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Skirmish - an airsoft choose your own adventure.

The Waco Kid

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Book one


The Horlicks of Bathtime Fountain


To play you will need:


2 x 6 sided dice

1 x pencil

1 x paper note pad




Your imagination.


Turn to page 1

Page 1


Your character. Choose one.


The Milsimer


 You know the NSN number of all your kit. You have friends, they exist inside you head but at least they talk to you. 
  Most likely to say “But that’s not tactically sound”.

  Your pew pew goes Bang.


The Speedster


  You can outrun a speeding bb. Or a least you think you can. You had a friend once but they couldn’t keep up.

  Most likely to say “Yeet” or “I need more RPS”.

 Your pew pew goes Zzippppppp!


The Sneaky Bastard


  You are so stealthy that you didn’t even sign in to the site. You don’t need friends just targets.

  Most likely to say, nothing silence speaks volumes.


 Your pew pew goes “ppssst”


The DIY tech


  You fixed your friends RIF to make it better. May have been best to ask first however.

  Most likely to say “It was okay when I had it”


Your pew pew goes “bap whizz clunk”


Make a note of which character you are and then roll 2 x 6 sided dice. 

Then ignore this number and go to page 2.


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Page 2


It’s time for the game briefing. Choose one of the following options and then go to that entry.


Go right to the front and bat your eyelashes loving at the head Marshall?

Turn to page 503


Stand at the back and pick your nose?

Turn to page 16.





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