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  1. ghost85

    Bolt Airsoft Guns

    Have the TM one, upgraded the gears and few more internals but the bolt lock has been a total failure from the start. Might just need to replace rather than try fixing it.
  2. ghost85

    High Cap Mags

    Monkeynuts i think thats actually 2 words but mods are what iam using for cqb sites but 5 mids wasnt enought for dragon lair few weeks ago went through them in the first 10 mins. Esoterick thats what i was after thanks.
  3. ghost85

    High Cap Mags

    I used to run a SRC M4 and was winding my mags after each 2-3 sec burts and probably after each 3rd single shot (give or take a shot or two). Its was the case with 4 different mags i bought. Now i run a TM CQB-R and need high caps again. Iam most likely gonna buy tm mags but my questions is 1. Was my problem with my last gun normal 2. How often do people wind mags and how often do you have mis fires 3. Anyone with a recoil TM have any problems like my problems like that
  4. ghost85

    Marui M4 CQB-R SOPMOD

    thanks all, real help as always.
  5. ghost85

    Marui M4 CQB-R SOPMOD

    jus to be sure the castle nut is the one where he takes it off with the wrench right??
  6. ghost85

    Marui M4 CQB-R SOPMOD

    so iam guessing the adapter goes in between the stock tube and the body???
  7. ghost85

    Marui M4 CQB-R SOPMOD

    I've just ordered this gun online and someone put it into my head that I should be extra careful when trying to put a rear sling adapter as the recoil system goes all the way back into the stock tube. jus wanted to know what to look out for. I thought it might be the same as non blow back rifles. Some shops are charging as much as the adapter to fix it on, so hopefully ill save a bit of money.
  8. ghost85

    Gun Problems

    Thank you for your help guys, time to break out the toolkit
  9. ghost85

    Gun Problems

    still shoots to the right with the hop-up winded right down. if I adjust the barrel wouldn't it jus shoot real high after wards. I had a problem into my second skirmish with this gun where it was firing at 390fps, because it was my noob gun I had to get a new spring otherwise I couldn't play. regretting it now!!
  10. ghost85

    Gun Problems

    Hi Guys I've been airsofting for about a year now, got my UKARA as soon as I started, loving the community (esp to those who don't cheat and call their hits). I have a SRC Gen 2 M4, had to change the hop-up bucking rubber recently but the main problem I am having is my gun shooting to the right after bout 30 metres away. adjusting the hop-up changes the angle a little. the gun served me well but its kinda out living my expectations right. Has anyone got any idea wat it cud be and is it worth fixing or buying a new gun.