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  1. Looking at the next visit for the SE Tour Reviews. Looking at Dragon's Lair in Essex, Reforger and Red 1 School in Watford. 

    What are your guys experience of them? I cant believe how close Reforger and Red 1 School are...


    Does Red 1 still not have to top two floor available due to the film crew?

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    2. clumpyedge


      @Prisce thats a weird reason to ban someone and a little bit stalkerish if they follow what groups people are in on facebook? It does look small but loads of people say you have to go once to make your own mind up, seems to always have a pretty decent attendance.

    3. Prisce


      Well my team mate rang the owner and asked if he was included in the ban(he had his Ukara registered to DL) and the owner just said Anyone associated with said person is banned, including you and he put the phone down. 


      You have met the Team mate in question by the way, and you’d agree he isn’t the sort to be trouble. It was just incredibly childish of the site owner.



      On another note for the site, we did play some good games there, but the clientele weren’t very happy when we played the games to the rules and out smarted them.

    4. clumpyedge


      Well.... That's a shitter. Not really how I personally would conduct a site but hey, their site, their rules. A blanket ban judged off of a perception of one player seems a bit much though. I'd book on under a different name and e-mail address 🤣


      I've been to a few sites where the attitude changes from the regulars when the "away" team starts whipping them.

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