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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    GHK SIG 553 TAC Handguard with SIG trades in as new condition (110 dollars plus shipping from Samoon) Letting this go as I prefer original furniture. Price INCLUDES shipping to mainland UK. PAYPAL or Bank Transfer ONLY, thanks.


    , Essex

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Tokyo Marui MWS Magazine ( version 2 but gg modded anyway ) hardly used with some signs of wear in the usual places from insertion. selling as its surplus to requirements. I have put a small o-ring around the inlet valve to stop leakage during filling, it does the job nicely for smooth, quiet filling..I do this to ALL my mags. Price includes postage. PAYPAL only please.


    - GB

  3. PewPew4U

    GATE Merf 3.2

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Gate Merf 3.2 plug in mosfet. As new condition, bought but never used as I sold the RIF it was going to be fitted in. £35 all in including postage. PAYPAL please, for your protection and mine, thanks.


    , Essex - GB

  4. PewPew4U


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    ASG 6874 Scorpion Evo Replacement Motor. In as new condition, was removed and replaced prior to using my EVO. Sold as seen in picture, no other parts or springs, fully working. £16 posted all in. PAYPAL please, for your protection and mine, thanks.


    , Essex

  5. PewPew4U

    GHK G5

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    NO SWAPS PLEASE Price includes post Mainland UK For sale is my GHK G5 in as new condition with fixed non folding stock What you see is what you get,..Comes with 3x GHK GMAGs, all are gas tight and not even worn in yet. Bought this on a whim to try out GBBR and got hooked, need to sell to pay for my dream GAS setup. Bought from Milspec solutions about a month ago and hardly used. Will accept very sensible offers as postage included in price.


    , Essex

  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    NO SWAPS PLEASE Price includes post mainland UK For sale is my TM Next Gen Recoil Shock AEG...( Ex 2 tone ) MK18 Mod 1 Everything seen in the pictures is included. What you get.. TM NGRS MK18 MOd 1 EOTech Clone ( brand new ) 2x PTS Midcap Mags 1x TM Stanag Mag 2x Nuprol 1450MAH 7.4 Batteries Hardcase Wired to Deans Full disclosure, I bought this AEG from Defcon Airsoft as a 2 Tone before I had my UKARA and evetually spent hours with the cotton buds and nail polish remover to make it look right ( I'm sure we have all been there ) The stock has been sanded and painted with green krylon. Indoor range use only, never fielded. I'm moving to a Gas platform so need the funds to buy another scope and mags for that. I spent some time with extremly fine sandpaper roughing up some edges to give it that battleworn look. Otherwise, it's in good condition and works great, although there is what seems to be a screw driver gouge/mark on the outer barrel nut behind the Daniel defence rail from when Defcon removed it for 2 toning, which cannot be seen. All in all I have put something like 5k BBs through it and never had any problems. Will send via DPD accepting paypal for payment. Thanks all. Will take additional pics if needed, please let me know.


    , Essex

  7. PewPew4U

    ghk 553

    This is a beauty, if I thought you would swap it for a TM MK18 NGRS with Vortex Razor UH-1 ...I'd go for it 😃 But I somehow doubt you would go for an AEG, nice. good luck.
  8. Had nothing but bad experiences with them..ordered a Marui MK18 Mod1...took them ages to get it to me, had all of the "tech guy is getting here tomorrow" BS excuses. In short, I think they are wankers tbh.
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