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  1. I've heard that as a general rule of thumb but I can't bag a mag worse than the one I have
  2. Actually not a bad idea could of got a y&p GG version for same price of bbguns4less but no spare mag XD
  3. Thought of returning but no point I'll send it off they will sort out the scratches but send me the same style mag back it's a horrible design currently looking on amazon for a spare don't have the money to be paying for shipping ATM
  4. Just with them been able to buy bulk I thought it could of worked a few squids cheaper but say you pay 20 for your bbs they can get you the same bbs but for the price of 15-17 subscription the subscrib cost would have to be cheaper than all the items singular if that makes sense
  5. The bulbs I have are nuprol ones I just checked the tops and there concave. That's amazeballs I thought with it been 105 it would of been a different gun altogether. I shall have to purchase one of the GG mags and see how I get on with it hopefully the gun will get a bb to leave the barrel. Just atm im on a budget and some pistols cost nearly as much as my FAL thank you for your help much appreciated I'll update once I get the new mag thanks again
  6. Hmm I use amazon for a lot of stuff and get in advance but I do often forget to order stuff and if I forgot to order supplys this would come in helpful and there bbs are all varied in price on mamazon I seen a bottle of nuprol rzr for over £100 XD but if if you could provide top notch bbs at a cheaper price in the box I think I'd sign up but you'd need to add things like patches etc little stuff and oddities you can't get anywhere else maybe be if you sent the subscriber an item such as a grenade(example) on the date they joined or monthly gift boot sock cool gift idk just spitballing to do a weapon box is a great idea but you would get a Doyle like me with a FAL good luck trying to find bits for that XD You could be on to something with this. specially if you kept it small like zample box (vape thing) e.g 2000 bbs smoke or two scope protector lense just ideas hope this helps
  7. I thought for the price and a first pistol BARGIN oh how wrong I was. Wouldn't be arsed if it was something I broke on it or got to use it 😂 could always leave it lying about during game play enemy: oh look a gun! Hit
  8. https://gun-fire.co.uk/product-eng-1152191465-Pistol-GC104.html Hi there all really need help with this one sort of at a loss the problem is. orderd this and it came Tuesday when I tried to load the Co2 it leaked and the valve at the back was loose also. Looked on youboob for a fix and all I saw was a bit of plumbers tape I'm yet to try this as it looks like it works for some guns and not others I'd really like to know if anyone is able to tell me what mag would fit this gun(can provide pic) if possible or has anyone else had this problem with a gun that should of been brand new thank you kindly
  9. Ordered a few little bits of them a sling gloves and a pouch also ordered a pistol from them an src-gc-104 opening the box noticed scratches on the trigger (not a problem as it would of happend anyway with use) the mag however leaks like hell used 2 capsules of co2 to try solve this on the second cap the valve on the back of the mag was so lose it sprayed bbs all over inside the gun the gas releas valve had also been causing damage inside the mag well a big enough gauge to make me realise hang on these pucks may have given me a second hand gun (angry face) to try and make a complaint was difficult given the fact I can't read polish and it kept leading me in circles was frustrating. I've emailed them twice no reply but bummed would anyone be able to tell me what mag would fit it this gun (m9) or how to fix the leaky problem the valve is an easy fix just needs tightening im sorry for this been a novel and thank you
  10. https://gun-fire.co.uk/search.php?text=&pricelimitmin=&pricelimitmax=&promo=y&instock=y&menu_alt[1_1]=&menu_alt[1_2]=&menu_alt[1_3]=&producer_alt=&sort=date&order=a loads of bargains on there pretty good prices as well Easter only tho
  11. Hey guys not sure where this belongs but I got a question about upgrade My guns at 310fps would a simple hop/bucking upgrade get it closer to 340? second question if legal field limit is 350 for aeg 500+ for snipers at what point is a dmr needed from what I've found out if you use a dmr you have to wait to simulate a bolt pull now I'm interested in this for future weapon reference as I want a svd but want the double tap capability so it would be at the 350 limit. could I double tap the rifle or would it be frowned upon?
  12. Nice pic yeah I noticed that about the LCT it was a little out of my budget thats why I went JG after a little reading up about them don't get me wrong I love the FAL seems solid and looking to be a great starting gun that'll keep and change as needed but just the battery space isn't great im curious to as if I could do this to the FAL but I thinks it's Made from aluminium I'll have to check
  13. I choose the JG FAL over the G3 instant regret seeing this XD
  14. Really nice job the mag looks pretty as hell
  15. Ah sweet I'll have to look that place up thanks buddy I was aware of a few close buy but ain't found that one. Have you played district 23 yourself?
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