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  1. I used the soft in a 330fps aeg...
  2. I have a preference for the G&G green, but if the G&P bucking seals well then you may as well use that, I have had good results with the Laylax flat hop nubs, but I've no experience with the element nubs. I would recommend chronoing before and after any changes.
  3. Yes it is....I did get it round the "wrong" way the first time though
  4. On mine the wire on the right side...blue in my case was the positive.
  5. Hope this helps...I would solder the female deans to the battery if I was doing it again . Trying to remember how I did it..think I just cut the wires to the old connector, extended the wires and soldered to deans.
  6. I have 2 Cyma aep's the 226 and the 030 I use lipo's in both of them, they're not difficult to convert, I used mini deans, the 030 is my favourite it's smaller than the 226 and it fits in the nuprol holsters.
  7. I had a fondle of one of those in Airsoftzone yesterday..they feel really nice, battery space didn't seem great, but no worse than a Krytac pdw...G&G do seem to be making some nice stuff at the moment. Let us know how it shoots when you've had a game with it.
  8. ... If I ever decide to sell it I'll give you first refusal.
  9. I've only fitted a new standard bucking and nub, it chrono's at 347fps with .2's and it is a really good gun...but...my raider shoots equally as good, I know you find this difficult to believe and If we ever play at the same place I'd be happy for you to try it
  10. It is indeed ....still looking good and going strong! Unlike me..
  11. Apologies for the slight hijack...but which grip is that?
  12. http://airsoftzone.co.uk/airsoft-guns/rifles/electric-aeg/gc12-m4-spr-single-shot-420fps-dmr-custom-aeg-gng I had a look at one of these a while back and it seems decent for the money..it will still need some work on the hop up to be significantly better than your raider I get similar range and accuracy as my raider...My Krytac is using the standard hop up...it is way ahead in terms of materials and build quality though
  13. I have a CM16 Raider, It's 18mths old now, it's had a new (standard) spring and it's s-hopped, it shoots as well as any of my guns and it's still the one that gets used the most, although the Krytac pdw is a very close second, I use a 7.4v 2800ah lipo which lasts all day and it easily hops .3bb's accurately to 50m, it chrono's at 330fps with .2's. If I were you I would do some work on the hop up.. flat, R or S-hop all work well and are inexpensive to do, as others have said put your money into another gun, or just spend it on playing
  14. That is what I'm finding...I think for now I'll just use the G&G bucking, I'll probably try a Prowin or similar chamber at some point, and use the laylax bucking in that, I do have another s-hopped G&G so I could try the laylax bucking in that...bit loathe to touch it though as it's shooting really nice!
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