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  1. I think I have a review up in the AEG section. My primary issues with it were picky on mags to the point where it needs magwell modification for anything but IPS mags, poor feeding from those mags for anything but 0.20 and it double shoots in semi on the first shot which is a bit of an issue in CQB. There isn't a fantastic amount of battery space either. Honestly I haven't used it as much as I would like to have for a variety of reasons so I can't comment on its long term reliability.
  2. The gen 3's had/have problems with the higher voltage batteries, a lot of the mosfets failed. I had one it died. It actually was the least of the problems with that gun in the end.
  3. Probably not. I already profiled the page to look at the underlying issue and I am pretty certain its due to the animation calls that are happening many times a second. It is likely causing a "storm" of page updates (that do nothing) and causing periodic pauses in the page. The performance profiler in your browser should confirm a similar thing.
  4. There is a major performance issue with your site. It seems to be making substantial numbers of animation calls over and over and its causing it to stall and degrade performance of my browser. Something you should get fixed, the site is borderline unusable as is, very bad scrolling performance and other issues for what is otherwise a simple enough layout.
  5. http://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/revision-desert-locust-fan-goggle-basic-kit-15377-p.asp Out of stock currently but they have other models (more expensive with other lenses etc) which are in stock. Found them using http://airsoftfind.com/ which has been an amazingly useful site over the years.
  6. One of those ranges isn't right. Given equal FPS and both having working hop units they will achieve the same range. There isn't anything magically in an airsoft gun its pure physics.
  7. My T mags wont lift more than 0.20g BBs, the spring is extremely weak in all the midcaps I ended up buying because it wouldn't take other mags.
  8. The Krytac has better trigger response and its a combination of two things. The first is its exceptional motor and gears that makes it fire at around 25 rps. The second reason is the trigger pull is relatively short. The ICS APE on the other hand has a pretty standard low end motor and the usual long trigger pull so while it does precock it doesn't feel fast in comparison to the Krytac which has some of the best response I have seen from a stock gun. The ICS precock is also a bit of an issue if you use it on sites that are only semi auto, you get a double shoot on your first fire and that
  9. That is fine, not going to explode any time soon.
  10. Sounds to me more like the motor is in too deep into the gearbox and struggling to turn the gear box and producing heat, the lipo can't really do that although if it ran low with no turning then voltage applied to the motor insufficient to turn the gearbox could get it hot quite quickly. Lipos aren't designed to be used at empty at all, once they drop below a certain voltage they never work again and can set fire/explode if you do use them. How swollen is swollen for the lipo? Because a little bit of movement isn't a big problem but you may already have damaged the battery and it needs dis
  11. The best solution I have found remains my Revision Locusts with fan and Revision anti fog wipes. Its not 100%, hence why I continue to try other things but having seen the problems mesh has its just not an option for me.
  12. I am a little concerned with the power limits that have been chosen. As you go around the world we have airsofters regularly using 400 fps as their automatic limit and a lot of rifles you would buy from the USA are fitted with 400 fps springs normally. I suspect there are plenty of sites here in the UK that could benefit from a 400 fps (The sandpit springs to mind since a lot of that is long range and very outside) and MEDs and I feel that 370 fps isn't based on the damage testing done as to what power strike breaks the skin (so the actual "lethality") nor is based on what is reasonable for t
  13. I always say that if you are working on your own guns you need a chronograph, you catch a lot of issues test firing and measuring the BB velocity and its variances. But it should be mentioned I ensure my dremel is charged before starting an upgrade project, it gets used more often than I would like to admit for making parts "compatible".
  14. You don't need a longer barrel, that isn't going to make any difference to accuracy, this isn't real steel. Accuracy is about the consistency of air seal and the smoothness and consistency of the hop. A better barrel with less imperfections will absolutely improve accuracy but its length is basically irrelevant.
  15. The hop unit in the G&G Combat machines I found to be quite capable, and indeed the green bucking is also highly sought after so actually you may find the next logical step is actually more like a flat hop or R hop using what you have. Then to improve the shot to shot consistency you'll want airseal, that would be a nozzle with an o ring, seal up the existing cylinder head or get a new one with double sealing o rings and a new piston head and piston (as they are glued together). Then powering it all a better spring of the M110 variety but lookup spring charts. The inner barrel on
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