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  1. Do the right thing and save for this.... http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-weapons-c38/electric-rifles-c45/krytac-krytac-trident-spr-p4370 Judging by the reviews, this should be the new standard of affordable AEGS With the likes of the ASG Scorpion and the new Krytacs setting the standards for internals, i can't imagine other manufacturers not starting to play catch-up Has anyone ever bought an AEG that didn't need shimming?
  2. I'm from Sale (down the road from Old Trafford) Before i knew anything about Airsoft, i went down, had a brew, shot some staff guns on the range (not sure they still do the range nights, not been for a while) and asked shitloads of questions (this is important haha). Then i played at Anzio (Leek), and The Hive (Middleton) to get my membership
  3. Hey bud If you want to go into a shop, try First & Only retail shop in Swinton. It's only down the Lancs for you, and you can have a look at some decent gear (rather than pretty pics on internet). Also, they can give you the advice you need on building a defence for owning a RIF.
  4. Yeah i do get proper toasty indoors, so sometimes i just wear a black tee (or nowt even) underneath
  5. yeah, the XTM's from Magpul look great. I combined them with the G&P rail covers (cut down) that came with my Sentry The XTM pieces were placed where my hands grip the RIS and then the rest of the rails i used the ladder type. Looked pretty good IMO
  6. I drive a forklift truck through the week, and DJ and rewire houses as a sparky's mate come weekends. On top of a having a young family, it's pretty tiring My body clock has now stopped haha I could afford to play every week, but in the grand scale of things airsoft is low priority, so i play monthly, sometimes an extra night game now and again. Also, i only buy new gear with work bonuses or when i've had a really busy month and filled the shed with cash lol
  7. I use a MkII Osprey and it has a large front and rear storage compartment. I too carry a tonne of BB's, Water, mate's phones, their empty mags, spare gloves, speedloaders, kitchen sink. You get the idea
  8. We nuprol single point sling for £14 It's actually brilliant!
  9. Epsom tunnels looks really cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vOHpy7Q25A I wish we had this shiz nearer to Manchester
  10. So in fact it's still hot then then? Do you not chrono with 0.2's?
  11. This ^ Midcaps are so much better. They feed better, don't rattle and best of all it makes you use a cool little button now and again that drops your mag out of the well. It's really fun to do
  12. If it is Manchester then there's a few good sites to play. first and only the hive is the best CQB site imo. There's Trojan in Stockport and Macclesfield. Shortish journey's you can get to Anzio Camp, there's a few sites in West Yorkshire like the Stan, and then there's Liverpool, with Swat Fortress. There are loads of woodland sites but they're not my brew. Oh and ive been playing a few years and never bothered with a pistol. They're fun, but not necessarily needed.
  13. Whereabouts in Manchester bud?
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