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  1. i think its going to hae to be tool making time. ill check if i have got a spare angle grinder key that could be reshaped to drop in to the lugs as a quick options but if not itll be a tube and tooth cut with the outside of the tube edged for a spanner. ill post up if i find a good option.
  2. i know what you mean but the nut in question has the barrel in the way for spanning the lugs so the tool has to go round the fitted barrel and reach into the collar to meet the lugs. I was hoping that there was tool with a mix of lugs for a variety of nuts but if there isnt ill have to make a key for this one. its not a problem but its a job i wass hoping not to have to do.
  3. I Know what you mean and that is the last option really as I'm not sure what it's made of and how hard it is So I like to apply even pressure using a tool, I was just hoping for there to be one that includes a few other lug options.
  4. This is the barrel nut type im trying to tighten. as you can see its recessed into the sleeve which rail mounts too.
  5. I need to tighten a barrel nut but i don't have an specific tool to do the job. The nut is inside a sleeve which carries the rail on my tr16 308 so I need to find the tool that I can use to work the nut. Does anyone have an advice as to which tool is the correct tool for this job?
  6. Sounds like a good fella, though the chrono sounds a tad odd of they are using the players own bb weight rather than a control weight or joule.
  7. I'd have the goggles fitting then cut the mask to fit.
  8. Like you I have an smg (mp9) on a single point and retention clip setup. The single point I use is the ops plate carrier sling, which I got from hueys. Its been really good, flexible setups and quick to release and shorten when needed. https://www.hueys.co.uk/epages/es151784.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es151784/Products/"OPS PC Sling FG"&ViewAction=ViewProduct
  9. Ive used firesupprt past for g&g parts and they have been great in the past. If you have confirmed the fault to be the trigger unit then it would need to a direct replacement to retain the stock mosfet but I'd look at the cost of a perun mosfet and a stock v2 trigger unit as it might be more cost effective long term. I'd also look to compare that price to the perun optical units as it might a good option. if on the odd chance it turns out to be the mosfet, then drop in a perun etu++, great mosfet and much more reliable than the g&g units.
  10. Airsoft standards are reversed to rc standards so it not uncommon to find adaptors sold favour the rc standard. The quickest and easiest fix is to pop the pins out of the tamiya connector and swap them over to match your battery. Having said that I'd also recommend swapping the tamiya connector out completely for either a deans or xt type connector, both are much better connectors.
  11. Got hit in the head with trmr that some tit decided to throw. Had to sit out a few games until the world straightened out.
  12. As an idea you could do the DIY version of the tool cabinet. Find a piece of furniture you like then fit some pre drilled boards inside. The hole cab be sized for pegs, rods, whatever you like and from the outside it would just look like a normal piece of household furniture. I did it with some mdf to hang some quads behind a door in what was the spare room, works really well.
  13. I seem to remember, from way back when I did mine, that they didn't all have to be at the same site if they were all with the same company. You build a play 'history' as the form of defense and staying with the same company or site gives them the 'proof' that you are a player over time.
  14. If the cylinder is 3/4 ported you shpuld be doing okay air wise. Have you tried taking the maxx hop out and swapping for a stock unit to eliminate that. I know a few folk have had issues with mazx units of late.
  15. Favourites are quite individual, but if he has a prefered style of platform then it should be fairly straight forward to decide on a particular rif based on its features within a given budget. I'd also recommend trying to get to a shop or asking about on a game day, to see if folk would let him try it for size. Some rifs look great but get heavy when your carrying them all day.
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