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  1. So I'm after some parts for a VFC/Umarex HK417 gass blowback. I need some magazines (20rd) and the gas nozzle assembly. To give you an idea, magazines are these: http://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=searchItem&item=vfc-hk417-gbb-magazine&search=searchItem&rs=hk417&catid=&cat=&view_choice=a loading nozzle assembly is this http://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=searchItem&item=vfc-original-parts--hk417-gbb-loading-nozzle-set&search=searchItem&rs=hk417&catid=&cat=&view_choice=a No-one in the UK has them. WGCShop have the mags but the price of delivery is about the same as one mag...
  2. One of the reasons we shifted to using customer's ammo weights. Can you really expect someone to dial a PDI hop off for chrono and have it reset in time for the game? Add joule creep to the mix and it makes so much more sense not to doggedly use a 0.2 for everything. We made a chart up which gives the max fps for each BB weight at each of the three limits we use which stays with the chrono. Check weight, check hop is set correctly with a couple of test shots down range, check fps, check it's within the limit on the chart. Simple. Quite possibly the most painful hit I've ever taken was from a gun I know was running under 1 joule at about 20 metres away. The guy wasn't using anything heavier than a 0.25g but it hit me square on my skull and made an amazing crack sound. Luckily I have a very thick skull...
  3. We run at Tuddenham two weekends every month, usually the second and last. Every time there's a five weekend month we gain or loose synch with fortnightly sites...
  4. Simple answer, Check the violent crime reduction act 2006 in particular section 36 (what you can't do) and section 37 (which lists the exemtions). Unless you are going to use it for one of the things listed in section 37 then you will find it very difficult to obtain one. Unfortunately, target shooting or wall hanging aren't considered good enough reasons. Get air weapons instead, or join a target shooting club so you can get real guns.
  5. What you have to remember is that although UKARA does not appear in UK legislation, it has been approved by the Home Office as a method that retailers can use to be reasonably certain that a defence under section 37 of the VCR Act applies to a sale which would otherwise be prohibited under section 36 of the same act. If someone ever got in trouble involving a RIF (let's imagine they used it in a terrorist attack of some sort as a worst case scenario) and the sale was traced back to a retailer, the retailer would say they had good reason to believe that a section 37 defence applied to the sale because the player had an active UKARA entry. I can almost guarantee that the investigation would then focus on the site who authorised the UKARA entry and the site operator would then be required to prove that the person in question had actually attended the required number of events as recommended by the Home Office to qualify as a regular skirmisher. The site operator would then be called upon to provide records to prove that they hadn't just stamped the forms fraudulently. Worst case scenario: the above happens, the site operator has no records, the whole system gets declared a farce and a sham and Airsoft gets flat banned.
  6. Is there another way to get a site forum area open as I got no reply from him either.
  7. Yeah, if you're still playing at the site which your UKARA is registered, the site simply has to log in and renew the entry. We do charge our standard fee of £10 for this (partly because we do it straight away either on site or via email or phone, and partly because we're the ones who will end up having to defend why we've authorised your entry if it ever goes to court). I should also mention that we usually advise people not to just renew UKARA every year as a matter of course if they're not planning on buying RIFS.
  8. We sell Geoffs on site: 0.2 for £8/3000 0.25 for £12/3000 0.36 for £12/1000 0.4 for £15/1000 He's hoping to introduce some 0.28 and 0.3 into the range soon as well which I'm looking forward to.
  9. 310fps (assuming that's on 0.2g BBs) is fine. 350fps is a hard line in the sand not to be exceeded rather than a target to aim for. I've seen plenty of guns running at 280 fps with decent range and accuracy, try not to get too hung up on hitting 340fps+. Especially if you play CQB sites, anything over 300fps is a lot more painful than it needs to be. If you play mostly woodland or open spaces then I can understand why you may want the extra power, I would switch to 0.28 or even 0.3 if you haven't already to see an increase in accuracy.
  10. That's where we take ours into. If we get lucky they get done later that day or near next, if there's a load in the queue they might take a week. The ideal method is to take it in personally if possible so you know they've had it.
  11. The most important question which I can't see is "what do you plan to do with it and where?"
  12. Looks like you're going to have to fill out another form and send it in. Try recorded delivery this time so you know they've got it. This is one of the reasons we charge an administrator fee for UKARA registrations - we will personally take your form into a UKARA retailer to get it entered on the system and chase it up for you afterwards. Longest wait with us is usually 2 weeks.
  13. Never had an issue with them not fitting, you've either got a faulty one in which case you should return it, your rail is a weird size or you're somehow fitting it wrong. If you have an L85 it's possible that it's an 18mm rail on it rather than a 20mm rail in which case some sights might not clamp on properly. Standard weaver/picatinny rails are 20mm. Real steel L85 and some Airsoft versions (including WE) are 18mm.
  14. Next time you're at Tuddenham I'll show you the Turnigy chargers. We use the big ones that can do four batteries at once, but they're basically just four units in one box. I have a Turnigy Accucell 6 which is an awesome bit of kit and will charge all sorts of different batteries, remind me and I'll show you how they work.
  15. Problem is things like Nuprol for example. The last batch we had through were excellent - virtually no problems with them at all. The latest batch (which thankfully we missed out) on were apparently so bad that Nuprol have pulled them and are sending out tracer BBs instead (which again seem to be ok, although people have had problems with previous batches) Also - when I first put a tightbore in my TM SR16 (like 12 years ago) it wouldn't feed anything except Marui BBs, despite all the other brands being fine in every other gun. Now it's worn it will take anything I feed it although I've never put cheapo nasty stuff in it. Brands like Marui, G&G, Excel, Blaster etc seem to be consistently good quality in my experience. We stock a brand called "Geoff's" which have consistently been problem free and are reasonably priced. They are imported by a guy called Geoff (shock) from one of the major factories and rebranded as his own.
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