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  1. Andyraven

    Opening a shop

    I know that some if not all Wholesales that sell Airsoft products won't even give you prices of their items unless you have a valid business in trading for at least 6 months. Which i find confusing.. as how are you meant to sell Airsoft products if no one will sell you the stock......
  2. I have never seen a UK site enforce bio BB's. To enforce this rule ALL sites would need to do it. I know some States in the US only allow bios. It would also make the site that enforces the rule to lower the cost of there Bios so all players that turn up could buy them. Also by doing that some low profit margin sites might struggle to pay for the land they rent. Most Airsoft site are unused good for nothing pieces of land anyway. And the way this country is going I'm sure most will be sold for housing in the near future. Plus lets face it do we really need more restrictions on a hobby that has already been picked apart by the powers that be. I do think Bio BB's are the way forward. And I use bios myself when i can get them "cheap".
  3. Gum shields are designed stop your teeth from hitting each other and to soften an impact that has mass, like a punch. I grew up playing rugby and contact sports and i can tell you one thing its not 100% protection I've seen people loose/break teeth wearing them. Plus they don't protect your bottom teeth. So personally i wouldn't risk it when you could get a cheap lower mesh mask that does the job better. yes they look silly but so does the dentist bill for implants.
  4. At the distances airsoft is played having a bright gun wouldn't really hinder you unless the person pewpewin you is blind as a bat. My first game i had a bright green stock and flash hider and i done pretty well. And I didn't feel i was getting shot at more then others. Its all down to cover and how you use it.
  5. I got a grade 1 90's PLCE webbing from them and it was in decent condition.
  6. I think it fits in well for a secondary sight / up close use. looks noice to me
  7. I use a pair of soldier 95 assault boots got them for £15. I'm a sucker for Army surplus items.
  8. Thats about right. Remember back then trouser were worn alot higher up above or just on the belly button. oh and the ammo pouches are meant to be on your sides like the pic. so you can kneel/Prone and still able to use them.
  9. Ok. just wanted to make sure as customs can be a bit fecky sometime.
  10. Looking to order some furniture for my RiF. But don't have a ukara and not sure if Customs would hold it. Has anyone else ordered without a UKARA/defence and received the items with no problem with customs?
  11. Welcome. I'm from Cambridgeshire aswell.
  12. British army gas mask bag? https://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/army-surplus-uk/plce-army-webbing/respirator-bag-olive-green-og-259017.html
  13. Its a very common mistake made with this type of buckle and 58 webbing. Same with the Bum Roll loops being the wrong way around as more modern belts/webbing has "loops" on top of the belt for the yoke to attach to.
  14. I always take Homemade jerky with me when i go out on activity's. Its a lot cheaper to make your own and its really simple to do. this is what i normally take when i go camping/reenactments etc. -jerky -Protein bars -Nuts (normally almonds) -24 hour ration pack -All in one coffee satchels -water... water.........water. -hard boiled sweets -and a couple of apples
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