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  1. Looks good! Makes me regret selling my 009!
  2. Yeah that's all I ever see now!
  3. What's the attraction to being a sniper? I find running around with an M4 way too much fun to swap for a sniper
  4. Yeah just a floating union jack
  5. They are thick socks
  6. Haha
  7. Bad quality picture but a few new additions to my kit, new Earmor M32Hs and some other little bits.
  8. Double eagle M83? As in one of those cheap M4 things?
  9. What chest rig is that?
  10. Morning mate,

    can't seem to PM you, can you give me a shout when you get a minute?


  11. Do you mean like that bingo airsoft works AS5? It's designed to be the best possible airsoft gun without the constraints of having to replicate an existing gun I guess.
  12. T H O T V A C C I N E
  13. Check your PMs, apparently not receiving them. May need to delete old ones. and @ryo want you to PM them ref your G&G parts for sale.

    1. Georgeturner2001


      Thank you, will do.

  14. Yeah I’ve read that, are they any good?
  15. Make: any ZTAC/EarMor Item: headset with helmet adapters Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: yes Budget: £60!