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  1. It can be done, but in the same vein if you have the tools and skills you can fit a real barrel to a TM glock. Doesn't mean it's viable or sensible. Real sights are the wrong shape and size to fit to a TM or WE (which is a clone of the TM), they also lack the threading in the bottom to attach the blowback unit, which is pretty vital for making the gun work.
  2. A 13A fuse in something like a charger is pointless. Might as well just solder a nail into the plug. Ive never seen a charger for Airsoft or RC batteries that'll easily exceed 5A.
  3. No, real sights do not fit WE or TM glocks.
  4. Talking headsets can make you an amped PTT that'll work fine. Z-tactical make absolute garbage.
  5. The real savings to be made with propane come from refilling Coleman or Rothenburger bottles from giant 20Kg Calor bottles.
  6. Trigger on the Mk23 is awful though, making a few fast shots with it is more difficult than it would be with a GBB.
  7. A 1450 LiPo will last a little longer and can in theory provide a tiny amount more current if your motor were to require it (it probably won't). Always go for the biggest battery that'll fit/you can afford.
  8. That stock also is not hard to come by if you find a gun that's otherwise perfect but has a different stock. It's commonly called an LE stock, worth noting as that'll be the easiest part to change out.
  9. What samurai said, for repro red dots the best kind is the T-1 type. The small lens means you suffer less from parallax and the tube type sights are much more resilient.
  10. That's an M4A1 with a different front sight post. Really REALLY easy to make one of those.
  11. Anything that meets ANSIZ87.1+ will stop shotgun pellets, shots from an air gun are no problem.
  12. I should note that the above statement applies only to their glock pistols, loads of their other stuff is awesome.
  13. VFC is not at all compatible with TM parts. They're also made of spiders and nightmares inside. Avoid.
  14. DPM is the pattern, S95 is the cut of the clothing.
  15. DPM is a great budget choice, designed specifically to work well in pine forests