15. Just go to a soddjng game!