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  1. kasaran

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    Only way i can see that would stop cheaters is that scottish site someone linked here a while back where the marshals 'test shoot' players to make sure they call the hits. They then go over and tell them they are still in the game. The logic being that any hit at any time might be from a marshal so your more likely to call it. Also means the marshals stay were the action is. So are more likely to catch untowards
  2. kasaran

    40mm green gas shells

    Got the cyma pistol launcher cm 038 i think? Looks like a ris rail on a blunderbus pistol. Either way always had issues with the nades leaking. Returned em a couple times till i got a non leaker. Used it a few times for a laugh and had some confused responses from people i hit with it which was fun. But yeah. Its not used now, just gathering dust. Faaar from practical
  3. kasaran


    They are most likely just going to stop using paypal i bet.
  4. Spoilt for choice on M4's Skip to 4:59 😁
  5. kasaran

    ArmA 3

    Servers are mostly dead and i need a must have mod list as i dont have many. Downloaded the usa and russian skin packs and dynamic movement
  6. kasaran

    ArmA 3

    Fear i got into this game too late
  7. I just removed to top foam. Leaves a small gap. And had a bb once drop into em after being hit in the forehead. Bit suprising but its got no energy to do any damage by falling in. But thats like one event in probably 150 hours of play. And my face does seem to attact bbs
  8. Not to narc. But this years dates might be telling....
  9. Revision wipes layered up on duel pannel goggles with the foam at the top cut away works a treat for me. I also wear a mash face mask, the One Tigris half mesh and fabric ones. Fresh wipe from a new revision wipe at the start of the day and the same wipe used after lunch does my day. Im guessing the months of wipes used have layered up my goggles with the hydrophobic stuffs(?)
  10. kasaran

    Bear Paw Productions

    Does anyone know anything about these guys? They have teased at nearing release of a mp-443 grach, but dont want to get my hopes up too high if they are shit. Though judging by the SVU they made its likely to cost a kidney
  11. kasaran

    WE Makarov - proper PM version

    Yeah. Its the two site firesupport operate. No co2 at all. Can only use my kwc luger at sab (it has a modified valve pin so it shoots 300fps) Id run it would the silencer tbh Found specs for the ICS. Its a co2. So the WE is my only option.
  12. kasaran

    WE Makarov - proper PM version

    Soooooooo. this thread made me look at these guns. only the KWA co2 one and the WE were appearing in shops. fair enough, only the WE one is viable, the main site i play doesnt allow CO2 guns. Today i then watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYKm7kTnMo4 suppressor thing was interesting but then suddenly, theres an ICS makarov out there, the PM2 or whatever. So I searched specifically and find on facebook.... Dated 2016, but no other information. the ICS website is rubbish.... what happened with this gun? Is it really taking over 3 years from first reveal to come out? and why does google seem to not find any information about it? This is a mystery gun...
  13. kasaran

    Face Prtotection

    I have one of those thin base layer balaclavas so nothing can go in my ear anyway. Was paranoid about it from the start
  14. kasaran

    Face Prtotection

    Always wondered what the damage would be from a direct hit by a bb down the ear hole
  15. kasaran

    Impression kits driving gun purchases.

    Cyma 74u arrived today. The woodwork is amazing. Should be the 1 joule version off TG but theres no chrono sheet in the box. Hope its the right one