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    Mix of DPM,MTP,ACU and Superflage
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  1. Wasteland Airsoft in West drayton is do-able, you might need to make arrangements to meet up and pay at the site, ( you normally meet up at their shop as it has card payment facilities)
  2. May be wrong but most of the UK shoreline is Crown estate (I know this as I had to get a metal detecting permit) so getting permission and insurance probs would be pretty hard
  3. Went to see a dude for some motorcycle parts, clocked a load of MTP gear, oakley gloves, Lowa Dessert boots etc in his garage, ask you into Air-soft? response was nah mate Im in the forces, this estate is all MOD - felt like a right wannabe

    1. ImTriggerHappy


      Which I why I say to play airsoft not pretend soldiers.

      One is a fun friendly social game the other is delusional.

      You must have been praying for a really big hole to open up.

    2. TheFull9


      If it's MTP, Lowa desert boots and Oakley gloves stored in a garage.. gonna be military. Airsofters mostly keep their kit in the house proper,forces relegate issue stuff to the garage/shed/loft.

    3. slick


      LOL true dat!,


      All my airsoft gear is all nicely set out and hung on a dedicated clothes rack in my 'man' room. Guns shortly to be mounted on a peg board!


      He was a good bloke actually not only is he in the army but also races 1000cc bike for them! Talked about his issued gear and how his Oprey MK4 saved his life as a IED sent him flying across a road.

      He made me feel slightly embarrassed about my choice of weapon though, all my British Army load...

  4. i just got this wanted an illuminated crosshair and 4xmag and fibre optic open sight, ticked all the boxes The TA31 style is twice the price!
  5. Dont know if it helps but my fixed 4x32 is fine for that range. You can down to 3x so you should be OK
  6. I've got a young son who I supervise whilst on my back garden 'range'. Added a laser which is zeroed in with the cross hairs at about 70feet, Allows me to see where the gun is pointing too, this is on a 345 fps AEG. Target wise ive got a old dust bin lined with a carpet, zero ricochets and holds all the BB for easy disposal.
  7. +1 on getting a chrono! There's a bit of science but too many variables to give you an exact answer. Just changed my M4 super short barrel to a 300mm ttb and found the M100 way too hot(390 fps), M90 a nice 345 fps. The same springs in the short barrel were 360/305 respectively so it is a lot of experimentation. I play both woodland and CQB scenario so in my case its just easier to adjust FPS by changing barrels Weirdly the original set up on my gun had a very high cylinder to barrel ratio so fitting a longer barrel actually made the gun more efficient but I did lose the nice crack sound on pulling the trigger. If your cylinder is set up for a shorter barrel fitting a longer barrel may screw stuff up! BTW my short experience in tinkering has learned me this, dont bother change stuff unless its broke or shooting bent dont bother cutting springs, just get a lower rated spring FPS is nothing without control ie decent air seal, hop rubber and setup hide the receipts from the mrs
  8. If your still looking for food ideas recommend Cosmo, its just round the corner. http://www.cosmo-restaurants.co.uk/locations/reading/ All you can eat for 15.99
  9. When I started I bought a no name carrier off ebay, looked ace but in use I was pretty disappointed. It was uncomfortable, stiff and sweaty, even in the middle of Feb it was like an oven Recently purchased an Osprey MK4 Plate carrier, figured I would get the same our lads use, if is good enough for them in Afghanistan it's good enough for me in a private wood within easy commutable distance from the M4! Front ops Panel 3 elasticated mag pouches Pistol mag pouch Drop pouch Single point rifle Sling Its ex issue so has the used in combat look.
  10. My x3200 is about the same as the Mall and other sites. Noticed the upside down and sideways shooting, assumed(wrongly perhaps) it was so the hop setting could be seen.
  11. Take up laser tag. Did it at warfighters a few years back. No pain, real looking guns, less cheating. The lack of pain and recoil/feed back from the gun does take a bit away from the fun though!
  12. If you're not confident to open up the lower gear box it will probably need a tech. As above sounds like trigger contacts, or worn cut off assembly. If you have worn/burn contact make be worth getting a mosfet fitted while it is opened up.
  13. open it up and separate the upper from the lower, pull the trigger, does the lower spin freely?
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