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    Looking to purchase a broken WE MSK GBBR (non functioning internals) but with the body it self still being in good condition. Need replacement body parts for my own MSK. Ideally looking not to pay more than £100-150 but willing to have sensible offers made.


  2. Encore


    What rail covers are those?
  3. Again, I've got to recommend dye i5's they are designed to let you wear glasses indeed them. The foam that seals around you face (think of large goggles, the foam as a similar outline in where it sits against you face) has openings at the temples to allow the frames for glasses to pass through, without pressing them into your temples. As for RX inserts in goggles, I've tried these too. I tend to find they don't limit field of view any more than glasses do. Sure right at the extremes (eyes rolled all the way to the edge of their range) you'll not be looking through the lens but I find it's usually more comfortable to turn my head slightly than to roll my eyes that far for more than a quick glance. I'd say RX inserts for goggles/ballistic glasses will cover 80-90% if not more of your field of view.
  4. Huge sale at ehobbyasia. I've heard there closing down but can't confirm if this is true but they've got massive discounts across most their products https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/?SID=m6ob3j963b68m3unjbemph3dc5
  5. Hey, I think this is the loadout your looking for. Stalker/metro 2033 outfit The look fairly similar to the monolith outfit to me. Could I get a gear list for your contractor loadout? Cheers!
  6. Okay, so there are two types of barrel in an Airsoft gun. The outer barrel and the inner barrel. Both are relatively easy to change. You don't have to change the length of the inner barrel if you don't want to/outside your budget for now but it's recommended. Especially if there is a large difference in size between your current barrel length and new barrel length. An inch or so difference, I'd say doesn't matter too much, any more and you'll have potential performance issues if your BB is being propelled with enough air to get it out of a X length barrel but your barrel is X+Y in length now. Ideally you want to have the air cylinder have enough air volume inside it to be able to completely displace all the air in your inner barrel. This means the BB is being pushed along the inner barrel for its entire length instead of only partially before having to rely on its down momentum to over come air resistance. If you do change the inner barrel be sure to make sure your air/piston cylinder is ported to match your new inner barrel length for proper air voluming. The outer barrel is the barrel that you can actually see when you look at a Airsoft gun. Changing this is straight forward. You simply remove your front rail and slide the outer barrel forward and then just slide the replacement in its place. Most airsoft guns (especially m4's) use the same style of outer barrel so any replacement should just slide in with the short guide rails lining up with the receiver guide slots. The inner barrel is easy to change but has extra steps involved. To change the inner barrel, remove the upper receiver from the lower, then slide the hopunit with attached inner barrel out the back. Set the hopunit to zero hop (crucial to avoid tearing hop rubber). You can tell when you've got zero hop when you look down the inner barrel and can see no protrusion into the channel from the hop rubber. On the hop unit you'll see a little c clamp/clip on the under side of the tube the inner barrel is in. Pop this clip off and slowly slide your inner barrel out. The hop rubber will most likely come off with the barrel. If it doesn't, gently pull it out after you've removed the inner barrel. Place the hop rubber on your new barrel (hop rubbers have a little ridge of rubber that's designed to fit in a small channel on the inner barrel to ensure the hop rubber is correctly rotated on the barrel). Slide the inner barrel into the hop chamber again and clip the c clip/clamp back into place. Insert the hop unit back into the reciver. Viola, you've just changed your outer and inner barrels to go with your new front rail. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi AFUKers (😂), Does any have any experience with battle axe PMAG midcaps? I'm trying to find some deceptive PMAG clones but all the ones that seems to have YouTube reviews are either rubbish or sold out (everywhere) Cheers!
  8. How many rounds can you get out of one of the buffer tubes style tanks?
  9. Best strategy would be to develop a field over time. Buy/rent land and build a good quality skirmish site and get good marshals to help build a good reputation. Then as finances allow, grow and expand the size of the site. I'd do it so each expansion was its own stand alone game field. E.G you could play a skirmish game on that one field and it's still be a good he field. But do so that when you combine all the fields into one big site. It's flows and plays well as a whole. The advantage doing to this was would be you could have a small core team of marshals on staff to run skirmish days every weekend and you'd just rotate between game fields each day/weekend. Then for big events were you use multiple or even all the game sites. You can hire in marshals and game leads for just those events instead of having them on staff all year round. Would help keep finances reasonable since you can charge more for the large events (100+) for help pay for the extra staff etc and then the rest of the time. Your just a normal skirmish site with average skirmish prices (£20-30 per game day) with lots of game fields to choose from.
  10. Depends. How often would the games be running over the course of a year and how long would a "game session" last? Multiday Weekender? I'd pay around what NAE costs depending now just how big the AO was and how good it was. Multiday game over 3 days and some nights 100+ easily. If it's once a year then I could pay more provided I had ample notice for game dates to plan and save around. Running every weekend as a continuous on going game scenario? £30-40 would be reasonable and affordable enough that I'd play more than once a few months. At that price range I'd personally go twice a month at least. With more disposalable income in the future, time allowing I'd be down most weekends. For something like that, I suspect the key point would be hitting a critical mass of players to make the game site financially viable.
  11. Aye. I heard of it but I want something more local because I'm a poor student and I've got no clue with how to travel with Airsoft rifles and frankly with my complexion, I wouldn't really want to try either. It'd be one misunderstanding from turning into a shit show, sadly.
  12. Having been to NAE this year. I can agree with the above sentiment. 2000+ players for a 175 acre site is actually too many. Objectives were mostly trench warfare with little movement for most the day. It wasn't so much skill that won a team an objective as much as it was how many players from each team at the objective decided to go else where or do something else and thus led to a numbers disadvantage/advantage. Don't get me wrong, it's lots of fun but you don't go to NAE to "win" as you might at a skirmish game or more likely at a milsim. I for one would be more interested in smaller games (average skirmish day to a few hundred players like a popular milsim perhaps) at unique and interesting sites/AO's. Airsoft at an abandoned/closed airport or at a powerplant site etc. The dream would be to find a billionaire and get them into the hobby, have them buy a sizeable private island and build small villages and maybe a small town on it. Nobody's using Guernsey right? 😂
  13. @ExArmy91 I'd advice caution with mesh goggles. While you can control the quality of your goggles to ensure they will take BB impacts etc you can not control what kind of ammo other people use. If someone firing cheap bb's hit your goggles and the BB shatters, the fragments may well pass through the holes and into your eye. I was at a game last weekend and watched several bb's shatter against my eye pro. Hell even one of my bb's shattered when fired at a derelict van chassis. I was using asg blaster 0.2g bb's. Their not geoffs but there not some trashy no name brand either. By your user name, I'm going to guess you make have some army issue blastic glasses lying around? ESS ICE or sawfly revisions? They are more than adequate for Airsoft and being an open lens design defog near instantly once you start moving. Another recommendation I can make is a dye i4 or i5 paintball mask. Regularly used in Airsoft and safe to do so (lens are sufficiently highly impact rated). More importantly, they do no fog at all. Their dual pane lens design and use of a inner thermal lens prevents all fogging issues. Hope this helps.
  14. Happy to help! I'm going to assume you're gonna want to get some pouches for attach to the front for holding mags. Instead of paying £15-20 for some Airsoft brand mag pouches with molle/PALS attachment straps, look up SA80 quick release mag pouches on eBay. They are the mag pouches used by our armed forces and can be had for ~£3 a pouch. They'll hold M4 mags no problem and are milspec in construction so will last ages in normal Airsoft usage.
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