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  1. Who said it would? (Not being a dick although it sounds like it)
  2. Hi all, I had some issues with my G&G combat machine. It was firing at about 280 on 0.2s so took it to pieces and noticed a very poor air seal all over really but mostly between nozzle and cylinder head. I replaced this with a new double o ring nozzle and the air seal was spot on put a new rubber in while I was there. Took it to a CQB site last week and it was firing at 315 on 0.25s HOWEVER when the mag is pulled forward it fires okay but occasionally double fires and rarely one rolls out the end out ten feet. When the mag is just pushed in most go about ten feet
  3. That's a great idea! Yeah I've played 2 games since Christmas but I'm a bit of a tourist I tend to play all over the place. When I got my UKARA a few years ago I played at the same site all the time. That's interesting about the FOI. To be honest I might just go to the same place for a while to get it. I have an AK i can use until I get it again but It's a pain in the arse.
  4. Haha that maybe sounded a little nieve I meant does it go somewhere to be collected or anything like that or do you just get a call that what I've ordered has been destroyed.
  5. Morning All, I'm looking to get a new RIF from TG but as I haven't played for a while (about 2 years) and I'm starting up again i don't have my UKARA. I had it previously but it will have lapsed now. If I order from TG using my old UKARA number what's the likelihood it will get through customs? And if it doesn't will it be held until I can renew my UKARA or will it just get disposed of? I'm thinking the answer will be just to wait until I get my UKARA but curious if anyone else has experience of this.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! I've ordered the 680mAh 7.4v AEP lipo from Taiwangun so I'll let you all know if it's fitted okay and how well it worked
  7. This is really minor but I have my first cqb game next week and there's some dark areas. Was looking at a pressure pad torch but didn't fancy paying £20 or whatever incase I didn't like it so modified this £1 petrol station torch using a bit of an old biro! VID-20200215-WA0006.mp4
  8. Probably because I have absolutely no experience with real weaponry but am I the only person who sees all of these different styles and can only basically see M4 AK or other? 😂 Probably not the right audience to admit that too to be honest!
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone's been here since it's move to new venue. I went to the old one and absolutely LOVED the setup and the guy who owned the place seemed lovely but I only went twice as they were a little slack with their safety and there was little to no chronoing and some of the guns were spicey to say the least and for can that's just not cricket. Just wondering if anyone's been recently and if this has changed at all because the new venue looks great!!!! Cheers
  10. Not to thread hijack because I'm finding all of these really interesting! What is this about? Are mesh goggles inherently unsafe? I run some now and again but probably won't if they're dangerous 😕
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. @Steveocee your probably right, I like to fix parts rather than replace though that's all but on reflection I'll probably order a m100 spring. My only problem is I KNOW the spring in it now is shooting 380fps and I KNOW if I remove some coils it will be less. I don't know what spring is in though so if I replace it with m100 and it fires at say, 355 I'll have to replace it again which isn't a problem but it means yet again I won't be able to play with it on a game day and as I have big gaps (3-6 months) between games that's a bit of a pain (had the
  12. Hi all, I have a CYMA AK from TG that fires ar around 380fps. I'm after a quick home fix to get it down and I think either taking a coil or two of the spring or short stroking the piston would give me the effect I'm after is this the case? Also I know I could just buy a new spring but I LOVE taking things to pieces and finding fixes myself so that's the reason for the DIY job. Also means I can shim the gears and other bits and pieces while I'm in there. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply but I've actually fixed it since posting this. Took it to bits last night and the nozzle had an awful seal with the cylinder head which was causing 280fps. Much better since I changed the nozzle!
  14. Ahhh I see. Thanks for the quick replies guys. I suppose it's the old adage that it's the consistency of lower priced items that's the worst. I only play once every 3-4 months so if it did last a while it could have been a viable solution instead of investing heavily in something I don't use much. I'm happy with my combat machine for now though. It's pretty weak but does the job!!!
  15. Just a quick hypothetical. When people say and 11.1v lipo will shred a cheap gearbox, what's a realistic lifespan? So for example, £60 CYMA M4 from Taiwangun, 11.1v lipo. Are we talking 10 games or ten mins? This is purely hypothetical I'm just curious as it seems to me at something like ten games £6 a games not bad even if it gets wrecked.
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