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  1. Real? or clone? Looks good either way
  2. I have considered running training plates as a sort of fitness thing, just never got round to getting them yet.
  3. We averaged out 3.5 mag loads on a single co2 bulb, firing methodically not spamming the trigger co2 blowback is crisp with a good kick
  4. Mate forget WE Get the Umarex/Stark/VFC glock 17 full trades, and very good performance my team all have them and we cant sing their praises high enough, gas efficiency is off the chart
  5. Be wary with the SWAT PASS as its ok for ordering from the likes of Patrolbase and such, but anything outside of the country can be hit and miss with anything other than UKARA I have only used UKARA myself but a couple of mates have had their SWAT PASS declined from the likes of Taiwangun and Gunfire.PL
  6. There is also The Mill at Wigan if you dont mind the train journey/car journey
  7. Mate, this is what i have done. Thrown out my jefftron v2 processors and getting a titan just make sure you get the correct one, basic or advanced as they are both different, and you can only upgrade the basic to the advanced functions by buying the software update.
  8. Oh dear, motors will do that if the wiring is not compacted enough. Or if you decide to use thick insulation 14awg wire....
  9. Your going through my hell first you buy the belt, then you realize you no longer like the pouches you had!! so you convince yourself to get esstacs, on a side note the triple mag with gap fits the belt perfectly with malice, even tho it says it isnt compatible with molle
  10. As promised Propper beauty and light weight due to the ally slide also very snappy when firing with either greengass or Co2
  11. I will get some later for you after work It is a beut with all the trades and CNC ally slide
  12. You say it just keeps firing even after the trigger is released that could be your trigger harness failing to reset, which is odd as you have a return spring on that to return it to start position once the trigger is released semi problems are usually cut off lever wear or the selector lever problems with the gear mesh but if the trigger is getting stuck in the harness/slot/rail then it could be a build up of dirt keeping it in position however this should be knocked out of that position by the cut off lever You should probably take it to a tech to have a look at tbh, unless you fancy peeking under the bonet yourself, if you do that then take it appart carefully and slowly, take pictures, and if your really unsure open it inside a plastic bag so anything springing out will not get lost. I cant recommend a tech unfortunately as i live in the northwest.
  13. Just picked up, and used last saturday the new Umarex/VFC/Stark Glock 17 Delux Co2, the thing is an absolute beauty and a real beast to shoot. The mags are also really gas efficient getting nearly 4 mag reloads out of a single co2 bulb I would highly recommend them
  14. When you say firing on its own do you mean without pulling the trigger? have you had a mosfet installed in it? the death or the near death of the mosfet would explain it firing on its own without trigger activation apart from that semi auto is governed by the cut off lever set up, so it could be worn, or the spring is out of place and reset is intermittent, or your having problems with your gearmesh on the selector switch or the selector switch being loose and riding upward into the full position that wouldnt explain the heat from the motor or the electric smell tho as none of it is really in any sort of contact with the gear system motor height, worn shimming or lack of grease could explain the heat and the motor struggling sorry cant be more helpful Alicks
  15. Hi All I have been a long time lurker on the forums but not posted much, i do my own tecking on my guns and am quite familiar with most gearboxes and designs. However i am planning on building a CQB gun with a high trigger response, i do already have one with a JettronV2 processor in it (however i found that it has major issues with recognizing fast semi auto shots and opens the hose on the full auto). I have also had a stock 18:1 gearset and a high torque motor running at 1500rps which was fun...but drained the mag in a burst....which then wasnt fun. I have been mooching through various forums and speed guides and i have come to the conclusion that DSG setups are just not worth the hassle for what you gain over a high speed, high torque set up with speed trigger in regards to faster trigger response coming from a semi auto point of view. However i am open to being convinced otherwise. I think my preffered set up is: 1:13 SHS speed gears Metal bushings Gate ASR for the trigger wires to remove triggere burn and more power to the motor SHS High torque motor Retro or similar speed trigger for minimal trigger pull I already AOE my pistons and install Lonex cylinder heads in my guns the Airlab Sorbo pads, and allllllways deans and 16AWG for better current flow. I did try 14AWG once but the wiring was too thick and got chomped by the pinion. I currently run my batteries as 7.4v lipo, but i am thinking to upgrade to 11v lipo, which is ok becasue the ASR can handle up to 14v. My only concern is whether i would be better with an active break incase of overspin which the ASR doesnt have. I also remain to be convinced that swiss cheese and SSG are necerary for a semi only CQB. Any one got any imput or counter arguments? Cheers Alicks
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