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    Steyr AUG, KSG-12, Kimber 1911, Ruger P85
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    Mainly CQB loadouts until i get a sniper
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  1. Just put a spring from my old AUG into my WELL D98 Thompson... its only a plastic gearbox... and the old spring might be 250-300fps better than the original which ended up being 120FPS

  2. Took my KSG out for the first time. its certainly a learning curve but i managed to get a few decent close and long range hits with it

    1. M_P


      What sort of range do you get on it?

    2. Karinexmachina


      Well its around about 300FPS and set to 6 shot the max range is about 25m-30m

  3. Got so many ideas so many things i want to do but such little time, money and resources to do it all at once

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      this is the woe of every airsofter ever.....

  4. Karinexmachina

    Custom airsoft guns

    This is kinda throwing it out there but. I always wanted to experiment and see about creating my own and or altering the appearance of existing airsoft guns to make them more appealing. Like making the X95 tavor... more like a recognizable Tavor
  5. Karinexmachina

    Fixing an old CA AUG

    I've owned a Classic Army Steyr AUG for almost 10 years now. It never worked properly and was eventually used as a prop gun in a amateur film. It needs alot of work to get back into working order. alot of parts are broken.. i wonder if it would be better to just buy a new one completely? Do parts from other branded AUG's interchange from barrels bodies and what not?
  6. image.png.096ad61709c27ce70817ec854ada8a2d.pngFinally got my KSG after wanting one for 7 years. i followed the KSG since its inception and recently found that a bb gun version existed. so aside from the broken CA AUG A1 these are my higher tier Airsoft guns right now. The others are cheap bb guns

    1. pierce09


      got to play with a real KSG last month in the States. It's a friend's 'home defence' weapon!


  7. Karinexmachina

    Kel-Tec BB guns

    Oh woops sorry i got PMR and PLR mixed up
  8. Karinexmachina

    Kel-Tec BB guns

    I know i saw it and it looks really nice. even comes with a optional stock and takes other we tech gbbr mags. I always liked the look of kel tec guns I also wonder if the stock can be changed out for other ones. So many BB guns i want. However I really like the Kel Tec ones. If i can make a themed loadout that would be really cool. only issue is that they would all be gas/CO2 bb guns
  9. Karinexmachina

    Kel-Tec BB guns

    Are there still any PMR-30's RFB's or PLR-16's still kicking around out there? are they decent?
  10. New 1911 next to my old 177 Luger. its actually a bit beefier than the Luger.image.thumb.png.5d83b88ab39de417ffec96b1aa87812a.png

  11. Bought my first RIF after getting my UKARA. since im still new to airsoft and im now unemployed i can't go to town aha. last time i did i ended up with a CA AUG that never worked properly then broke a few years after.

    Anyhow that RIF happens to be just a modern 1911 GBB at about 300fps.. better than my Well Thompson image.png.9d80c8dd5960f7bebf1a5ceb07aee764.png



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    2. Karinexmachina


      Sweet :3 theres quite a few guns i want but until i manage to find another job i'll have to make do with my Thompson, 1911 and KSG

    3. Albiscuit


      Theres always more guns we want, have fun with what you have first!

    4. Karinexmachina


      The Thompson is only 250FPS lol its terrible. Personally i want a HK417 or 6 an MP9 a Blaser R93 another AUG and a G36K any others i get will be minor curiosity ones that are cheap

  12. Karinexmachina

    King Arms Blaser R93

    Holy crap thats expensive
  13. Karinexmachina

    King Arms Blaser R93

    Wow that video has alot of hard work to turn it into a good sniper. if i get one it'll take me a while to get it good. i dont have tools to fine tune stuff
  14. Karinexmachina

    King Arms Blaser R93

    I love it's look and im not sure if i want to go for the snipers everyone has. Maybe later on im still a newbie
  15. Karinexmachina

    King Arms Blaser R93

    Ayone have any experience with this rifle? i was thinking of getting one