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    G&G PDW15 (P* FE)
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    General issue MTP Ubacs + trousers with WAS recon plate carrier
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    The Stan (RIP)
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    Ground Zero (NAE)
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    PTS Magpul MOE Stock

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    PTS Magpul MOE stock, never used in new like condition. No Trades accepted Price includes postage (inside the UK & Ireland) and paypal fees (not passed on to the buyer, will eat the cost in the transaction price)


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    3 Genuine PTS PMAGs for sale. Used but still work flawlessly. 2 mags are marked for ID purposes but markings are hidden when mags are inserted in mag well or in mag pouch (see image) Price is all in (postage and fee's included)


  3. What you need to do, my friend, is use a mail forwarding service. Pack up something you own, post it out to a forwarding service with the final delivery address set as your own. Boom, all the thrill of a delivery without adding new stuff to the collect. Cheaper than a new rif too!
  4. Encore

    PTS EPM1

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    PTS EPM 1 (x4) magazines. Each mag can hold and feed 250 rounds. Mid cap design (no winding wheel or pull cord) so they do not rattle when running. In good condition. Markings (numbers on sides and lettering on base plate) can be removed with nail polish remover. Will not split magazines. Price includes postage (inside the UK & Ireland) and paypal fees (not passed on to the buyer, will eat the cost in the transaction price)


  5. Time Left: 2 days and 20 hours

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    Dytax Surefire Warden suppressor. Thread's directly on to barrel. Supports Acetech lighter S installation inside suppressor (Cut out in collar provides access to power button) Markings Read as SureLiar (comes like that from Dytac) Price includes postage (inside the UK & Ireland) and paypal fees (not passed on to the buyer, will eat the cost in the transaction price)


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    Clone Vortex SPARC

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    Clone Vortex SPARC, in perfect condition despite being used and works flawlessly. This is a CLONE. Price includes postage (inside the UK & Ireland) and paypal fees (not passed on to the buyer, will eat the cost in the transaction price)


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    Odin Speed loader

    Time Left: 2 days and 21 hours

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    Genuine Odin speed loader (EMG variant), Used but in good condition and working perfectly. Blue marking's (Yorkie and MH) can be removed with some nail polish remover if desired. Price includes postage (inside the UK & Ireland) and paypal fees (not passed on to the buyer, will eat the cost in the transaction price)


  8. Encore

    Wolverine MTW

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    Looking to buy a Wolverine MTW. Just want the gun, need an air tank, reg or line Price breakdown for my wanted price below (Happy to negotiate within reason): New MTW billet series = £620 (HighPressureAirsoft - in stock) £620 * 70% (common price for rif's second hand) = £434 Royal mail Special delivery (Large parcel, insured to £500) = 26.65 Paypal fees = £13.27 Total = £473.92


