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  1. Hey fellow airsofters, Me and a few mates trying a few new ideas out and we made a website. Just after a few opinions on it www.themwa.co.uk Cheers
  2. WoodfordWolf

    HK45 MAGS

    Need help finding the correct orings or valves for two leaking mags. Anyone know what I need
  3. So who's robbing banks? Could do with the extra cash for more guns haha. Two tone gets you into the sport it's good plus we can spot them quicker
  4. Why wouldn't you go to the bunker again? We were looking at that site
  5. BS was first to recommend it and its less than an hour away. New site. And the lads seem really friendly down there
  6. Yea we are off to the Abingdon site :badlands. Will post a review
  7. yea we'll within i'll have a look thanks
  8. Sunday 27th. Local site has no game. Willing to travel around Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire Northamptonshire Warwickshire 5 of us Just want a day away. Sorry if this is wrong page. But anyone playing that day?
  9. I did it. I went for the tippmann m4. Got it yesterday very happy. Only fired one mag. Recoil nd sound is great
  10. In the market for one. As a newbie. What brands should I go for and stay away from. Just after some advice
  11. I've used the paint ball markers and they good. The one year warranty is great. Tweaks? How many needed
  12. Considering this. Like the sound of it. Strong recoil. Liked their guns in paintball. Any one used one?
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