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  1. Is Evike okay to buy stuff off.. as in to be able to get it shipped to the UK?

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    2. rocketdogbert





      taiwangun.com (Poland)



    3. sonofsammo


      Don't listen to @rocketdogbert......
      Your wallet will be empty and your gun racks full of goodies before you can blink!!

      (actually, do listen to him, he's a good chap and helped me out loads!)

    4. Druid799


      I’d say don’t buy from Evike there international customer service absolutely sucks , you go on any forum that’s got S’ofters from other countries on it and I’ll guarantee you’ll see loads of stories about people getting royaly shafted by them . Your orders wrong or faulty there attitude is “your over seas , tuff !” 

  2. Karinexmachina

    What rifle is this based off?

    I found this which looked rather similar later on. these must be based of something. I mean this looked very much like a modified AK-12 the only thing that throws me from the original image is of course the magwell, and most likely covered up gas tube. this gun here has an almost identical handgrip. Also that was the only image, sadly the gun was never implemented and the game was closed. Whats interesting is that in the games files there's a AN94 which appears to only fire suppressed... and also doesnt have that many sounds. since the AK already has all of its suppresor sounds.. thats might be what it is??
  3. Karinexmachina

    What rifle is this based off?

    I was going through files of a discontinued game i loved to play and came across a few unimplemented guns some modeled some with just small images... modified AN-94 or a AK-12? not sure
  4. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    Yeah i do now im more confused.
  5. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    Hmm there's just something about going to an airsoft skirmish with a unique gun that i find interesting. being different from the crowd. its already quite different when i take my KSG which there isnt any of on the site i go to. but most CQB engagements are really tight through wooded area's as well as most engagement distances being a little over the range of the shotgun. making me switch to 6 per and using quite a few rapid shots to hit a target. if only the Airsoft KSG was a 14 shot gun like the real one.. in the game i played i used it extensively shooting at targets to disorientate them while i rush in closer for a hit. It was the main reason i liked the KSG accuracy and ammo. Anyhow i'll work on making an IF airsoft for now just to see what i can come up with.
  6. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    nevermind i found it..
  7. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    Wait what you need some kind of paperwork for making an airsoft gun? i didnt know that. ive seen one youtuber outside of the UK make guns like the type 38, the Ghost in the shell rifle and a china lake.. So altering an existing airsoft rifle to look like something else?? i don't get what this is about. Whats the law on turning a RIF into a different RIF like say an UZI into a Ruger MP9....
  8. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    Could someone send me some links to home made custom airsoft
  9. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    I was looking to make an AEG not a GBB sorry i should have stated that. Iv'e yet to find a liking to GBB guns especially green gas I'm not sure but.. would building this gun around an UZI magazine and a Upgraded AEP gearbox be viable..
  10. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    At the moment i'm looking for experienced folk in this area the idea I had to get into this was to make a simple SMG based on the UZI. The UZI gearbox was unique and is almost impossible to find.. The gun in question is the Cobra.
  11. Karinexmachina

    Custom home made airsoft

    Hey there are there many people who delve into making home made airsoft guns based on real guns that will never make it into the airsoft world officially?

    So i decided to mess around with my WELL D98 since its a pretty flimsy gun for Airsoft and came to this. something that actually looks more CQB than its original makeup.. i haven't got the chance to test it out yet as i tried a spring which barely fit and it might have burnt the motor out. I cut the barrel down. removed the stock and used one of the stock screws to put a 1 point sling on. i was originally planning to go for a briefcase thompson from Ghost in the shell. 





  13. Karinexmachina

    KSG upgrades

    Hey folks.. I've seen some upgrades on Redwolf for the KSG talking about accuracy and gas reliability anyone have first hand experience? also what would you guys recommend
  14. Karinexmachina

    New guy from the north east

    There's a site near Durham called NTAC. I'm still pretty new myself but I've seen alot about the G and G combat machine rifles which i heard to be really good.
  15. Just put a spring from my old AUG into my WELL D98 Thompson... its only a plastic gearbox... and the old spring might be 250-300fps better than the original which ended up being 120FPS

    1. Duff



    2. Karinexmachina


      not much of a result.. the fps ended up being the same old worn out spring maybe? limitations on plastic gearboxes?