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  1. I know the Daytona in that list was bought by someone on AFUK (Go back a few pages) and is currently up for sale. If the list price is to be believed then the guy who bought it and is now selling it on has added £200 on to the price. That'd be more of a reason to complain than that listing. That being said Daytona's cost £1200-1500 depending on the version you get and work done for the install so most than justified in the price.
  2. If someone wanted to give me a well equipped lab and pay me enough money to work on it, sure why not? 🤣 Else I'll stick to my current plan of finish my research project and then leaving to greener pastures.
  3. Research scientist by trade (Biochemistry if any one cares for specifics). First off lets address what you can do. Return the items - you've got a 30 day window and are well within your rights to do. Email them and state that you want to return the items for a full refund under the consumer goods act 2015. State the reason for the return (mouldy items) and send a picture as proof in the same email. Secondly with the advice on how to clean and if its okay to wear the items. Mould releases spores which can be harmful to your health. If you want to risk it, then by all means go ahead. Its your choice, but depending on the type of mould you'll be fine or made seriously ill. There's no way for you to identify if the mould growing on your stuff is a really harmful species or not outside of a lab test. Isopropyl alcohol is not guaranteed to kill the all mould and will do absolutely nothing to the spores. Moulds are fungi and they are very resilient, far more so than simple bacteria etc, they'll have little trouble with alcohol. If you want to be sure the mould is gone you need either wash at the highest temperature possible for the garment (don't bother if you can't wash at 50 or higher, won't help). Use wash detergent as normal. Pre treatment is a good idea, Borax, white vinegar or bleach. I'd go with the first two simply because the later tends to fairly damaging to clothing and will make colours fade or completely strip them. NEVER MIX VINEGAR WITH BLEACH. You'll produce Chlorine gas which is highly corrosive, and if you breath that stuff in, it'll form hydrochloric acid on contact with water. Your body is 70% water.
  4. Ah right, didn't scope his profile out. Yeah, that's definitely suspect and regardless or use or not. If you're not a retailer its 2nd hand and price needs to reflect that.
  5. What makes you reckon he'd bought at wholesale prices? Curious to know how you judge or you just going off he's selling exactly at common retail price? Hopefully he see this and decides to be reasonable and adjust his price. Hell I even did the maths for him and provided proof I ain't pulling my new price out my ass. We'll see though.
  6. Links to a retailer selling the gun for £399 Except everyone knows you look for the cheapest reputable retailer you can find. In this case, airsoftimports for £299, another option is milspecsolutions for £329 - both brand new with retailers warranty. Both of these also come with the stock ACR stock which folds, has 7 positions and an adjustable cheek riser compared to the buffer tube version of his. I'd say the stock...stock is superior to traditional M4 buffer tube stocks. Double points since this is a AEG version so the extra mags don't really add much value compared to GBB mags (IMO - maybe being harsh here? Let me know what you guys think). Going by the 60% retail price of cheapest you can find it (lets be generous) 329*0.6 = £198
  7. Just realised my link was wrong in the previous post, updated it now but I'll post it here too! Abus 64ti/50 That one should actually fit, the prior one is far too small. My bad!
  8. AFAIK there aren't any exact clones of the hone badger, each airsoft version does something a little different. In the G&G case, its the front hand guard, its more rounded in profile compared the current gen honey badgers though there are images that show a more rounded hand guard for the RS version too. I think for airsoft its a matter of close enough. People like the look overall (I suspect the integral look of the suppressor with a profile matching rail) and since no military uses them as issue weapons no one is trying to make an exact replica for imitation purposes.
  9. Oh oh oh! I've got a honey badger too! G&G PDW15 - AR. Externals: Repro Vortex UH-1 & VMX-3T magnifier PDW stock switched to buffer tube and PTS EPS stock Fortis shift grip PTS MOE grip Internals: Fusion Engine (Green nozzle, red poppet) Maxx Hop unit Maxx adjustable trigger SLR gold dummy bolt Maple leaf Macron 50 degree hop rubber Lambda Five (6.05mm ID) 303mm inner barrel (Claims a 1 micron finish and having looked down the barrel I'd believe it)
  10. Just a some general advice on padlocks, those laminate design ones are fairly useless because they're relatively easy to pry apart between each stack. Stick with single piece designs. I use these style padlocks They fit my pelican case and are robust enough for my purposes (prevent accidental opening and deter opportunistic thiefs). I tend to keep my case locked between games etc. Its can be a pain at times yes, but I'd rather not risk my rifs which I've sunk a lot of money into. Also being of brown skin complexion, I absolutely don't want some rando member of the public seeing a RIF because the case opened accidentally or purposefully and then putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 (CTSFO). That I suspect would be a very unpleasant experience at best and at worst... As mentioned above, for simply stopping young kids getting at your nice toys a zip tie or those combination TSA luggage locks would do the trick. Alternatively put some thing heavy on the case that the kids won't be able to shift if they're young enough 😁

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    Looking to purchase a broken WE MSK GBBR (non functioning internals) but with the body it self still being in good condition. Need replacement body parts for my own MSK. Ideally looking not to pay more than £100-150 but willing to have sensible offers made.


  12. Encore


    What rail covers are those?
  13. Again, I've got to recommend dye i5's they are designed to let you wear glasses indeed them. The foam that seals around you face (think of large goggles, the foam as a similar outline in where it sits against you face) has openings at the temples to allow the frames for glasses to pass through, without pressing them into your temples. As for RX inserts in goggles, I've tried these too. I tend to find they don't limit field of view any more than glasses do. Sure right at the extremes (eyes rolled all the way to the edge of their range) you'll not be looking through the lens but I find it's usually more comfortable to turn my head slightly than to roll my eyes that far for more than a quick glance. I'd say RX inserts for goggles/ballistic glasses will cover 80-90% if not more of your field of view.
  14. Huge sale at ehobbyasia. I've heard there closing down but can't confirm if this is true but they've got massive discounts across most their products https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/?SID=m6ob3j963b68m3unjbemph3dc5
  15. Hey, I think this is the loadout your looking for. Stalker/metro 2033 outfit The look fairly similar to the monolith outfit to me. Could I get a gear list for your contractor loadout? Cheers!
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