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  1. Rumour has is it the big red fatman is going to kindly bring me a nice new festive G18. Better than socks, that's for sure...
  2. I ordered a G17 Maple upgrade kit (almost the same as Jedi_Masters order but for a different pistol). The code "kickingmustang" gave me a small discount. I was kept informed from ordering to dispatch with a working tracking number. Shipping was very reasonable and coming from the EU - no Customs charge. I placed an order on the 5th Dec and it arrived on the 8th Dec. IMO that is very quick. It arrived well packed with a free rubber velcro SkirmShop patch. Overall I'm very happy with my order and their service. I'll use them again for future upgrades (this is what they specialise in). Anything I haven't said has already been mentioned in the previous post.
  3. I've had a TAG round land right next to me, it was just like an airborn MK5... It was mesmerizing. If you know it's coming you can react. It's only as safe as the way they are deployed; fired in an arc and not directly at someone like a shotgun. I mean you're going for a kill radius rather than a direct hit. No more dangerous than a MK5 or a BFG (IME).
  4. A Bianchi size 13 left handed AccuMold holster..... Gloch Akimbo in the making.
  5. Good to know as I'm going there this weekend for a first visit. Your expreience sounds almost identical to mine with Patrol Base. Cowboys without horses...
  6. A shop that actually has a lot of guns in stock with a site that works! A rarity... They were helpful on the phone, patient and quick to answer. I was kept updated wih emails from processing to delivery (24hr tracked free of charge). They offer a free post or a £4.50 option which just means the item is dispatched quicker - same postal service for both options. I chose 'free', ordered on Monday and received it Thursday. The person on the phone guaranteed it would arrive before the weekend and it did. It was well packed too. They were also cheaper than all others regarding the gun I was after. Not all their guns are cheaper but worth checking out. As shipping was free and the gun was cheaper than other shops, it allowed me to purchase a few extras at no extra cost had I gone elsewhere. Would I use them again? Yes - As long as the price is right whilst accounting for extra costs that can occur elsewhere. I'd also pay a little more knowing shipping was free and that they can deliver what they promise unlike some other shops I've dealt with. Some places are cheaper (on some guns) but catch you on the delivery. This company doesn't do this. Very happy overall. A win-win...
  7. If your physique doesn't match Nato sizes it may be you have to go with third party clothing. Check a Nato chart as you could be looking for something they don't cater for. There's plenty of military "styled" camo clothes on eBay. Just depends if you like the camo on offer or if it complies with where you want to play. A lot of army surplus stores carry both military and military "styled" clothing, maybe worth visiting one if you can.
  8. Thanks for the details however what's the point of a messaging service on the site if they don't use it? Rhetorical... I thought it was being held there and not run by Dogtag anyway? And what's with the "it isn't hard" comment?! (Or am I reading into it too much? ) EDIT: Appologies if I sound shirty, I've been awake for 48 hours... not good! I'll call them, I'm not on FB.
  9. Santa's bringing me a festive Double Barrel Shotgun... jing-jing, jingle, BoooooM, BooOOooM!
  10. Hello KYAirsoft, I've just placed my first order with you. You have some interesting items on your site that I'll be keeping an eye on. I'll see how my first order goes first. Thank you.
  11. Nobody ever replied to my enquiries (sent via their website messaging box) on the site. It states "We'll reply within 48 hrs....". II'll have to rethink this one. It sounded cool but if they can't be bothered to reply then perhaps not so cool afterall.
  12. I'd recommend Krylon Super Matt from the camo range if you do spray it. The finish is amazing even if you've never sprayed before and drys very quickly. Just avoid runs and mask/block as others have mentioned - this brand of paint is quite forgiving on runs unlike others and the colours are really solid. If you want a weathered look; another way that is effective is a "Salt Mask". Literally make a salt paste (water + salt) and brush it on where you want the effect before painting, let it dry 100%, spray, then once dry use a wet scourer on a sponge to remove the salt which in turn takes unfixed paint with it. I'd remove all the internals if doing this method... When I paint rifles/pistols I prefer to block all openings with kitchen roll/masking tape then put it barrel down over a wood dowel rod fixed to a rotating base so you can rotate it as you paint. This gives access to every side of the piece at the same time with no physical contact. You can also do a continuous pattern if doing camo much quicker. No swaying and free spinning like with hanging from threads. It keeps the barrel clean too. Regardless If you do strip the gun to paint just mask the interlocking areas as a coat of paint can make the difference of it all fitting back together easily or not. And if not cured properly it may glue the parts together. I prefer to keep them constructed if the piece allows.
  13. I'd suggest a TRMR. Then if you have the cash I'd get the multi shot base to go with it. It's still good out the box but the multi shot willl give you three goes without reloading versus reloading after each throw with the standard version. I've used mine in mud and it still goes off most the time. On harder surfaces and walls it always goes off. Very simple to setup, use, strip & clean.
  14. Maple Leaf Glock Hopup Unit and AUTOBOT+CRAZY JET Barrel Complete Set & a Mad Max shotgun for Christmas...
  15. I just ordered one of these for my G17: Maple Leaf Glock Hopup Unit and AUTOBOT+CRAZY JET Barrel Complete Set If you add "kickingmustang" in the coupon box you get a little discount. TBH I found the stock setup pretty accurate but it just couldn't lift the BBs high enough so I'm hoping this may do the job (?). Soon find out... lol