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  1. So after 5 years away from airsoft, it's time for a comeback.

    1. StayOnTarget


      Welcome back,you'll have to post a comment on what you've noticed that has changed should make for interesting reading

      All the best

    2. Teo


      Good idea. Last time I really played I was 13. Reading back through my old posts, I realise how much of a little shit I was aha.

  2. Teo

    Any northern irish airsofters here

    Yeah I've heard about the Dunmurry one, easy to great to for me. Think Lisburn one died a while back sadly.
  3. Teo

    Any northern irish airsofters here

    Anyone know if Lisburn Airsoft is still alive? Used to be my local before I stopped playing.
  4. Teo

    The Special Forces/Milsim thread

    Hehe, it's funny seeing how angry and frustrated jcheeseright gets over a mistake about a plate carrier. True nerdy gearwhore. Haha.
  5. Wooo, 27km mtb trail yesterday about 15km beefing uphill, I feel f**king great.

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    2. team flex

      team flex

      well, tbh I only really do it in France with the ski lifts :D

    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      Me and my friend built a go-kart (nothing fancy just wood etc) and we both went on it down a hill....It was so great....Until we fell off that is.

    4. b1n0gHo5t


      lol james..if only you knew

  6. Is taiwan gun still ok to buy from. Will guns get through the SS ok

    1. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Ordered from them about a month ago and it was fine, asked them to put UKARA number and phone number on the box but I don't think they did. It was in the address though because I wrote the UKARA in the business line.

    2. CON


      my mate just got his we m9 through them, arived pretty quick. all good condition etc, i think its one of those hit or miss things.

  7. What's the main used PC by rangers, marsoc and PJ's.

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    2. Finius


      I'm just THAT hilarious.

    3. jcheeseright


      I'm not an addict, I can give up buying nylon whenever I want... I just don't want to!

    4. NickM


      Noone likes a quitter Jcheese!

  8. Teo

    What was your first ever airsoft weapon?

    My first was a spring Taurus pt92 m9. Even today it is the most reliable and solid feeling weapon I have. I'll never sell it.
  9. As a 13 year old, do you think I would be able to carry an A&K m249?

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    2. DEDSEC


      I've seen 16 year olds struggle to hold them. They're more for adults or Arnold Schwarzenegger's kids.

    3. Teo


      I've sorta gone off the idea. I'm gonna save my money for my fullsus mtb.

    4. Shinobi


      I thought the same Simon O.o


  10. So I got ak74. Looks like my wallets gonna be even more empty after I start my russian afghan loadout. I've estimated the kit so far at £190.

    1. alwaysontheoffensive


      russian infantry or mujahadeen fighter? all you need is a chicom, hat, robe and flip flops ;)

    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      Say goodbye to ergonomics ;)


      In all fairness soviet gear is a bit sh*t in some ways but it looks cool and for some things like pouches they are made out of really durable canvas. Don't buy Russian boots though,some of the worst sh*t you can put on your feet!

  11. Ahhhh. Just thinking that if I sold all my airsoft stuff and my current bike, I could buy a beautiful mtb bike.

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    2. team flex

      team flex

      Well I am currently saving for a trek session 9.9

    3. b1n0gHo5t


      good luck with that

    4. team flex

      team flex

      Obviously second hand. I figured getting a £3000 new bike wouldn't be as good as a barely used trek for the same price.. Planning on do in it so much with my dad who loves it, and building a downhill course In my local woods. He would pay for most of it as well

  12. Teo

    Ares Amoeba Honey Badger

    I hold all my rifles that way. It just feels so much more natural than putting my hand under the handguard.
  13. Yeah, turns out I do hate sniping. Thankfully swapped my sniper for a tm mc51. Really happy.

    1. Monty


      Then in a few months you'll want to go back to sniping again. Happens to me, it's annoying.

    2. Ian69


      Turns out your evil

    3. Teo


      But monty, you have sworn to continue the pink master race. You can never change again.