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  1. Right so this IMFDB page here. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Ghost_In_The_Shell:_Stand_Alone_Complex_First_Assault

     lists basically everything I'm going for.

    Not including: Desert Eagle, Mateba 2008M, P99, SCW, G36 and AN94 as these guns were not included in the base game. Guns that are in the game but I have no interest in are: UTAS-15, M200 and MG3 as these are either; too expensive and basically wallhangers, don't exist, or I don't like the way they appear in game.



    1. rocketdogbert


      Er…… what game?

    2. Karinexmachina


      the game you can see in the text I wrote which is also a link...

  2. HFC revolver will be converted into a Taurus model 44 I just need an airbrush kit after I 3D print the replacement barrel and other partsIMG_20220326_172733_854.thumb.jpg.22126fb900d9cff7cb01cf17db0bbeaa.jpgTaurus_gits_fs.thumb.jpg.a5446d02a55fb8a06196075e2283cd50.jpg

    1. Rogerborg


      I'm curious as to why you'd start with an HG-133 rather than an HG-132.  Is there some subtlety that I'm missing?


      Real question, I know next to nothing about revolvers, but am suddenly interested having just ordered an HG-132 in order to play in Hard Mode. 

    2. Karinexmachina


      The frame ontop of the cylinder is thicker on the hg132 


      Put this next to the HGHFC132


    3. Karinexmachina


      They are cheap as heck anyway 

  3. Mateba finally here.


    1. Lozart



    2. Druid799


      Huzzah ! 🎉 🎉🎉

  4. The MPX doesnt seem to be in any UK shops.. I wonder why that is...
  5. So its back and he sent me an image of the package... This is the package for another revolver i got from TigerHK its value was under £130 and its a black revolver. Its package type is "Gift" and its contents are Toy & toy parts. this is where i got the gift part from. So what should the Mateba package have on it for it to get to the UK? Keep in mind that Fedex refused to delivery after it got to the UK and sent it back. then with UPS it was refused at Italian customs
  6. Okay so the Mateba has been returned back to softair italia. will see how quickly they get back to me. I'm not paying for a 3rd delivery attempt... Ohh no
  7. There's no other place I can find a mateba
  8. A gun I got from tigerhk had gift on and it got here fine I'm pretty sure. I'll talk to him on Monday though I'm fairly sure I told him previously what to put on the packaging.
  9. Oh I figured it would have to be sent as a gift with contents listed as toy/toy parts. He told me that he put Airsoft toy on it. I'm not sure what else. And yeah customs sucks
  10. I need help on this, I ordered a Mateba in Febraury and the sender has seemingly struggled to send it. it's Softair Italia and the first attempt was with fedex who took a hissy fit once it got to the UK Customs and sent it back. then they tried with UPS and it got rejected by Italian customs and now its been delayed in Italy and somehow has ended up going the wrong way. Ending up a few miles north to a few miles south of softair Italia. Apparently "airsoft toy" is what got it rejected. So im wanting to know what should be on the package and if UPS is the courier to choose or should i ask the sender to use something else?
  11. No good im looking for a wood version. which is the version ive been trying to get from Italy which im close to just refunding... two delivery attempts and i had to cough up money to pay the seller for return goods charges...
  12. Does anyone know where i can get a Mateba? i have tried one italian place recommended to me but the first delivery attempt through fedex failed and i highly doubt UPS is gonna be any better either.
  13. The problem was FedEx who the seller chose...
  14. Tried to get a Marushin Mateba but its been declined and sent back. despite me having a UKARA wtf why? I want a Mateba is that so fucking hard an ask?
  15. Turns out the screws in the trigger pack have come loose over time but now theres a new problem. the screw that runs through the bolt handle has snapped. part of it is still in the handle and its gonna be really difficult to get out.
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