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  1. BAC was discredited massively a couple of years back by a member of this forum deliberately providing them with false details to prove a point. Very few retailers will accept it as a result. UKARA remains the standard.
  2. 310 is absolutely fine.
  3. No it isn't, your site membership is the SELLER's defence. You don't need a defence because you're not the one committing a crime. /pedant
  4. Your original understanding is wrong, go and actually read the law.
  5. I never close either eye when shooting. You can absolutely aim with both eyes open.
  6. honestly, if you can't operate a tube of superglue without a talkthrough I don't think a conversation with me would do your self esteem any good.
  7. 'milsim'.
  8. No, I took the time to reply because I figured I'd just take a guess. Yes, it'll work.
  9. Superglue.
  10. There is no room for error, those are the LEGAL limits. Exactly as advertised.
  11. The distinction here is who is committing the offence: an under 18 buying an airsoft gun is committing an offence, so is the seller. An over 18 buying an airsoft gun is NOT committing an offence, however the seller is if it's a RIF; they may have a defence against prosecution for having committed that offence e.g. the buyer is a skirmisher. As a result, it's 100% legal for Big Jim (he's 18 or over) can LEGALLY buy an airsoft gun (RIF or IF, makes ZERO difference), whether he can provide a defence to the seller or not he is breaking no law. the SELLER on the other hand cannot sell a RIF to Big Jim unless the seller can prove that they are able to provide themselves with a defence against prosecution for SELLING a RIF to someone. Big Jim has broken no laws at any point. That's why UKARA exists, to provide the RETAILER with a defence against prosecution, you as the purchaser do not require one as you're not breaking any law.
  12. Why? surely the sites have that covered within their rules?
  13. The legal limit is the legal limit, UKAPU have provided this in order for people to remain within the law not to ensure they meet the arbitrary limits their local site have set.
  14. 350fps is not the legal limit, 1.3joules is.