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  1. If it's Youtube acting out of the US then it's the word Silencer. The word is rarely used on their side of the pond as it draws a lot of unwanted attention being illegal there. They normally just call them by other names to get round it even though everyone knows exactly what they are visually.
  2. Nice, that's a G18 btw.
  3. "Krinkov" GHK AK-74U... brilliant and built like a tank.
  4. I don't see the issue: If someone wants to dress up then let them. If someone doesn't, that's OK too. Both are being true to themselves. It's their choice... Regarding the OP question. I would hazard a guess that there is no such thing. It would be chosen based upon what the job is and where.
  5. Pellgun Oil is SAE30 engine oil - with no detergents as a rule, if it has any added it's of no use in airguns.
  6. You are wise, I was not. I am now wiser.
  7. I can tell you what sells a Nuprol: A lack of experience, impatience and not enough research. I fell for all 3 selling points... lol.
  8. I'll wade in and wade out just as quick here... (sorry if this is long but it's honest and I'll admit I'm still learning a lot!) I have a Nuprol Delta Sopmod (no I'm not the podgey bloke in the video... if I was him I wouldn't make videos! I don't anyway...). It's OK as a beginners gun, but certainly nothing special at all. Far better than the local Rentals where I've played but they are pretty crappy! Not a high benchmark to beat. FPS is way over stated as is all the other marketing jargon applied to it's selling point features. I bought it blind as a beginners RIF and it was the cheapest I could find with a metal body - not something that means much to everyone, just a personal preference is all. It shoots a low fps, hooks to the right a little but within the limits of being able to zero. It can lift a .25 albeit slowly! The body has a good finish etc but the RIS handguard is gash. The gas tube is also a little too long so the handguard never fit properly with the A sight, cap & tube - again gash. Bit of a quality issue tbh, sh*t should fit. All in all though I've enjoyed it in the games I've attended with it regardless. It's got me from A to B with no real issues as such, more cosmetic, and fixable if one really wants too (hooking right.. low fps etc). It's not jammed yet, shoots when it should and hits where I aim it - it is accurate. I don't shoot endless beams of BBs so a low fire rate doesn't bother me. I pick my shots wisely and generally stick to semi. I have fired far better rifs (that friends and other players own) and it's certainly NO TM! lol... how could it be?! Not even close... Anyway, it's only OK for what it is but very overpriced IMHO. I didn't expect too much really and in hindsight I probably should've invested in something better but it is what it is. There are issues as mentioned above. Mine has since gone through quite a transformation (still on going...) and I've replaced a lot of it slowly which was my intention. I don't have the cash or will to save and do it all at once (nor the knowledge if I'm honest). As said previously I wanted a metal body, the only other thing was it had to work to get my UKARA sorted with some future potential. Once registerd I began changing it. Not the cheapest route but it served it's purpose. I can replace bits as and when I can afford them. I'm going to basically polish this terd, there won't be much left soon. LOL... I'll probably have a new gun and a Nuprol in bits by the end! I also came from a different shooting background and AEGs are foreign to me. So I wanted something I wouldn't mind ripping up that wasn't precious to learn from. Vids only teach me so much. If anyone thinks it fantastic they are inexperienced (as I was!). It is not fantastic. It's just "OK".... (which isn't good enough for the price) It may seem good to some as most things are in life until you try something better. Would I reccomend one? I wouldn't say Yes or No but I would say you could pick better or worse for the money. If you want something to tinker with then it's not a bad thing... just don't expect too much and if money's precious consider other options especially if you're not willing to replace a lot of it. I'm not techy, this is not a real review. Just my 50p.
  9. They look interesting. I have an air rifle and a paintball gun running on the same principal. A double co2 stock tube I put together from sourced parts. I think the wraith sounds better though having a regulator, mine did not. 200 shots sounds a bit optimistic though.
  10. Glad you got it sorted.
  11. I see the Player before I see the gun... ... and let's face it most people have zero stealth regardless what camo they have on. The Players I don't see are normally from me just not checking angles rather than hidden away. Two tone makes little difference IMHO.
  12. Those sort are notorious for fakes... not saying it is or isn't but just be aware, especially as it's FleaBay.
  13. Roll on payday. I'd like to see what progresses.
  14. Ugh... there's just no service anymore.
  15. Did you get the grub out?