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  1. Hi all, Just in reply to this I'm not completely satisfied with their customer service. Their reply was to replace the case with my next order (fair enough, a lot of shipping for just a case) but the part that got me was that they refused to accept that the scratch on the gun was a problem, in their opinion it "can't be a reason of complaint because it doesn't effect the working of the replica" I agree it doesn't effect the use of the gun but it was a gift for my dad so not a great experience overall.
  2. Yeah I didn't know the bit about the position marker because I didn't register because of the second issue you mentioned If it had said you can't see that information unless your buddies I would have signed up
  3. Well I don't have Facebook for that same exact reason. I didn't realise you could use this I'll do that I know it sounds crazy but you wouldn't believe the trouble social media causes for us Thanks for your help
  4. Yeah a few do and there is a lot of kids at my school that play. I thought that may be the case but I don't think it read that way when registering so I wants sure so didn't risk it. It absolutely is a reason not to register I know it sounds absurd but all it takes is someone to add you who's a student and as soon as they have personal contact information there's a real risk to your career. Hence when I thought anyone could see it I didn't want to register
  5. I really like this idea but stopped the sign up half way through, as a teacher I can't think of anything more terrifying than the idea of putting my name, address and contact details online haha! If you could limit the address to just a town, and have a built in contact system rather than having to put my contact information on there I would be very interested. But great idea! If this ever becomes the case I'll be straight on!
  6. I think what ImTriggerHappy is trying to say is that this is a question that gets asked repeatedly and some of the people who've been here longer than me get tired of answering it. Somewhat understandably! If you check out the stickied threads at the top of each sections there is some awesome guides to almost everything and if you can't find what your looking for just use the search bar in the top right!
  7. Sorry to necropost but I just received my big order from Taiwan gun, fast and very well packed with the possible exception of a well g194 1911 clone. I ordered 2 of these and one came perfectly packed, the other, the case was very damaged the gun was scratched and the had an issue when the slide was pulled back it didn't stay pulled back where the one that wasn't damaged did. so quick question 1) Is the slide supposed to stay back? which one is the defective one? ha! 2) What is their returns/replace/complaints system like?
  8. Evening All, Just a quick one really, I've tried searching for this but couldn't find the info or an appropriate thread to necro post on so started another. Just received this gun from Taiwan gun and it is a lovely piece of kit but I noticed it has a tapered barrel but I thought it was a copy of a VSR which can have the long paper barrel spacer mod but this wont be possible on a tapered barrel so my question is... Is this TM compatible but with a tapered barrel or have I ordered/received the wrong gun? Thanks for your time and sorry if its in the wrong place. cheers
  9. Just bought from Taiwan gun: CYMA CM701B VSR clone CYMA CM028 AK47 WELL g194 1911 style pistol Lots of other holsters and gear! CANT WAIT!!!!
  10. Is it just the vetran model that shoots at 390 as im not looking for it as a DMR? I just really like the look of the gun so a completely different model isnt really something id be up for but i am open to different brands
  11. Ahh, Thanks for that! I've not seen many at sites to ask anyone. Doesn't seem to be too popular
  12. Just FYI these are the two I'm looking at http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-rifles-c38/electric-rifles-c45/gr14-m14-black-p1499 and http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft/cyma-cm-032-m14-aeg-rifle-black.htm#.V-AMzfkrKM8 and its an £80 not £70 Thanks
  13. Evening, I really like the look of M14 (not the EBR ones) guns so I think it will be my next purchase, tried searching the forum but cant find anything about M14's on here! Just wondered if anyone had one of either of these two brands or had experience with them as the CYMA is £70 cheaper than the G&G one and I cant seem to figure out where the extra £70 comes from as I dont think G&G are that much better than CYMA are they? Anyway thanks for your help!
  14. Fair point bud I was more curious if thwy had to be used in a launcher or they could be thrown etc is what i meant by how do thwy work but i could have posed it better! I'm guessing then they dont have a huge range either from what people are saying? Just seemed odd to me they seem to be sold everywhere but not used a lot, thought I must have been missing something ha!
  15. Thanks bud that's really helpful, I assumed it was either a quality issue or something to do with them coming out too fast so a health and safety thing
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