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  1. http://www.britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk/shop/special-offers.html I think this is a pretty good place to start. I would go for knee pads over your kit, it's cheaper and gives you the option to switch your kit up if you ever play cqb and want a more 'urban' look. Personally I play in a polo shirt with a decent base layer that takes the sting out and the polo shirt hides the beer gut, being helped by my chest rig. I suppose the built in pads route is good (ie more convenient) but the cost of it puts me off.
  2. I went for Velcro pads but the pad came off so I superglued it. Seems pretty solid. I don't have the problem of using it on more than one gun because I only have the one ha. But when I do, I can just add sticky Velcro and then sorted. Cheers all.
  3. That is a good shout! I hadn't thought about that. I had seen this, but couldn't find one in the UK. http://www.amazon.com/Tactical-Light-Switch-Mount-Black/dp/B0046IMWXK
  4. Hi all, I have just bought my self a new AEG, and I usually hold the gun against the magwell. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to mount a weapon light with pressure pad on there? I don't like foregrips so they are out of the question. I have been thinking black silicone sealant, or maybe electrical tape. I thought I would check in with you guys to see whether you have any smarter ideas? Cheers, Goose
  5. Yeah I think it is around 50m on a clear day with no wind. I guess I will give it a clean and see how I get on. Thanks all for the advice. It is a mega gun so I am not desparate for more from it, I just though it could be achieved with a little work. Thanks so far all!
  6. 305 with .2's but wouldnt mind upping the fps with .2's and trying to reach close to that with .25's although that isnt priority. I just wanted a bit more range and accuracy and wondered about the best way to achieve it.
  7. Sorry for the noob question. I am looking to get a little more range and accuracy from my CM16 Raider. I have been (un)reliably informed the hop-up and bucking are the places to start. Are these going to achieve what I am hoping it will, or am I better going for power? I am achieving 305 FPS avg at all recent chronos so wouldnt mind a bit of extra sting on the other end of the gun. I am using 0.25s at the moment and to my knowledge there have been no aftermarket upgrades to the gun (it is second hand.) Any suggestions would be appreciated along with links to anything you refer to. I would love the help! Taa, Goose
  8. I certainly could wait. Let me know:) sounds very interesting. I have had a few people tell me today that any glock 20/21 holster will fit but I have been dubious.
  9. Thanks for the holster advice Ed. I checked out a few today and I think I'll wait until payday and I can afford a nice one. They are expensive though. Watched a few of your videos today too! Decided I am going to try to pick up a stubby M4 too, its my favourite gun, along with the Glock. So the MP5 is up for sale/swaps after only a few games haha.
  10. That actually makes sense now I think about it Ed. The members session is £5 less than non member cost, but my UKARA was filled in at the same time. I had been going a few months by this point so that's all OK. I think I was just confused. You weren't by chance at Tac House on Sunday were you? Too many options for everything in airsoft haha. Any suggestions for a holster that had a spare mag pouch but can take a flashlight mounted on a barrel? Thanks all for being helpful!
  11. Yeah the cost was £40 for the year but it wasn't really explained what for. It was assumed that it was for the UKARA to be honest. It could well be my misunderstanding. To be honest, I would be happy to support the site with that anyway because of the help they have given us when starting out. I am looking for a holster and then I will give it a break for a little while. I have spent the best part of £250 in 2 months on it haha.
  12. So the UKARA registration is £40 per year, but site membership is (usually) free? I am just having trouble deciphering whether or not I book as a member or non-member on the Skirmish airsoft webpage that Airsoft-Ed mentioned. The membership on their booking page states £40 per year, hence my guess that it was UKARA "membership" or database registration. Sorry if that's garbled, please feel free to tell me to hush haha. Airsoft is a money pit though, holster, gas and large BB purchase £50 down, and then I need to pick up some decent boots that are more comfortable that DR Martens haha. I can't justify the Camo to the Mrs so I think I am going down the operator route and going Coyote/Black load out that is a bit harder wearing than the Matalan cargo trousers I am rocking at the minute! Roll on payday.
  13. Sweet! I have just managed to find the website for the stan. Do they do half days or whole days only? I think the Mrs would murder me if I take off for a whole day to play with toy guns haha. I just thought of a question too, I just got my UKARA registration confirmation. Does that mean I am classed as a member at these sites, or is it £40 per site for membership, per year? I only ask because the email says all registration questions should be sent to my skirmish site, and the number begins with the short name of the site.
  14. Awesome! Thanks. We were looking at The Stan but we couldn't find anything up to date saying that it was still running after 2010. That is loads closer that Tac House for me and having a second place to visit would be great. I will check out your YouTube too! I will see you there one weekend.
  15. Thanks, the MP5 is awesome when you get a rail fitted to it and a good sight. It made a whole load of difference. I am thinking about trading it for something along the lines of an M4, i like the size and style of the M4 a bit more, but the MP5 is such a versatile and configurable gun that fitted what I needed at the time before I got a second gun. And I will give you a shout 100% on that one. I was very cautious, even though its second hand it's only been used once, and I have very little experience in tearing down guns haha.
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