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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
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    Looking for a magpul masada acr by PTS either a GBBR or an AEG. (would prefer an AEG)


  2. Thats not what i meant.. I meant a different carrier as in... different postage carrier..
  3. So it can be solved just finding someone to carry it and paying the other expenses?
  4. So people have been able to send RIFs to the UK with a UKARA provided recently? This would be my first time receiving from a friend and not a retailer and its a pretty rare to find rifle new. Oh wow thats what it would take?... jeez
  5. My friend told me UPS refused to take it as they couldnt guarantee it would get to me... its still in its box new and weighs 3.5kg. Brexit is likely gonna affect this as well especially since its coming from France.
  6. It's in france, the french supplier wouldnt ship to the UK so i asked a friend of mine in france to get it for me. I'm not sure how to get it here from that point though
  7. A friend of mine managed to acquire a rifle I wouldnt have been able to buy myself from a french site which doesnt deliver to the UK. While I have a UKARA ive been told that UPS refused to ship it despite that. I'm just wondering whats up with that and If It can be shipped. The rifle is just a Umarex X95 which is exceptionally rare to find new.
  8. Does Toystar still make the Daewoo series of rifles? ive been keeping an eye on the K2 for a while as its on... THE LIST but the listing vanished so... just wondering.
  9. You aure about this? stock to come in the future?
  10. Do JG works still produce the G36 series including the MG36? ive been trying to prioritise the rare guns on my list first and i dunno if the MG36 by JG works is rare or just currently out of stock
  11. Desperately in search of a Umarex X95

    1. strykerles


      try a wanted advert in the classifieds 👍

    2. Karinexmachina
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Looking for an X95 new/used or for spares and repair. Preferably in Black


    , Durham

  13. ARX with my first attempt at a fictional small mock suppressor and a ISM-V

    ARX ISM-V Suppressor 2.jpg

    ARX ISM-V Suppressor.jpg

    small suppressor.jpg

    1. Rogerborg


      Nice, is the suppressor 3D printed?

    2. Karinexmachina


      Yup It was set at a slightly lower quality just to see if that was the best way to make it

    3. Shamal


      Nice work with printing but pardon my saying it looks pants on that gnu.

      Its like a conductor has shoved his baton up the barrel.

      Sorry just my opinion 👍


  14. Been playing around with the idea of having rails for ironsights on an MP5 platform from First Assault as wellunknown-46.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Karinexmachina


      in its current form its a non destructive setup but i will be extending the rails over the existing rear sight block and lowering the rail profile. because having a riser mount for optics to see over the fixed ironsights looks ugly and also because i dont really care about the MP5s

    3. Karinexmachina


      another reason for this is... wearing a face mask and using the guns sights is extremely uncomfortable. so when i have the tools to create the custom diopter and front sight it will be added on this MP5


    4. Karinexmachina


      Tokyo Marui MP5K HC High Cycle Airsoft Electric Gun for sale online | eBay
      just wanna add that the rail exists in airsoft anyway thats what its based on.. the TM High Cycle MP5K extended to cover the existing rear sight.

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