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    ICS CXP08,
    TM DEagle
    Sh*tty no name beretta M9
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    Mix of DPM,MTP,ACU and Superflage
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    Absolute, Maidenhead and Reading
    The Mall,Reading
    Wasteland Airsoft, West Drayton
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    Iver, South bucks
  1. Wasteland Airsoft in West drayton is do-able, you might need to make arrangements to meet up and pay at the site, ( you normally meet up at their shop as it has card payment facilities)
  2. May be wrong but most of the UK shoreline is Crown estate (I know this as I had to get a metal detecting permit) so getting permission and insurance probs would be pretty hard
  3. Went to see a dude for some motorcycle parts, clocked a load of MTP gear, oakley gloves, Lowa Dessert boots etc in his garage, ask you into Air-soft? response was nah mate Im in the forces, this estate is all MOD - felt like a right wannabe

    1. ImTriggerHappy


      Which I why I say to play airsoft not pretend soldiers.

      One is a fun friendly social game the other is delusional.

      You must have been praying for a really big hole to open up.

    2. TheFull9


      If it's MTP, Lowa desert boots and Oakley gloves stored in a garage.. gonna be military. Airsofters mostly keep their kit in the house proper,forces relegate issue stuff to the garage/shed/loft.

    3. slick


      LOL true dat!,


      All my airsoft gear is all nicely set out and hung on a dedicated clothes rack in my 'man' room. Guns shortly to be mounted on a peg board!


      He was a good bloke actually not only is he in the army but also races 1000cc bike for them! Talked about his issued gear and how his Oprey MK4 saved his life as a IED sent him flying across a road.

      He made me feel slightly embarrassed about my choice of weapon though, all my British Army load...

  4. i just got this wanted an illuminated crosshair and 4xmag and fibre optic open sight, ticked all the boxes The TA31 style is twice the price!
  5. If your still looking for food ideas recommend Cosmo, its just round the corner. http://www.cosmo-restaurants.co.uk/locations/reading/ All you can eat for 15.99
  6. Just off the M4 junction 7 Company name: Slough Scubastore. URL:http://www.sloughscubastore.co.uk/index.html Category:Scuba Shop Country:UK United Kingdom Postcode:SL1 5QS Date Last Used:2015? Cost to fill:£2 (TBC) Dive Cylinders: Yes Notes/Limitations: max 300Bar
  7. Bit of a mix match at the moment, MTP trousers, ACU molle vest, DPM hat, Superflage jacket and mask. ICS M4 with beretta side arm
  8. Deffo on safe. WRT to spring, bit of a noob ( so not sure about others) but my ICS has a neat spring release button, apparently relieves the tension.
  9. Exactly this..... I was there at Absolute, it was a horrible thing to witness, I will be taking zero chances, the only way someone will be hurt with my gun is when I chuck it at them.
  10. not as much as kneeling on a BB!.
  11. some of the pictures on facebook have a lack of eyewear, - lets hope that's was just for the camera
  12. Doh need to be more specific its in West Drayon miuntes off the m4/m25 junction
  13. just found one down the road from me https://www.facebook.com/WastelandAirsoftUK/ http://uniformbravosurplus.co.uk/wasteland-airsoft-3-w.asp feck £5 evening walk on on the 31st!!! EDIT This is in West Drayton!
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