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  1. Im not even gonna comment anymore 😂 look it up. Even stephan fucking hawking has explained it fuck me 😂
  2. Yes it is time dialation well done. The faster you get to the speed of light the more time dilates (slows down) the futher you go from earth (gravity) the more time dialates (slows down) so if yoy travel faster than the speed of light in space you will slow down time. But only for you considering youre the one going faster than the speed of light. Time on earth goes by at its normal rate there for 1 year for you may be 5 years on earth. You have time travelled. So what was you saying on my knowledge of science ?? 😂 Im not a know it all 😂 i not once said i was roght and you was wrong i said provide me with evidence which you have. Althought i knew s hop wasnt the best upgrade you can possibly do. Anyone with half a brain stem will know the sugru will wear quicker than other hop up mods. But you said it was shit and to never recommend. Not to recommend a cheap simple temporary upgrade to a obvious begineer on a budget ? Anyways leave it here cos no one is getting anywhere and you did you part so good bye
  3. Firstly time travel can happen it’s already been down by a billionth of a second but you can only travel forward not back. You must travel faster than the speed of light in space in order for you to travel significantly forward in time. The closer you get to the speed of light and the further you get from gravity the slower time goes for you but time goes the same rate for people on Earth there for you’re time travelling also there is no issuw with me wanting you to prove me wrong with evidence you’re telling me you’re gonna believe something with no evidence?? You might as well be religious you prove me wrong then I’m wrong simple as that. If you’re incapable of doing so then I’m either right or it’s subjective and if it’s subjective then what’s the point of this argument ? Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment lets end it here. I’m open to new ideas given good evidence which you fail to give and therefore I’ll assume you don’t have. Funny how how youre talking about my evidence being weak considering my evidence isn’t just scirentfic but also the result from more than one man. Same can’t be said for you.
  4. I’m not trying to win an argument I even said I want to be proved wrong I’m simply stating his lack of evidence I dunno how many times I’ve explained this already 😂 Experience isn’t everything you’re acting like experience makes you unquestionably right all the time. You can be an engineer with 30 + experience but if you’re an engineer that bases all your knowledge on experience then how are you gonna learn beyond what you see ? Scientists haven’t experienced entering a black hole yet they know what happens. They haven’t experienced significant time travel but they know how to do it. That is the argument of authority. Basically saying I studied science so I know more about science than you. That’s just a stupid argument
  5. Im not the one saying I’m right tho but if you want me to provide evidence I shall. I’ll start with the weak evidence I have. Many people have tried and tested the s hop and all have had results that amount of frequency can’t be a coincidence. So I can safely assume trigger happy is an anomaly. Like In everything you have anomalies. the science behind it makes sense. A tradition bucking nub is rounded only covering a part of the hop up window therefore assuming your barrel isn’t precision engineered to 6.01mm the rounded nub will cause the bb to move within the barrel. Giving you inconsistent shots and poor accuracy. s hop creates a flat rubber seal around the entire hop up window and curves with the barrel. This will provide maximum surface area on the bb thus reducing movement in the barrel and increasing accuracy and consistency. The sugru (assuming you use that) will wear down over time so will need to be changed to get same efficiency Last but certainly not least I have research this a most if not all people and techs say that this is effective. What does trigger happy have ?? Oh yes his own experience sounds compelling I have accepted that I was wrong about the prowin. I shall check out the maxx CNC. However my disagreement is with the s hop being “shit” I didn’t say it’s the best thing out there I simply said it improves accuracy and consistency which considering the evidence I have gathered seems true. I am willing to accept otherwise given good evidence. So far no one has provided me with that. I want you to prove me wrong I’m not here saying I’m right you’re wrong which it seems like trigger happy is. I want to be proven wrong becaus the I will have the truth. The real factual truth. How am I accept “facts” with little evidence?? So please provide me with some
  6. Hahaha im not saying you dont have a clue im saying you Lack evidence and only have anecdotal evidence I agree that all those things are good and I agree nub/bucking combos are good 😌 wouldn’t go as far to say s- hop is shit tho
  7. Mate 😂 youre literally making excuses now. He shot 4/10 on target with no s hop and then 6/10 with it in the same outdoor Environment 😂😂 youre telling me on the first 6 shots before he s hopped and the wind was None existant. How convient.
