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  1. How legit are these please?!

    Same pattern, but NWU 3 has a navy logo within the print and AOR2 doesn’t. Only proper stitch counters are going to notice the difference but that’s the reason the Drifire stuff is so cheap; produced en masse for embarked security on ships rather than in small quantities for SEALs
  2. How legit are these please?!

    semi legit, NWU 3 (which these shirts are) is not the same as AOR2, but looks very similar.
  3. Are you a gun geek?

    And that she’s slapping a bolt release after the reload like on an AR, AK dont got no bolt release!
  4. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    There's a middle ground to be had for those who want an effective airsoft kit and for it to be 'impression correct', wear what you need to for the game and don't carry the sh*t you don't. But the sh*t you do need... make sure it fits the impression you do! On the other hand, don't wear osprey.
  5. lightweight goretex jacket is waterproof, but noisy.
  6. Advice buying my first loadout.

    Nuprol plate carrier/sling is chinese junk with a flashy tag, you can buy basically the same thing for about £15 on Aliexpress. You’d be better off spending a bit more on your gun and a really good set of eye protection (nothing ruins a game like fogged goggles). Though, the gun you have chosen there is perfectly adequate.
  7. Is propane really that much cheaper??

    it's cheaper when you buy a massive 20kg bottle and refill colemans propane cans with it.
  8. Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    I’ve never been to a milsim that differentiates between MTP and Multicam, even the truly hardcore end of the spectrum where uniforms were very specific (Combat Airsoft Group) no one would have raised an eyebrow. As always, the ‘rumours’ of how elitist and exclusive milsim is are worse than the reality that it is a really inclusive community of people who just want to get something a little different out of your Airsoft experience.
  9. Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    If it’s a real one you got an absolute bargain!
  10. Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    It makes me sad that you've got a £1200 optic and a manky looking bit of lexan on a rail mount protecting it The objective lens 'cavity' has room for a protective insert!
  11. TM Recoil Shock 416D Upgrade Reliability Advice

    Put a new spring in it, keep the gears exactly as they are and leave the bushings alone. All it’ll take is a new m100 spring to get what you want. leave the inner barrel alone as well, there’s a reason TM barrels go for more than new Prometheus/EDGI on the Japanese second hand market; they’re better. I have never once seen a set of TM nylon bushings fail, I’ve seen LOADS of deformed Prometheus ones and the SHS/ZCI/whatever offerings aren’t nearly as good as Prometheus. The advice you’ll get on the TM Group is 99% from people who either haven’t upgraded their guns, or who have just stuffed the most expensive parts in under the assumption that’ll give them the best gun. It won’t, TM have been making Airsoft guns for literally decades and have assembled and sold hundreds of thousands, their ‘lemon’ rate is basically zero because they know exactly what they’re doing, far more so than Steve from Facebook who likes to brag that he’s got a £400 of parts in his gun that doesn’t shoot any further than it did before.
  12. Two piece handguard wont fit under delta ring

    welcome to the world of cheap Airsoft parts all being made to different specifications. If it’s a cyma handguard a cyma delta ring should fit (no guarantees though!)
  13. No, PTS make a foregrip that can house a battery though.
  14. the argument that there’s no point buying bios because the manufacturers will continue to make plastics anyway is kinda daft... of course they’ll make plastics if everyone keeps buying them! Buy more bio BBs and manufacturers will MAKE more bio BBs.
  15. Decent ones are generally packaged in a clean dry environment and won’t degrade in the bag so long as they’re kept dry and out of direct sunlight.