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  1. Perfect thanks a lot for the reply man should be able to get it in time and all for the test day of the site. Cheers again!
  2. Hi all its been a long time since I posted but was wondering if I could get a little help. I'm looking to order a chest rig, helmet and what not to finish off a kit from Taiwangun. Only thing is its been that long since I have gotten to play thanks to work I don't think my Ukara will be valid and cant even find it sadly. If it is only gear I'm ordering would it be safe to order or not worth the risk? (A plate carrier, mask, helmet and helmet cover to be exact about what I'm ordering.) Finally getting an outdoor area opening close soon just in time for my hours at work to calm down into a schedule. Cant wait and cheers for the advice in advance!
  3. Oh right cheers will try to edit them all sorry.
  4. My ICS Par mk3 MTAR. Thought getting used to the length compared to my MP5 would take a bit but having no bother with it at all, great piece of kit!
  5. Few recent pics of my loadout. Eyepro is wrecked so reading up for a new pair and just gonna grab some m4 pouches to replace the mp5 pouches. .
  6. Oh ok sorry got you now haha. It is pretty lightweight though as long as you dont try and use it to load-bear half the house.
  7. Only ever owned the Olive Bulle MOLLE Recon Chest Harness and cant recommend it enough. Keeps your back clear which helps a tonne if your running around the show. A friend got a Olive MOLLE Ventilated Plate Carrier too which wraps around the back a bit more but is made outa breathable stuff which is pretty sweet too. Both are light as hell to boot and I know you wanted black but OD goes with anything like so you'd be laughing.
  8. Merry Christmass everyone and thanks for all the help in starting off airsoft!
  9. Got some of the boring stuff out of the way; -2 WE 7.4 Lippos -Smart charger -Spare G17 mag -And a green shermagh thing. Thinking about grabbing a single point sling next, anyone have any suggestions brand-wise for them?
  10. Hi guys been a bit since I have posted. Still playing away as often as I can and thought I'd post an updated pic on my load-out. Still waiting on the new rifle and need to get some m4 pouches but other than that pretty happy with it all minus a few things. Going to be grabbing some lipos as well think the standard battery is finally dying on me.
  11. Saying Christmas is creeping up and all I treated myself a bit; - ICS PAR MK3 MTR - 2 spare MA-186 Hi-caps - And a Glock from my local (Not even sure of the make but test firing it felt bang on) Worse part is to keep the illusion up for the youngins will only get to mess with the glock for now :'(
  12. I'm still waiting on the eyepro to show up! Still stuck using my cheap full face mask at the minute.
  13. Got a swiss arms red dot for my MP5 and two spare hi cap mags.
  14. Just back from work and found most of my first load-out had arrived so had to put it together and through it on for some half ass pics! (Was too lazy too reach for a hoodie that I would use) And cheers to all for the advice for the load-out too!
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