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  1. Oh shit, that's gucci. I wish they'd cloned the 4T as well. That backward slope on the bottom mounting point is not gonna look to great on a unity fast riser imo and as we all know, airsoft is equal parts a fashion show as much as its a sport. Maybe even more so the former.
  2. 4C Clone? What's the search terms for it? I can only ever find aimpoint clones unless you're talking about the vector optics stuff
  3. Fingers crossed, looking from something that looks a little different than all the aimpoint t1/t2 clones. Hoping they clone the Unity FTC magnifier mount soon as they've cloned the riser already!
  4. Any charger from ISDT is far better than anything I've seen on offer in the RC world and certainly anything from the Airsoft world. Key thing is a very easy to use UI. Don't have to worry if I hit the battery type button 3 times or 4 times etc.
  5. That's not an AKM lower, that's a 5.56/M4 lower.
  6. Okay, so writing up my notes is taking longer than I expected and I've got a bunch of work to do this week. I haven't forgotten and I will upload all the work I've done so far and my current BOM. Bare with me for anyone who is interested in this.
  7. I'll post the thread for the google later this evening. Dug out all my plans but need to type them up properly. As for protecting the design, the basic premise has already been used in snow goggles so I doubt I could patent it and even if I could I don't have the time to turn it into a proper business. I'd rather share the design and those with the skills and/or give it ago spirit can take a crack at making there own. Else I'm going to try to find someone who could make these on a regular basis and people who'd rather buy a working item can buy from them (with a profit split with
  8. Yeah, I'll do that. I'll make a dedicated thread for all of this once I get all my plans and blueprints out.
  9. Could probably just do the exact same thing and cut the film to be lens shaped. The challenge on glasses would be where to stick all the electronics. For goggles I can just make a small compartment that sits on the band at the back like the battery packs for the fan assisted goggles.
  10. I've got the maths somewhere for all this. Let me just dig it out later today and I'll post it all up for you. Perhaps I should make dedicated thread for all this?
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=ito+pet+film&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=ito+film That's what I searched for on Ebay. the PET film is quite thin so I wouldn't work as a stand alone pane, in theory you could get a second len, get it ITO coated on the outer face and then put that behind the lens that'll take the bb hits.
  12. That effectively what I've done, I've got copper tape running round the edges of the film to ensure good electrical transfer across the film, film is then pressed tight to the lens and taped around the edges to keep it in place and in contact with the lens. I just bought a sheet of ITO coated PET film and cut it to shape to fit tight on the back of my revision goggle lens.
  13. I'll get pictures just as soon as I've got my final prototype assembled (made a few test rigs but they were just to prove the concept, think flat sheet of polycarb inside a box one the back open to mimic goggles) I'm just waiting to get my hands on a soldering iron to put the final goggles together in a non kludge and ghetto way. Should have them setup and working as an end product soon. I want them done by the time winter rolls round this year so I can unleash hell upon the fog blinded masses at my local games 😈 My plan is to find someone who could make them on request for people
  14. Well it helps having friends who do electrical engineering and stuff for far more complex stuff. I'm currently in the learn the genera basics about circuits because I've never had to think about them since I did my GSCE's. I think most things are a function of how willing you are to learn and how readily the information you need to achieve you goal is available. All the info needed to make a gate titan like mosfet is out there, its just a matter of finding it and I have friends who could do this as a hobby project I can talk too. As for willingness to learn, I love doing stuff like this. In an
  15. I at one point owned a daytona MSK, so can answer you question about accuracy. A daytona is as good as any other HPA when it comes to range. Accuracy isn't as good but that's purely down to the fact the gun actually recoils and not because the hop is bad. If the daytona didn't recoil it'd be just as accurate as any polarstar/wolverine setup. As for realism, I think few things beat a GBBR on that front. I think the M4 daytona gets close with bolt stop etc but nothing is going to beat a GBBR like a GHK M4, they're about as close to real steal as you can get without owning the real d
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