    - GB

  9. But they're not (a bit blunt, but not trying to be rude) both those two items, you say you have tested fitted so by definition they can not be brand new. You can say they're used but like new or open box but definitely not brand new. The general consensus on this forum tends to be unless its from a retailer, you don't class something as new even if unopened. Part of paying full retail price is the customer support and warranty they are legally obligated to provide. Something you as a private non commercial seller don't have to do. Again, not to familiar with the real steal market but I think the same rules still largely apply. Someone chime in if have more experience/info to offer.
  10. £22.55 from Brownell's (in OD green or black and brown) and a further £5.99 for delivery £28.54 total brand new (70% of retail would be £19.99) Strike 1 £31.90 again brownell's, £5.99 delivery. £37.89 total brand new (70% retail would be £26.52) Strike 2 £67.65 Brownell's, 5.99 delivery. Total £73.64 brand new (70% retail would make this £51.55) Strike 3, you're out! I get that it's real steal stuff but even at 80% of retail value those items seems a bit over priced to me. Those prices are so close to retail that I'd buy new just to the new item smell and the unboxing/opening experience of a new item. Maybe I'm being unreasonable here?
  11. Poor guy, gotta feel for the guy if he got ripped off but still doesn't excuse trying to rip off the next guy.
  12. Happy to share any knowledge I can! My first game with them will be on the 22nd so I'll let you know after then. Hamster's post once again does a perfect job explaining bb weight vs fps. Heavier bb's generally tend to be better if you can hop it and they're still moving quick enough to hit some faster than they can dodge it. The only exception being if you're at a matrix themed event where everyone wants to dodge bullets like neo 😂. Nope, just took the system that game with the G&G originally and fitted it to the fusion engine. Works a charm. Only thing that required work was filling down the G&G selector plate along its edges to fit inside the channels for the selection plate on the fusion engine.
  13. Bit late to the thread but my primary is a fusion engine'd G&G PDW15. I'll give my two cents on the body itself (PDW15) and the fusion engine, though Hamster's guide gives you all the info you'd need. I've added some more detailed info about alignment because I feel this is an often overlooked aspect of tuning HPA guns. Donor Body: G&G PDW15 AR Compatibility: The fusion engine dropped right in and sits perfectly in the body. I was expecting to have to do some work for have the engine sit and also line up with the hop unit properly but was pleasantly surprised when it was perfectly inline and level with the upper and hop unit. This is something you want to keep in mind with all HPA systems but can be a particular challenge with the fusion engine because unlike other drop in units that fit into the gearbox that comes with the gun (and hopefully lines up correctly with the hop unit) the fusion engine is a complete replacement of the gearbox. I've illustrated the issue below. This can be a oft overlooked part of getting any HPA setup tuned correctly. If you shine a light down the barrel, you want to see your nozzle sat directly in the centre with an even spacing around it to the barrel inner wall. Off centre will give you consistency issues and potential feeding issues. Off angle will give you feeding issues, limit rate of fire and wear your nozzle and barrel where they rub. Both issues can be corrected with correct shimming but it does take some work and effort to get perfect. You can also get clips that clip your hop unit to the front of the engine to ensure they line up, its just a matter of finding what works for you. Features: My body is fully ambidextrous with selector switches on both sides and mag release buttons on both sides. I really like this because it lets me switch hands and shoulders and still retain full functionality. I can reload left handed or right if I go dry, can switch to safe or full auto etc. This depends on your shooting style buts getting comfortable with firing from either shoulder/hand is something I highly recommend learning. Its a huge advantage when you come up against cover that would otherwise force you to expose more of yourself to shoot past. Build quality: My gun is CNC machined, though I'm not sure of the alloy used. However, whatever alloy they have used is solid. My gun has no wobble or flex at all and has taken the heavy use it see's well. Admittedly, I don't go punishing my gun and throwing it around but I'm not afraid to crawl with it; butt it up against cover to get steadier aim etc. The biggest thing for me, however, is there is zero and I mean zero wobble/flex between the upper and lower. Most AEG's because of the design rely on the front pin and the top/cylinder portion of the gearbox sitting inside the upper to keep it snug against the lower, there just no room for tabs at the rear of the upper to interface with the rear locking pin. Most gearboxes are cast and designed to work in a wide product family, so they don't have a snug enough fit in the upper to prevent wobble/flex. G&G got around this issue by creating a extended shelf that sits up against the buffer tube portion of the lower receiver (see image below). This extension ensures that the upper is properly held down against the lower. Again, this helps keep the alignment between the hop unit and nozzle/engine consistent while I run and gun. Fusion Engine My fusion engine is setup with the standard poppet valve and a green nozzle (primarily used for CSB at my local site). I get around 280(+/- 2-3) fps using 0.3g (1.09J). I was using Geoff's 0.3g bb's and it would shoot like lasers. I found 0.3g to be a nice compromise between weight and cost for CQB. Now I'll be the first to admit that 0.3g is a overkill for CQB but having my hop set to 0.3 meant I could go to a outdoor sight and be ready to roll without any fucking about with my hop or where my sights where zero'd at. It also meant that even if the guy I was shooting was wearing a think hoodie/PMC jacket with plater carrier, they'd feel my shots hit them even at the longest ranges I would be engaging at my local site (RIP The Stan). I'll be changing my setup to a red poppet and amped purple nozzle for increased shot efficiency and a higher FPS (aiming for around 310fps with 0.28g, 1.24J ) since I only have outdoor sights available to me now. I'm also switching to Valkyrie BB's on a trail basis since I've heard good things and a few friends who've tried them say they get better consistency with them. I'm going with 0.28g because they don't do 0.3's and their 0.32g are a bit too expensive for me right now. Regulator: Wolverine Storm - 40 - 140 PSI range. Nothing to say other than works perfectly with my fusion engine. If you've got any specific questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer but from what I've read so far you're on track for a good polarstar setup. The fusion engine was designed around VFC M4 bodies when it was being designed so should be as close to, if not, just drop in and go as you can get for a fusion engine though the Avalon is a newer model but I doubt much has changed in terms of internal dimensions. Finally, thank you for give me an opportunity to talk and gush about my hpa setup! 😁 I don't get to do it often but I really do love to do it when I can (I suspect we all just want someone to listen to us talk about airsoft endless, its why we're all on this forum after all!)
  14. My local would ask what weight you were firing, chrono you and then check on a conversion chart to make sure you were okay (saved the time of having to set the weight for every player and have the chrono show joules instead). Perhaps they did something similar. As opposed to NAE where they chrono on 0.2g and don't give a shit what you'll be firing. Case and point, my P* will fire 0.2g at 280 fps (0.73J) well below the 370 (1.3J) legal limit. However, simply changing to firing 0.3s and keep everything else the same (80psi on the reg) I'm how firing 300fps (1.25J). Close enough to the limit for my liking, what does the Marshall tell me? Go on mate, turn you reg up you've got plenty of fps to spare. This is after I tell him I'll be firing 0.3s. 🤯
  15. Prison's are designed to be able to be secure with a few guards as possible, they intentionally employ choke points, funnelling designs and are essentially inverse castles (designed to keep people in versus keep people out). I just don't think this is a good site for a large number of people. I think for prisons you need to design the event around the site. It needs to be asymmetric in terms of teams a few people as the guards who can lock down buildings etc and the rest as inmates trying to escape. That or you need to have far fewer players so they can't just lock everything down. My vote with 400 players on site is clusterfuck.
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