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  1. Every site does it slightly differently, ask the site you're applying to be a member of and they'll let you know. Either way there's no harm in taking the form all filled in next game day.
  2. I'm amazed you haven't burned your house down.
  3. Sold!
  4. AEPs are awful, GBBs are fun.
  5. Wait... are you using crocodile clips to charge batteries?!
  6. I've been to a few where the 'recommended' weapons are set down a certain way but never one where people were disallowed from playing because they're a bad guy and they're using an M4. That said, if you show up for blue force with a honey badger or similar or bad guys with a tricked out HK417 eyebrows will likely be raised.
  7. If you want a Mk18 just buy a VFC, the CM16 would need so much work to get it even close you'd end up replacing every single part. CM18 isn't really a great starting point either, it's 'close' but still a long way from looking like a Mk18. Alternately... buy mine, it's about as close to perfect as it's possible to be, even has the correct barrel profile;
  8. 'Gifting' is a load of bullshit anyway.
  9. 10BBs per second from LiPo! Hahahahahahaha. If you switch from 7.2v NiCad to 11.1v LiPo maybe! 10% is a more realistic figure, though switching to LiPo is still very much worth doing, they're better in every respect.
  10. Make: Systema Gun/Model: PTW MAX2 Challenge Kit Accessories: 6x PTS PMAGs, Replica Surefire suppressor & flash hider, Magpul AFG2, Magpul CTR, KAC Iron Sights, hop adjustment tool, 2x 11.1v LiPo. Condition: Used, good. FPS: 320 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Y/N/N Price/Payment: £1100 all in (international shipping will be extra) Up for sale is my Systema PTW, lovely gun but I just don't play enough to justify having so much cash tied up in one place. Internally it's had all the usual mods done by Tackleberry (with invoice to prove it if required); hop mod, cylinder tune, motor rewind. Since it's a 2012 the MOSFET in the buffer is already shortened so LiPo batteries fit in there no problem, 2 11.1v King Power LiPos are included. Fitted with real CTR stock, AFG2, Hogue grip and a BCM QD end plate to make running single point slings easy. Outer barrel is a HAO Mk18 barrel; it's the exact right length and has a CCW thread so all the normal airsoft flash hiders/suppressors/tracer units all fit without issue. Sights are airsoft copies but they're decent enough and look the part. I also have 7x Systema Steel mags available for £20 each if sold with the gun. Pictures:
  11. I put a 'tomtac' microswitch gearbox (ebay) in my nephew's M4 and it ran like a champ for a long time (100,000 BBs plus), he stripped the piston eventually with an 11.1v LiPo but for the price I couldn't fault it.
  12. Possible, leads back to the titan not being the problem. Sounds like either your tappet plate isn't in the right place or you've misaligned the nozzle.
  13. 350fps from 3-5ft is sufficient to keep you safe, completely disregard that mask as a contender. Dont go cheap on your eye protection, £30-40 for a full face setup isn't going to get you anything decent. Forget the look when it comes to eyepro on a budget, you can have 2 of the 3 options but not all 3; cool looking, safe, cheap.
  14. Can't believe the TM are plastic thing is still going... the recoil shock range (basically the only ones worth buying) have NEVER been made in plastic and have been on sale for nearly a decade now! Best out of the box AEG is without doubt a TM, Krytac come close but they're lacking features the TM has.
  15. If you want your TM gun to run reliably for years and years and years... wire it to deans so you can run 7.4v LiPo instead of the proprietary SOPMOD batteries (which are awful) and leave EVERYTHING else alone. Yes they're 'low' FPS (300 vs 330, are you really going to notice?!), but you'll still outrange 90% of everything else you see. Only exception to that is the BTC Spectre, when they come back in stock get one IMMEDIATELY, completely changes the performance of the gun and should be seen as an almost mandatory upgrade, but don't pay the silly £100+ prices people charge second hand, they're about £80 new shipped from the manufacturer when in stock.