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  1. Myself and a group of friends have been Airsofting since around 2014, and the vast majority of that time has been spent at our most local site, Tech Brigade Airsoft. We like Tech on the whole, but it has its limits and we would like to try some other sites for variation. We have been to Awa Hearts which is ok, Airsoft Billericay, a great site but a bit far from us and Red one Airsoft which i would not recommend purely for its tiny cramped nature. I have also recently learnt about Reforger Airsoft which is about as local as Tech and i am keen to try out. Now with that in mind i
  2. Apparently Firesupport restocked them a few days ago and they all sold out in minutes! Looks like we really have to be on the ball 😭
  3. Yeah sure thing. Any suggestions? I wouldn’t know where to start with non U.K retailers lol.
  4. So i have been after the promising new ICS CES-P MP5s for some time now but have only seen them advertised on Firesupport and Action Hobbies, where they have not been in stock on both sites since the gun came out. Anyone know where i can pick one up?
  5. They posted a few times that they will be restocking this year, however it may be delayed towards the end of the year considering everything with covid.
  6. Wait a few months and KA are re releasing these. Probably better than paying overprice for a 10 year old 2nd hand rifle.
  7. Wait a few months as King Arms are finally re releasing their L1A1s to modern specs i believe. These were always considered the best and also were the cheapest of the FAL series of riles so i would wait and go for that.
  8. I got a reply from Firesupport. They said they will be restocking but not soon....
  9. Hope Fire support restock soon!
  10. Also you guys were right, the bastard is out of stock everywhere 😭. And i'm not interested in the futuristic alien looking version ha.
  11. Been looking to replace an old CA MP5 of mine which broke. Was looking at G&G but this new ICS one looks decent, the 3 round bust mode is kinda selling me on it, although i wish they would make a full stock version. I guess i could just put on the full stock from my old one as long as its not a pain with rearranging wires. Anyone have experience with the new ICS MP5?
  12. Hope not. From what i remember their other gas guns were more in the 3-400 range. Also i am hoping they make the proper scope to go with the No4 as well.
  13. If they can make that clip gas mag work, then it will really be a game changer and very keeping with realism
  14. Nice rifle, but that bolt pull is a bit disappointing. Need to rack it all the way back for the full and authentic feel of it 👌 . My PPS Kar98 is great for this.
  15. Sent you a dm regarding this, not sure if you received it.
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