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  1. so maybe i'll forgot about the helmet, and yeah, maybe i'll try to use a camo instead..... but AOR just don't work for me, not a fan of s34l. i don't like how kryptek made their pattern. but i do like penncott & US woodland. another pattern maybe? penncott is kinda hard to get here. not i,possibble, but some are actually overpriced. yeah i'm also considering this, for another loadout with just a hoodie, my wileyx saber, tactical trousers, and a cap. seems like something? but currently i wanted something to look cool doesn't really have to be tacticool.... hey but if it's an excellent one why not? the only problem is, getting one from the store mentioned is going to cost me, a lot for delivery itself. as long as it's not as heavy as a CIRAS with bladder and a bunch of pouches then i'm fine exfil, got it. some pretty cheap reps are easy to get. and yeah, i'm reconsidering black, maybe ranger green instead
  2. yep, i've thought about about it, but i don't really like one, not for CQB at least. i actually planned on having one for my undercover loadout. but for this one, what i need (and want) is a plate carrier. PC gave me a different feel, and i prefer it. so it's TMC and flyye.....heard anything about emerson? their JPC are the cheapest but i'm unsure of quality....
  3. pirate patch? i'm pretty that will look good, really like that one i don't really like using a full face mask, but that gave me an idea, actually not the mask you mentioned, but i got another idea thanks to yours!
  4. my friend. he's not on the net here, but that's what they said. i haven't laid my hands on one of them yet, to be honest.
  5. that came to my mind earlier, and yeah, i agree with you. any brand of the replica specifically? i heard TMC made the best one after flyye but i'm not sure....
  6. After having a MilSim with a bunch of packed loadout, i decided to give up on heavy loadots. I'm planning to get a high speed low drag kit for Milsim and casual play. currently building it in black. i just want my kit to make me look like a high speed raider. My problems are: i can't decide which plate carrier i should get (not a fond of chest rigs) Which helmet would look the best? i currently have a black MICH 2002 but i don't think it will work. maybe FAST or exfil, any other? what eye protection look better? goggles or glasses? thanks for your attention and answers
  7. Singapore Armed Force camo is excellent for tropical rain forest use. but well, you don't live on a tropical place, don't you? so i'll recommend PennCott to you. really nice one. for urban, grey is good. i actually want a Silent warrior combat shirt in LCRP camo from Molay Tactical (molaytactical.com) they have the pants in the same color too, in decent price.
  8. G5 is a good one, my friend told me so. it's not based on a real gun, sadly. it resembles CZ's skorpion evo 3, but in 5.56 instead of 9mm. if you fancy something more realistic, KJW M4 is a good gun to start. not overly expensive, but it's actually good. really durable. my friend had owned it for 2 years until the he needed any replacement, and it's just the bolt. gas use is fair enough, stable ROF, and not overly high FPS. but take my word: NO VFC VFC's AEGS are known for superb quality and finish, and their GBB/R also has the the amazing finish and extremely realistic, with poor quality. parts are hard to find once you broke it. if you're new, avoid VFC. it's only for those with experience and money. KSC/KWA kriss vector is also a good one. not a bad choice. or maybe you want to try Marui's new M4 MWS?
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