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  1. MP5er

    Airsoft World

    My first time buying from this company and I had fantastic service. Bought a Dan Wesson revolver, WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle and some accessories. I placed my order at about 1.55pm on Monday, it had dispatched within 2 hours and arrived after lunch on Tuesday very well packaged. Couldn’t be happier with the service and communication overall.

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    Up for sale is my old school TM MP5K which I bought from a work colleague 15 years ago!! I've only ever used it at home, and only a handful of times to be honest. The previous owner did use it for indoor skirmishes but cherished the old thing. I'm ordering a WE GBB version of this so it needs to go unfortunately. It's in very good external condition for it's age and shoots as it should. Comes with an almost new Nuprol 8.4V 1600mAh Ni-MH stick battery fitted. The charging handle is for show when the battery is installed, it's used to help push the stick battery out. The wiring connectors are underneath the fore grip (see pics). Standard short mag and Hi-cap mag included too. The Hi-cap mag has a fill window and scroll wheel, chart mag requires a speed loader or a lot of patience! I don't know it the internals have ever been changed over it's life, and also I have no idea what FPS it is as I don't own a chrono. All I know is it's under powered compared to my G&G CM16 raider-S going by the target box penetration. By UK Law I will need to see proof of an active defence. Site membership, current UKARA email and skirmish pics etc. Cash on Collection only please, thanks for looking.


    Daventry - GB


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    Here is my TM Desert Eagle 10". I've only owned it for about a month, I purchased it from the Grange skirmish site shop on a whim. At the time of buying I didn't realise the WE/Cybergun licensed Desert Eagle existed. I've just ordered one of those now so this is up For Sale or Swap as I only want one of each model. I've used it twice at home, all working fine but the magazine is tricky to fill up, hence the asking price. It doesn't seem to make a good seal with the can and you lose some gas from the can while filling.I don't have the tools to adjust the valve on the mag. Gun itself functions as it should though with a very nice kick! The top of the box is a bit scuffed (see pic) but other than that everything is included as per a new one. Being a TM it's up to you if you use Green Gas, but this does have a plastic slide! The gun has a good weight to it though, even without the mag in. I would be interested in swaps with any GBB pistol models i don't own from TM, WE, ASG etc. Just let me know what you've got. No two tones or bashed & scratched up ones though! By UK Law I will need to see proof of an active defence please. Site membership, active UKARA email and skirmish pics etc. Cash on Collection only please, thanks for looking.


    Daventry - GB


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    Here is my G&G CM16 raider-S which I bought from Patrol Base on the 30/09/18. I used this for a few skirmishes at the Grange while working up to my UKARA. I now have my defence number and I'm going over to GBBR's from now on. I had a lot of fun using this rifle though, perfect beginner skirmish rifle! It's in 'As New' condition and has been looked after over the few months I've had it. The stock magazine holds around 300 BB's with the scroll wheel on the bottom, fill window on the top. The rifle will also come with: VP Racing 9.6V, 1600mAh Ni-MH crane stock battery ASG intelligent Auto-Stop charger Brand New Nuprol 370 round Stanag Hi-cap magazine (Please note: this mag requires some filing on the mag catch slot lower lip as it currently doesn't lock in place) No defence required but I would like to see proof of age please, as per UK Law. 18+ only. Cash on Collection only please, thank you for looking.


    Daventry - GB

  5. I think I'm going to place an order very soon, I really need the GHK M4!!
  6. Thanks for the info Roger, ironically I got my UKARA email a couple of hours after posting this thread! The shopping spree begins!
  7. Oh right, I didn’t realise that! Thank you
  8. I have a WE hi-capa 5.1 Dragon and I love it to bits! Very punchy and good on gas even when fairly cold. I’ve never had any trouble with WE guns but some say their QC can be a bit hit and miss sometimes. Always easy to strip down and work on though.
  9. You could try a Blackhawk Omnivore. They get good reviews and they say their holsters accept up to 150 different pistol types. They also make a wide one for attachments too. I haven’t tried one myself though.
  10. Hi everyone, I filled out my UKARA forms at my local skirmish site on the 25th November but so far haven’t received the defence email. The site said they are happy to verify me over the phone, but I haven’t found any online stores that are willing to do that. Is this an ok method when purchasing from the forum classifieds or do I still have to wait for the number? I've bought a few guns from the skirmish site shop but they are closing down so didn’t have much stock left, I really want a gbb rifle before my next game day!! Im not going to have much money left now I’m hooked to airsoft!! Lol Thanks in advance :)
  11. That’s brilliant thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realise you could go to a range like that. My house and private area of the garden aren’t very long so I will struggle setting the sights to any real distance, I’ll have to try a place like that.
  12. Thank you, I’m so glad I finally went to one I’m really looking forward to getting the rifle this week so I can have a practice on my targets before the next game, and get used to the reflex sights.
  13. There were photos being taken so I’ll keep an eye out for them. I only did the half day and it was just right to be honest, I managed to run about and enjoy it but had a sore ankle in the afternoon. Next time I won’t run and jump around as much! The games were really good fun, there were over 50 people I heard someone say, so lots of action going on everywhere. The gun was pretty useless so I’ve ordered a G&G raider-S to take with me for now. Once I get a RIF I’ll keep that one as a backup and swap over the attachments to the new one. The staff were really nice and very helpful regarding questions and UKARA info.
  14. I had such a great time at my first skirmish! Totally hooked now, booked up my next 2 sessions to see me up to my UKARA sign up. Then it’s time to buy some nice kit and guns
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