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  1. Anyone had dealings with these guys to buy rifs?
  2. Me and my boy putting a bit of Nam amongst all that MTP🤣 And when it gets cold!
  3. Hello Collective! I'm looking at adding an svd to my little Russian loadout, does anyone have experience with the King Arms svd any pros-cons?
  4. Really want it all apart!
  5. Anyone have either a link to or a video of how to take down/ strip an A&K M60? TIA
  6. Anyone have recommendations for a Russian style optic/scope to suit an AK74?
  7. rsvpiper


    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    What E&L AK74's are out there for sale


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    WE M16a1 comes with 8 gas tight mags gun has TNT tight bore barrel flamingo 60A bucking omega nub angry gun hop chamber Ra-Tech NPAS bolt and hard kick spring kit, Guns been given a rub over to give it a worn combat look You'll need a valid defence UKARA or reenactment group ID I'll ship at buyer's cost or you can collect at Blackhills airsoft Chesterfield Any questions please ask


    Dronfield, Derbyshire - GB

  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Never been skirmished just been shot on the back garden, Will post at buyers expense or collected from black hills airsoft Chesterfield


    Dronfield, Derbyshire - GB

  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    3 months old as new never skirmished comes with 1 x high cap, battery no charger Can collect at Blackhill Chesterfield or I'll post at buyer's expense


    Dronfield, Derbyshire - GB

  11. It was well stuck, the guides on each side damaged all the anodised coating off and the nozzle was twisted slightly! Ive returned it now the guys at Skirmishshop👍
  12. Strange that its the bolt that gone though, its totally siezed up
  13. Well that was an interesting day, ive fitted a new nub and flamingo 60A added a TNT barrel and replaced the standard bolt assembly with a Ra-Tech NPAS aluminum nozzle and steel bolt, took it down to my local shop to check the fps and it ran well however half way through the Saturday skirmish it began to smash up bb's in the chamber and then totally locked up the bolt😡 before it was put in the bolt was oiled, I've emailed the people who supplied the bolt skirmshop.co.uk looking for a replacement bolt but not had any reply as yet! Oh the joys of airsoft!
  14. Ordered a new hop up rubber and a complete bolt assembly as I'm working on both of them are playing up! Took it out for a shooting session yesterday and it's shooting really short then good then short again. Hopefully I'll have it sorted for Saturday 🤞
  15. Yes the dead man works fine, Could be the gas was old stock and has lost some of its power!
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