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  1. Not sure about the front sight but the rear sight would fit but it would be too loose so you'd have to glue it on. For that price you might as well get an RMR surely.
  2. Six months ago I played my first game and now I'm hooked! Its a good atmosphere with everyone talking about their gear and guns etc!
  3. Make: Tokyo Mauri only Gun/Model: any Desired Condition: good Desired FPS: below 350 Swaps/Part Exchange: TM scar L/TM HK45/Various gear Budget: depends on what you have to offer
  4. Couldn't agree more about if it ain't broke don't fix it! My first few airsoft guns I owned I liked to tinker with and they'd end up breaking but now with my TMs I've just left them alone and they've been incredible!
  5. Sounds like a good set up, whats the hi-capa like? Thinking about getting a Gold match next week.
  6. Having owned a TM M&P9 and a TM HK45 I'd say that most pistols just don't compare, the plastic slides means they are just so reliable and so gas efficient, the accuracy is second to none as well! WE etc just don't seem to compare!
  7. If you read the description it says that he bought it on the zero in forum, not brand new from an airsoft retailer.
  8. What an idiot, well I'm glad your eye pro stopped it as that would have been very nasty!
  9. I do find it a bit Unbelievable as most air rifles would go straight through most eye pro I'd imagine, Mine would for sure.
  10. An air rifle? How? Surely, someone Would notice and stop them?
  11. You and me both! My scar is incredible!
  12. It's a Cyma ZM51.
  13. Yeah I used a rental cm16 when my Krytac decided to stop working..seemed decent!
  14. Combat machines arent that bad, using .25s they shoot pretty well!
  15. Just finished stippling my TM HK45, decent for a first attempt but still room for improvement...