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  1. In my experience as good as tm 1911s are- owned one and two night warriors- they often can't empty the mag and lock back. As a result I'd always go for double stack mags where possible due to the gas capacity
  2. They're good guns with huge aftermarket support, simple as that really
  3. I think everyone has a breaking phase at some point, I had a period a few years ago where everything I touched from guns to gear would somehow seize to the function
  4. Ics mx5-pro A5 going to get a game in at the mall sometime in the next few weeks so needed something shorter, looking forward to the 3rd burst too
  5. It's so you can release the bolt with the trigger finger so you don't have to take you're supporting arm off the gun
  6. From Facebook it seems that everyone is OK, but sounds like nothing from the warehouse made it out which is obviously a huge shame. Hope they manage to get all sorted out quickly etc.
  7. I've used quite a few holsters, the worst I've had was a viper modular/velcro adjustable thing, I thought that was pretty poor at best. It was very big for a start, wobbled all over the place when I ran and no matter how I adjusted it, I couldn't get it to reliably hold my pistol at the time- tm 1911 (hardly an uncommon shape), I'll never forget running, looking back as the gun flew out and swung on its lanyard to smash into a tree. I'd say it'd be alright if you can get your gun to fit but I find drop leg holsters wobble all over the place so it's never quite where you left it when you need it. Next best I'd say was the warrior universal holster, this time it was actually good as a holster and held all the pistols I tried in place well, the big downfall for me is how exposed they are out the bottom. If you spend a lot of time lying down etc then I'd not recommend it, if you dont then it's a decent cheap option. Just something that I was constantly thinking about when using it which becomes tedious after a while. My favourite that I've used is the blackhawk serpa, never had any issues with retention, was light enough and always felt safe with my guns in it I recently bought a fobus holster is will see how it goes, feels good although the front end sticks out a bit, not button retention on it and was loose out the box so had to tighten it down, should be OK now though. I plan on getting a Phoenix tactical kydex holster in the next month so will update on how that is when bought
  8. Leaking WE mags are the bane of my life

  9. Just a thought, I'd advice joining the h&k mk23 owners club on Facebook if you're on there, full of useful information and knowledgeable people
  10. Do a Google search for 'hadron airsoft', they do shorter suppressors and also a very good TDC mod attachment both are well worth the money
  11. As Hangtight said, Mechanix gloves are always a good choice, the Oakley SI assault gloves are another popular option too
  12. Sorry mate, had a look, I could've sworn I had one but cant find with any of my stuff so I guess not
  13. Pretty sure Absolute airsoft is ran buy/in partnership with special airsoft supplies so disappointing people runs in their blood haha
  14. I don't have the answer but I'm pretty sure I have a spare, I'll have a look on the morning and if it's there you're welcome to have it
  15. Basic belt rig I've put together from a few new things and stuff I had lying around, will do till I get a nicer belt at least