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  1. A new Comms Radio (BAOFENG UV-5R) £19.95 haha cheap as chips , I will post pics when it arrives! Has anyone used it??
  2. You on Steam? Arma 3 Plus a couple mods added every rifle, Gun, SMG you can possibly think of.
  3. I think it's the old "Flash!" "Bang!" thing and clackers during the ww2 when Jerry caught a load of Brits after they found a clacker... I say why not, dog eat dog; saying this though, I haven't come across it yet nor do I intend to use that method.
  4. Bought a pair of these, £4.00 from (Bargin) Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-Outdoor-Tactical-Military-Gloves-Airsoft-Hunting-Motorcycle-Gloves/231929356519?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 Why pay more when you're running around a field/woodland
  5. You should ask for this to be pinned by the mods, it's a great idea! Then rather than having to scroll through all comments, update as and when people add; if your not doing this already.
  6. Go and get yourself a M11 or maybe a Scorpion spray and pray. haha
  7. From what I can see the vest looks like bought as you see it, the only accessories I see are the rear and side pouches plus what looks like a single point strap for your rifle, in total probably in the price range all in around £160 assuming all the gear is made by the same make Viper.
  8. Your like fish you keep taking the bite.
  9. Do you know ESS mate? It's military grade, a lot better than your average BS Kite mark civvie crap, it needs to be. But as I said a lot of gear you by in the shops with a hefty price tag comes from China/Taiwan, the only difference being is you cut out the middle man and tax import, the shops you go to to buy your gear/equipment comes from the same factory! it is what it is and each to your own as the guy stated at the beginning if he's unsure, just go to your local airsoft site and see what they rent out and go off that. In a lot of the skirmishes I've been to recently I've noticed players wearing no lower face protection, some wearing mesh (which I wear), and others wearing neoprene, It seems down personal preference. Its also like @Gepard said age also comes in to the factor, we don't know the persons age. Another perfect example is this take a look. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sights-scopes/ufc-eotech-style-4x30-magifier-w-qd-mount-black.htm#.WsIUgi7wa70 Then look at this, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5X-Magnifier-Scope-Sight-with-Flip-To-Side-QD-Mount-for-20mm-Rail/253376215861?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 Same factory, fraction of the price.
  10. Yes mate looked at that. I'll probably get one of those too, sometime in the future. As for our younger friend (@Duff) banging on about eye wear I would go nothing less than wearing my ESS goggles.
  11. Yeah I'm kind of like that with looks, I think its the old business end that looks like you can add a suppressor to it! I mean 020 Mag raves about it, but the price is quite high and the mags aren't too far behind the price of the pistol, so for 3 mags you're looking at £120 on top.
  12. The one I got has 2 straps, and is identical to this one http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/half-face-airsoft-masks-and-protection/nuprol-shades-lower-face-mesh-mask-bundle-green.htm#.WsEcKS7wa70
  13. The face mask is identical to the one in the shops. I even took it in to compare the two.
  14. Yeah I like TM and WE equipment. I was thinking of getting this as a secondary weapon.
  15. That is a no good to anyone comment.... But I like the answer LOL
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