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  1. Dangle an a4 sized bag with some mags in it infront of your crotch and go for a jog . Then i think you will answer your own question
  2. Pffft. About 2 years down the line it still takes a while for the adrenaline to die down. Fairly often after somewhat intense or invoved games i tend to stuggle to sleep because im still buzzing. Last night was one such night
  3. hmmm... i thought the m16 without forward assist was called the xm16 or something? the m16a1 had the forward assist? though i might be wrong? *attempts pedantry*
  4. no idea, looked at the invoices in my emails. im assuming its euros? meh, doesnt matter too much.... i always bulk bought from them (except my last order that might have been a brexit related panic buy to beat import tax)
  5. i looked back and i got charged 14 euro for a load of pouches etc. 19 euro for the order that included my ak74u . but only 12 euro for the one that contained my SVU.... their delivery charges make no sense
  6. Always been flat rate as far as i know. Ordered a couple of rifs from them and no increased postage if memory serves. I guess they make losses back on the solo mag orders 😛
  7. second this, just got an LCT RPK off firesupport for not much more than a cyma would have cost me
  8. shall we play name that landmark? looks cathedral to me, sooo..... lincoln?
  9. for me im interested in getting a 'nam era m16... so they suddenly are in the price bracket of a G&P which has more of a reputation behind them
  10. I searched and only came up with jokey posts about fighting off home invaders with foam swords... So, having just returned from the Midlands Airsoft Fair, from which a bought some used kneepad inserts for the princely sum of £5 (another vendor was asking for £20 for a similar pair, possibly needs to be added to the 'Macks' list) i noticed that a number of vendors were selling guns by this maker. By a google, they seem to be a UK brand thats less than a year old. anyone know anything more about them? are they just rebranded from other manufacturers? though long term reliability at this point is not really a possibility. They do some vietnam era M16's that looked very tempting.
  11. Wouldnt call it a fashion parade for wearing camo. We play a game where we often hide in bushes and undergrowth so camo is a logical thing to get for a potential stealth advantage. The other side is that some people enjoy building load outs and hunting down obscure camos and equipment. Personally if everyone just went in jeans, hoodie and walking boots i would find the experience at game days much less enjoyable. Plus if the rifs look realistic is it bad to want to at least imitate the people who would use them? Unless somali pirate is the desired loadout.
  12. I used a bag. But i rather intergrate it into my kit. If russian kit, rpk mag pouches fit full size green gas bottles or lucozade sport/coke bottles. And theres plenty of universal pouches that can hold bbs and speed loaders. My bbs are kept in a glasses case bags with a bottle neck cabletied as a funneI. I lined the pouch with foam so the bbs dont rattle. Can carry 6000 bbs in it alongside a stanag style speed loader. Lasts a full game day for me at least.
  13. Do UK special forces use the ar-15 platforms?
  14. I have a kjw co2 g17 that fires 320fps on 0.2 stock. Not as accurate as my tm sig. But as a close range fall back its good. Being a glock should make upgrades easy id expect
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