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  1. i ask for kit suggestions and everyone in here crying over strobe lights like the strobe just slapped your mum in the face XD one guy every crying over bike lights like wtf? thanks to lozart for actual suggestions on lights even if you did kinda call me a dick xd
  2. yes they warn on tv but they don't remove them i assumed that you would be allowed it and if you have such problems to do your research to see if there will be strobes there or not but apparently not i will contact the site i want to visit to check if they are allowed as it doesnt state you arent allowed them on the sites rules section.
  3. yes this is a good point i didnt even know some sites dont allow them is there a reason behind this? if they arent allowed id be looking for suggestions for a normal torch aswell
  4. I don't really have a budget but wouldnt really want to spend more than £100 on a light 😂 and it would be rifle mounted would also be looking for a cheaper one for my back up rifle so i can bring an friend along with me
  5. Any suggestions on lights/strobes for CQB? looking to get one and start cqb in the new year and recommendations would be appreciated.
  6. yes i dont think ill be playing much till next year when the weather starts to get nicer
  7. dont they need to be discharged to be stored away?
  8. Hello everyone, Just looking for some advice on what V to discharge my 11.1 3s lipo battery and my 11.1 3s Li-ion battery and what Amps to discharge at?
  9. i guess this is why they use barrel socks in the safe zone now
  10. I'm pretty new to airsoft and this is the site I've been playing at I've never had a problem with any of the staff or people massively cheating (do get some people who don't hit call but I'm sure that's the same with most sites) like mentioned above i don't think I've actually seen them chrono a gun but I've never found that anyone's guns to be firing super hot (that i can notice) always had a positive and pleasant experience with this site. Only thing i have noticed is the way they split the teams at the start of the day usually most of the regulars go on one team and if there aren't that many people there usually the other side gets stomped but if it is really one sided they do split the teams up after a game or 2. Saw someone mention above that the breaks in-between games can be up to half an hour that just isn't true from what I've seen its always 10mins in-between each round except for lunch which is an hour. all in all i like the site people and enjoy the games.
  11. From my knowledge you can own a RIF without a UKARA the UKARA is only if you are buying a RIF from a retailer. Pretty new to airsoft so would be better to get confirmation from a more experienced member. But from what i know its legal to own RIFs without a UKARA.
  12. Thanks for the replys people! i will look into getting one of the lipo safe bags above i already had a fire proof bag but it was just a cheapy and i seriously question if it would help if the lipos did decide to blow up 😂
  13. Hello came home after my airsoft session this week and threw my kit in the garage didn't think about where i was putting it as was tired from the day i came back today and the log burner is on full blast and my lipos were sat right near the log burner when i moved them away the lipo battery's themselves were quite hot to touch i was wondering what if any damage this could of done to them? they don't look like they have swollen or changed shape at all. will these be fine to use or should i look into replacing them?
  14. yah my gun doesn't take 11.1 but it was only a cheapy (£99) to get my up and running so i dont mind if it dies pretty quick XD just ordered a kwa Mod 1 which apparently is fine with 11.1 but thanks for the info i will look for one of these chargers now
  15. Hello people new airsofter here i recently picked up a 11.1v Li-Ion battery but am struggling to find a charger for it online can i charge it with my smart Lipo charger ? Any help would be appreciated.
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