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  1. Haha, well yes it is excessive. I might eventually drop the chest rig and keep the leg mags plus a belt mag or two. High caps are the devil's spawn!
  2. I got fed up with reloading mags so I run 7 ak mags now! 😯 4 on chest rig and 3 on a drop leg panel in elastic pouches which make for much quicker reloads.
  3. I used the viper specops rig with AK mags and I was happy with it. Definitely fit but can catch a bit when drawing mags (though that happens with plenty pouchs - silly ak lips)
  4. Nice find! I'm sure I'd seen that on GreyShop before but couldn't remember the name.
  5. Me too! The other day I worked out that I've spent over £500 at Tg! Soooo many toys!
  6. Just about have my AK as I want it! Next up: flashlight and maybe the zenitco pistol grip!
  7. Welcome to the Norfolk master race* (NFN). We're definitely luck for sites. I'd recommend CAG but my new favourite is Battlestations! Hoopers is alright. The owner is good (though the other staff are a bit grumpy) and there's some good stuff but it's quite expensive (even with 10% off). Beckets on Dereham road is also decent but with a smaller supply of surplus - more camping stuff. There's a surplus store on the market that's cheap - good for uniforms, everything else is Kombat gear. *I'm not actually originally from Norfolk so I'm a dirty foreigner!
  8. Did you add any paint, or is that the original paint? Also, do you plan on doing the polymer?
  9. Haha, pencott greenzone. And calling something "russian camo" means it could be anything, given the amount of copied patterns!
  10. Apparently, RC is "Russian Camo" but I can't work out what it's imitating. It took far too long for me to work out what PG was.
  11. Would you do a dye i4? There's not much real estate but they could look pretty good!
  12. Hang on... was airsoft attacked in this article? I know there's the "ball bearing gun" thing but it's not really much of an article at all, nevermind inflammatory or fear-mongering.
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