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  1. For a cheaper alternative look here not sure on how they would stand up to the Odin ones however they are a cheaper alternative if someone wants to give it a try.
  2. Morning All, Have not posted in a while. I remember seeing on a forum (I believe this one) that maybe a year ago or 2 that the forum done a bulk buy on pyros and got them down fairly cheap. Now im not trying to steal the original persons idea (so if your reading please step forward), but this is something I think everyone could benefit from and I would like to try and get this back up and running again. So if your interested, then put your name forward and how many you would be prepared to buy, before I (or the original person) makes contact with some companies to get some deals going. I personally would be up be up for buying anywhere in the region of 50+ pyros, plus mates outside of the forum who would contribute some good numbers. anyone else fancy stocking up and saving some money?!
  3. Hi all, As the title states, I am enquiring about the revision desert locust fan goggles. Does anyone have any hands on experience with these? Are they good? Do they do what they say? (No fog at all) Are they loud and restrict your hearing during gameplay? What's your overall view on them. Are they worth the £100 price tag? Or is there something better out there? Thanks in advance.
  4. I will be there with about 10 others hopefully.
  5. Right. Sorry for the late upload. At the last min I pulled out of the Hex Grenade. I was VERY sceptical about how well it would be. And I can honestly say I am glad I pulled out as I am extremely impressed with the SWAT VTG timed grenade. I would persuade anyone who is considering, to get one as they are very useful and after about 5 reloads become extremely quick and easy to reload. So all in all it is worth buying. I will be at the Mall for definite on the 21/02/16 if anyone wants to see/throw it in person just drop me a message.
  6. Quick update. They have both been ordered! So if anyone is interested I will leave a bit of a review/feedback on here. So keep an eye out. Now I just need to order the blanks! **edit** I will be at The Mall on 21st Jan so if anyone is interested in seeing it up close and personal and if you ask nicely I might let you use it! Just drop me a message
  7. After the first 50 throws the BFG has paid for itself. That's a winner in my eyes. I will carry both impact and timed with me so I have best of both worlds
  8. I know. They have a lot of rules regarding them but for how I use them it suits me perfect. Even with the paper based ones I've never really thrown them over waist height so the BFG below knee height will be fine for me. Thanks mate! Appreciated.
  9. Yeah I had a look at a video online it looks so easy to use and so effective. Because I play at the mall there are so many places I could use it and if I'm carrying a timed grenade I can use that for longer distances.
  10. Hi all. I have done a fair bit of research and taken a fair bit of time at looking at the different types of grenades out there. I have whittled it down to the two that I'm going to be potentially buying with the kind help of some of you more knowledgeable people. The two I'm currently looking at is the S.W.A.T V.T.G timed grenade http://blankfiringgrenade.co.uk/epages/8d036429-e890-484e-a100-a8a2511a5e38.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/8d036429-e890-484e-a100-a8a2511a5e38/Products/%22V.T.G.versatile%20training%20device%20black%20special%20offer%20UK%20ONLY%22 And the Alpha-tec hex grenade (6shot impact grenade) http://www.alphaoneairsoft.com/#!product-page/vp4ew/952414b5-8262-e5ad-60cd-687d53b3e76b Anyone have any experience/feedback on these items before I commit to a purchase? Also while I have your attention. Where is the best place to buy the 9mm blanks from? Many thanks and always appreciated.
  11. http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=6094 That is a beauty of a gun! And if anyone knows where I can get it from I will owe you BIG TIME!!!
  12. I'm getting all my work done by Fire Support. There fairly knowledgeable on the guns. Plus I bought my gun from them so I'd rather leave it to them to do the work. I have ready to install BTC Spectre MOSFET (I managed to source one last min) Eagle 6 M95 Spring Ultimate gear set (feel free to recommend something better guys, its Fore Support who are providing them) Purple Hop Rubber (Prometheus) Prometheus 6.03 TBB. I will report back on this post at the end of Jan when it has all been done and I have skirmished it. To let everyone know what difference it has made.
  13. Oh and probably not 5000 people to play but just as a rough idea for size it hold 5000 people spread over 4 floors.
  14. There's that new place opening in Shepton Mallet!? The prison? The same prison the kray twins was held in holds 5000 people so I've heard. First game is Jan 10th 2016. In case anyone is looking for a new venture.
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