  8. But it’s increase accuracy none the less. Tune the weapon system up better. Buy a good barrel perfect hop up system maybe he’ll get better. improved accuracy is improved accuracy. Also from 4/10 to 6/10 not taking into account how good of a shooter the guy himself is. Firing a weapon real or not isn’t as simple as aiming and pulling the trigger. You said it’s shit I didn’t say it’s good I said it improved accuracy which you just admitted it does. However, im not saying youer wrong i am wise enough to Admit the possibliy of me Being wrong, But are you? That is after how we get smarter
  9. First of all that’s your opinion just because you tried it and it didn’t work out don’t mean s hop is shit. 😂 there’s many variables as to why maybe it didn’t work out for you specifically. Also how do you know I haven’t tried it ? I said I haven’t fitted a prowin. S hop as been tested many many times. Your using anecdotal evidence. Not very strong evidence is it ? So now your on here talking as if you know it all possibly spreading shit... note i said possibly . I’m not sayimg you’re wrong. I’m saying your choice of evidence to support your claim is weak
  10. I stand corrected although I do have to disagree with you about the s hop thing. Other than that good explaination and I shall rethink the prowin hop up and look out for a more suitable one
  11. Thank you you I am much wiser now ☺️😂 Ignore the hop up I recommend. I had overlooked a very obvious variable. My apologies
  12. I do my research obviously that doesn’t mean my research is 100% correct. But apparently pro wins are good for the price. Also whether a hop up unit is good or not it partly subjective and partly objective. Obviously you’re gonna get objectively shit hop ups and objectively good ones. However, people can also subjectively say they don’t like obejectively good hop ups 😂 shs gears are good, so is lonex both very good brands objectively speaking. What one is better ? That’s subjective. So ive fitted no prowins but I’m gonna get myself one cos I heard it’s good for the price. I took a look and it’s got a good solid construction and good reviews. Also from my knowledge all a hop up unit does is push down the nub on a bucking with its arm. So as long as the hop up is made of good quality materials commons sense tells me it doesn’t really matter what hop up you get. Consider all it does is push down the nub on the bucking. But please do correct me if I’m wrong I’m not stubborn 😜
  13. Good accuracy upgrades i know about is S-hop and flat hop S-hop is using sugru to patch up the hop up window on the barrel and flat hopping a bucking is sanding off the nub on The bucking. This will improve range, accuracy and groupings. Another accuracy upgrade I heard about which is more complicated but still fairly simple although I’m not sure how effective it really is. You drill a hole into the outer barrel (not inner barrel!) few inches down from the tip of it. Tap a thread into it and screw a set screw in it, so the set screw is tightened through the outer barrel and touching the inner barrel. Supposedly this will prevent inner barrel movement and lower, vibrations which will improve accuracy. Like I said though not sure how effective it is. But the S-hop and flat hop has proven to be super effective also s-hop and flat hop is fairly cheap. It’s better with a dermal which can be quite pricey unless you get a cheap one but sand paper will also work but longer and harder. All you need need for s-hop is sugru, 6mm Teflon tubing and that’s it! For flat hop you’ll need: dremal or sand paper, a bucking and that’s it! Unless you want a new hop up system prowin is good they are about £20-22
  14. If you wanna improve accuracy S-hop and flat hop the bucking if you dunno how to do that there’s a few YouTube tutorials on it check out multiple videos so you get a good idea on how to do it. You’ll get more range, better groupings and more consistency. For fps upgrades you wanna go for a new spring M100, M110, M120 are most common. You can also get a new piston and cylinder head with double O rings that will improve thw seal which will improve compression, which will improve FPS. Lonex apparently makes good motors and ASG if you want better rate of fire (ROF) then 13:1 gears will improve that and will improve trigger response. You can either have a high speed motor for better ROF or a high torque motor for better trigger response. (Note if your gonna have a high torque motor you’ll need a M110 spring or higher or you’ll need a mosfet paired with a weaker spring to prevent overspin as high torque motors can overspin weak springs. Also with high speed motors you wanna avoid strong springs as they don’t have enough torque to pull them.) the hop up unit I recommend is a prowin with a flat hopped bucking
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